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Skate Into Fun Children's Book Review

Thanks to Washington Longfellow Press, my five year old son and I have been granted the opportunity to get a free copy of "Skate Into Fun" from the Jenna Fun book series. It was written by Dr. Nev Nickels. My son is a huge lover of books so I knew that he was going to be really excited to be able to read a new children's book. He reads several books everyday- some we read together and others he reads on his own. Yes, my five year old can read. He reads at a really high level-and can actually read better than some adults! (Sorry, I had to brag a little...) Anyway, We received an e-book version of the book that we are able to read on the Kindle app on my tablet. I love Kindle books and he does too. Let Me Tell You All About the Book Filled with really cute and colorful illustrations geared toward a child audience Very imaginative  A lot of  fun and easy to read for young readers. Great vocabulary builder for kids too. Also great for kids who are be

UNIQSO Geo White-Out Circle Lenses Review

So excited that I finally received a pair of Halloween circle lenses from UNIQSO. Yes, they have Halloween lenses too! If you've been reading my previous post, then you know that I love purchasing lenses from UNIQSO. They have so many different and beautifully unique lenses that you can pick from. Best part is that they have ridiculously low prices, making it easy to build a huge collection of lenses and even match them up with your favorite makeup looks or outfits! Let me tell you how crazy I was going for a few weeks because my package was DELAYED (insert sad face here)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But, it was the POST OFFICE'S fault, not UNIQSO. UNIQSO's lenses have always arrived with 10-14 days which is very reasonable since they are being sent all the way from Malaysia to the US. Thanks to the wonderful post office- my package was lost in customs in NY for almost two whole extra weeks!!!! So glad that I ordered my lenses pretty early because they arrived wel

Techno Cardio Transformation Review Post 1

If you have been reading my posts, then you are aware of my goal to lose a few pounds before my high school reunion. It is a few weeks away and I am being given the opportunity to try out a new program called Techno Cardio Coach . It sounds very  promising, in my opinion. Let Me Tell You All About It So, basically if you purchase this new audio fat loss program, and it's available for a really low price at the moment , you will get a set of e-books filled to the brim with some very informative stuff on weight loss, metabolism, tips for a beautiful body, diet secrets, and more. Along with that, you will receive 4 audio workout volumes (warm-up, exercises, cool-downs), a workout guide, a nutrition guide, and a wall chart! I've been listening to the audio tracks and I like the music. It's great to listen to when you're on an elliptical, running, jogging, walking, working out at home, use it whenever you're exercising. It's like having a trainer there  wit

NIMLI Fall Giveaway!

NIMLI is a curated marketplace full of creators and sellers too. They are a community of curators, designers and consumers. I've been looking at their products the last couple of days and noticed that they have so many unique and beautiful things!There are products for men, women, kids, beauty products, products for tech lovers, and other gift ideas. Guess what? NIMLI is giving away 5 really great prizes- 4 unique prizes from NIMLI's top brands and 1 wildcard prize on Halloween! The wildcard winner will win a rug from Domestic Construction.  The total prize value is over $1000 and there are a total of 9 different brands that are being featured. There will 1 winner each week for 4 weeks. The prizes, as well as more info about the giveaway can be viewed at NIMLI Fall Giveaway . HOW TO ENTER: You need to enter via the rafflecopter on the NIMLI site HERE! You can find NIMLI on Facebook follow their boards on Pinterest or f

Need To Lose A Few Pounds? I Know I Would Love To!

When you hear the word METABOLISM , what comes to mind? Do you know if you have a fast or slow metabolism? Does this affect your weight? Can you change your metabolism? So many questions, I know... Let me start off by explaining what the word metabolism means. According to the  Mayo Clinic , metabolism is "the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy." Everybody's metabolism is unique. Some people seem to be able to eat a lot of food and never gain a pound  (faster metabolism) while others might only eat a little bit of the same kinds of food and gain a ton (slow metabolism). Yes you can have a slow or fast metabolism, but you can increase your metabolic rate. Yes, I'm sure that you may have heard of many different supplements out there that claim to speed your metabolism up, but at what cost? Horrible side effects! Is it truly worth it? Of course not, especially when there's a way better way. Did you know that there are act

Pop Chef Product Review

Have you seen the Pop Chef commercials on t.v. yet? They're the ones where someone is making some really neat looking edible bouquets and arrangements. Inside the box there is a 10 piece set of various shaped cutters, an orange tube, and a pack of skewers that can be used on so many different kinds of foods. The 10 piece Pop Chef set is available for $10.99 at retailers everywhere. Push, Pop, & Eat! Pop Out Treats In Seconds" Easy as 1-2-3! The people of Fuel My Blog and Idea Village sent me a free box to try out and review, so here it is. When I first saw the commercials,I remember thinking, "Wow, that looks like fun! I'd love to try and make one of those edible bouquets!" I was so excited to receive my box. When I opened the box, I looked at all of the "cookie cutter"-looking shapes- a butterfly, a sun, a circle, a star, a heart, and a flower and imagined all of the different types of creations I could make with fruits, vegetable

Gorgeous Ties From Jack Franklin Ties (Product Review)

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a free tie from  Jack Franklin Ties .  Their site offers a large variety of high quality ties for a lower price than retail price.                                   Who is Jack Franklin? On the website, they state that their goal is to "provide the highest quality ties at the lowest possible cost. We do this by limiting our channels to the online environment, where we don't pay for real estate, land, or rent. We also only carry the best designs, so we don't have to raise margins to make-up for poor selling ties." They offer ties for that can be worn for weddings, date nights, parties, work, etc. There are skinny ties, super skinny ties, retro ties, and the list goes on and on. There are ties of every color and so many different designs to choose from, all at VERY reasonable prices! You don't have to pay an arm and a leg to look good like you would most likely do if you tried to buy a tie of similar q