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Like Sleeping Underwater

I just got an awesome night light for my son. It's so awesome that I kind of want it myself. If only I had one of these babies when I was a kid.  Here's what I'm talking about:  It can be tilted to light up your wall or ceiling. There is a remote control, batteries not included, but all you need are two AAA. The remote control has buttons for on, off, volume, skip through songs or colors, timer, flash mode. If you don't want to use the remote, you can also just press the buttons along the side. The volume of the animal/nature sounds can be set to prett y loud. You can also use the included audio cable and play music from your MP3 player, radio, CD player, computer, or other audio source. You could even play movies and stream sound through it with the light show. The sound is very crisp and clear, no static or distortion. It cycles through beautiful shades of red, green, blue, purple waves, projected onto whatever surface you choose. It's

#HuiSmart Solar Motion Sensor Light

I love the area that I live in. At night you can see all of the beautiful stars in the sky. It's one of the perks of living in the outskirts of the city.  However, because of this, it's always good to have a light that can illuminate your yard the second someone sets foot on your property. I have a couple of sensor lights in place, but this new one from HuiSmart is almost double their size! It is solar powered, so it simply needs to sit in the bright sun all day, with nothing complicated added on. Just install it somewhere you know the sun will be shining down on for hours.  There is  a little button on the back that you need to push to turn it on. It comes with the screws and mounting brackets, which work fine. We had some screws already on a nearby wall, so I used mine instead.  It has an auto on/off feature, as well as a dim or bright light setting. The higher up you put this light, the bigger the light range will be able to reach.  I Waukegan Aviators

So, I've definitely mentioned  before. I reviewed a beautiful pair of glasses from them last year and was very happy with those. In fact, I still wear them now.  This time, I decided, well, since I have regular  eyeglasses , I could use a nice pair of sunglasses. Yes, they have prescribed ones available! I really need  prescription sunglasses , because, well, when I go to the water park or really anywhere that I am going to spend hours out in the sun, I need to be able to see. I don't always wear my contacts, especially when I go to the water park. I have actually gotten lost because I had no glasses or contacts on! Not fun, trust me. After searching through their huge list of glasses available, I fell in love with a pair of aviators. I love that style of glasses, so why not get myself something I could not only wear for fashion, but also be able to see out of them, right?  I just wanted to add--it is seriously so much  easier to buy e

Behind Closed Eyes and Things My Grandma Told Me

For those of you who read these posts, thank you! There will be a slight delay in the posts for a little bit. It's only because I am working on new product reviews and also a book series that I am going to be posting on my blog instead of publishing in book form!! I can't wait to get these published on here. I've been wanting to do this for such a long time. I will try and get those posts up and going and soon as possible. Thanks guys~

Behind Closed Eyes: Fish and Babies

Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but over the years, since probably about high school, whenever I've had a dream about fish, it usually means that someone I know is pregnant. Have you ever known anyone else that has said the same thing? I've known a few other people who say the same thing has happened to them or someone that they know.  You see, I'll see someone I know standing in front of a huge aquarium, or in front of a pool of fish. Now, no, when I wake up, I can't always remember who the person is, but then I'll usually find out, in real life, a few days later. When I do remember who the face is, I'm usually dead on. It's such a weird (gift?) to have. I remember when my sister was pregnant, it was so weird because I dreamt about her in front of an tank that was filled with dolphins. Is that because she's my sister,  and not just some friend?? If I could make a list of all the people that I've known were pregna

Some of the Best Matcha That I've Tried #livewellcompass #matcha #detox #matchagreentea

I started drinking matcha a couple of years ago. Have you tried it before? It's very green. I love green anything. You guys know this :) Well, lately I've been having a matcha green tea latte in place of regular tea or coffee in the morning.  And, oh man, it's so good. I will be finishing this bag, which comes with 15 servings, very soon.  All you need is a teaspoon and either plant milk or water. I'm vegan, as most of you know, so that is why I mentioned plant milk. I like to mix mine with some cashew/almond milk or vanilla soy milk, a bit of cinnamon, and a little bit of maple syrup or raw cane sugar. Delicious! The benefits of Matcha? -energy without the jitters! -can be used in baking, lattes, smoothies, ice cream -boosts your metabolism and helps burn some calories -might help relieve stress and anxiety -is organic and sugar free -15 servings in one bag -can be drank hot or cold -no additives or preservatives I

Simply Essentials Tweezer Set

I wasn't born with gorgeous brows. They've always been somewhat thick, but not in a cute way. I tweeze and tweeze some more.  I was so upset these last few days because I lost my favorite pair. My brows were looking like a hot mess for a while. I jumped at the opportunity to review this set.  And it came with 3 different pairs! There is one for ingrown hairs, slanted tip ones, and a pair of regular ones. It came in a really pretty sparkly purple case. The case securely closes with velcro, when not in use and is small enough to fit into a small purse or pocket. It's just the right side for travel. There is also a mirror inside of the purple case. Even better, right? I love that one of the pairs of tweezers is the same color as the case. That purple is just so pretty.  As you can see in picture, the tweezers are surgical grade stainless steel. You can find this product here. Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased revi

Behind Closed Eyes: Sleep Paralysis and Mom

Was having a nightmare where I was fighting and tearing apart giant white wolves to protect my mom and my baby. Then I was back in my dark room, lying in bed. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. I felt someone staring at me so I turned and saw a shadow to the left by the door and it startled me and disappeared. I tried calling out for my mom but my voice wasn't loud enough. I tried louder and nothing. I struggled to move but couldn't move much other than my head to the side, and wiggle my toes a bit. I tried calling out to her louder this time and my voice still faltered. I still couldn't move much and kept trying. I could use my eyes to look around the room but I couldn't get up. I suddenly realized I was having some of the worst sleep paralysis I've experienced in a while. The more I struggled to yell and move, the harder it got.  It took me every bit of concentration and energy I had to wake myself up. It was scary because when I finally was able to wake m

Nutrakids Vegan Multivitamins

Both of my children eat fairly healthy, but I still like them to take a multivitamin every day. I prefer to find vitamins with no artificial anything in them, very little to no sugar, and vegan or vegetarian. My son doesn't mind taking chewable vitamins, but he prefers to take gummies. Of course, right? Not too many kids are going to say no to gummy vitamins. In fact, they may seem so appealing, that yes, you should always store them high up in a place where they can't reach them. A post shared by girlwiththespidertattoo (@girlwiththespidertattoo) on Jun 15, 2017 at 11:08am PDT My son really likes these vitamins that he has been taking from NutraKids. I bought them recently because I remember he liked the taste of them in the past. I just hadn't been able to find any for a while. There are three different flavors inside: pineapple, orange, and strawberry. They are gluten and sugar free! They're certified vegan! (perfect) They're pec

June Box from

How many of you are excited to see what I received in my latest box from Every month I get so darn happy to open up my latest bookcase and see what's inside. This is what this month's box had in store for me. I'll start with the one that I am currently reading. The Traitor's Daughter Synopsis On the Veiled Isles, ominous signs are apparent to those with the talent to read them. The polarity of magic is wavering at its source, heralding a vast upheaval poised to alter the very balance of nature. Blissfully unaware of the cataclysmic events to come, Jianna Belandor, the beautiful, privileged daughter of a powerful Faerlonnish overlord, has only one concern: the journey to meet her prospective husband.  But revolution is stirring as her own conquered people rise up against their oppressors, and Jianna is kidnapped and held captive at a rebel stronghold, insurance against what are perceived as her father’s crimes.  The resista

Behind Closed Eyes: Not Quite Home

Months have sped by... I hadn't had too many good nightmares to post either. My kiddos have been sick- son with a tummy bug and daughter with a high fever. What does that equal for me? Stress and nightmares. Last night I woke up a number of times. I'm a very light sleeper, if someone in the house moved a tiny inch in their bed, I was up. My first nightmare was as follows: I woke up in my bed to some thumping, the room was dark. It was very lucid. Nothing was out of place, since I had already been waking up at night, I didn't even realize I was dreaming at first.  Anyway, I walked over and turned on the light. Room lit up brightly. Nothing. Thumping in the hallway. I peer out and husband is at the end of the hallway, pissed, smacks the wall and asks why I keep making so much noise. I'm confused, and I tell him it wasn't me. He quickly softens and apologizes. We hear noises from the bedroom so I come back in and notice the sounds are in the backyard

Need Hair Advice?

If you are anything like me, then you probably like to read about different ways to style and care for your hair. I have visited numerous blogs and websites to get the best advice I can find for my own hair.  One that I recently learned about is . It is a new site that has several tips for busy people so that they can get that salon look from the comfort of their own home, without having to dish out a ton of money.  The site offers many suggestions about a variety of styling tools and products for every hair type out there.  One of the latest articles that I read on that site that I found very helpful was Hot Hair Brush Straightener Models There are so many great tips on this site. Don't forget to check out all of the interviews with some of the world's best hairdressers. 

Things My Grandma Told Me: They Can't See Me

Oh my gosh, I recently remembered something from my childhood that I haven't thought about in a while. I remember being home with my grandma a few times when these Jehova's Witnesses would come knocking at the door.  I remember her peeking out of the window, seeing them and then telling me not to open the door.  She told me to stand still and not move.  Here's the thing though---we were standing in front of a big bay window, in her living room, with the curtains pulled open wide. Everyone outside could see us. She stood there, not moving, staring at them. They stood there on the other side of the door, looking toward the window and gesturing for her to open up. "Shh...They'll go away if we don't move." "Grandma, they can see us." "Shh...Don't move." Well, eventually they gave us strange looks and then walked away. It was a bit more than embarrassing for me. I loved my grandma very much, but really? And yes

Behind Closed Eyes: Best Friend

Woke up with my hands pinned above my head. Such a weird way to sleep. I had fallen asleep on my side, so I must've switched positions. Just funny since normally I'm not much of a mover in my sleep. I had another strange dream. Not like the others though. I had a dream that I was laying in bed and woke up next to my best friend who actually died a couple of years ago. She was dead, just laying there. My little sister was laying on my other side asleep. I slowly got out of the bed and kneeled down on the floor a bit weirded out. I crawled to the other side of the bed and looked up but the blanket was over her. I wasn't terrified, just sad. Went to my mom's room all teary eyed and told her I wanted to talk to her. She asked me what was wrong and I told her that tomorrow was supposed to be my best friend's B-Day and that I had seen her in the bed me next to me. I was crying and she was trying to comfort me. I woke up so sad. I looked at the calender. It is her