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UNIQSO Geo White-Out Circle Lenses Review

So excited that I finally received a pair of Halloween circle lenses from UNIQSO.
Yes, they have Halloween lenses too!

If you've been reading my previous post, then you know that I love purchasing lenses from UNIQSO. They have so many different and beautifully unique lenses that you can pick from. Best part is that they have ridiculously low prices, making it easy to build a huge collection of lenses and even match them up with your favorite makeup looks or outfits!

Let me tell you how crazy I was going for a few weeks because my package was DELAYED (insert sad face here)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
But, it was the POST OFFICE'S fault, not UNIQSO. UNIQSO's lenses have always arrived with 10-14 days which is very reasonable since they are being sent all the way from Malaysia to the US. Thanks to the wonderful post office- my package was lost in customs in NY for almost two whole extra weeks!!!! So glad that I ordered my lenses pretty early because they arrived well before Halloween.

When they arrived in the mail, here is what the packaging looked like: 
I always enjoy receiving the ultra cute gift boxes that each of my lenses have arrived in 

The glass vials containing the lenses are always wrapped securely in bubble wrap so they won't break. A free lens case was also included in the package. 

The prescriptions are always clearly labeled on the tops of the vials, very easy to read

This is what the lenses look like inside the vials, from a bottom view

This is what the vials look like from the side. Official GEO label

This is what the lenses look like inside of a new case, filled with fresh solution. I always let them soak overnight in fresh solution so that they're ready to wear the next day 

The 411 On These Lenses

I was just playing with some Halloween makeup and decided to make this slightly similar to the Katy Perry look from her music video, E.T. 

Another picture of me as an alien or demon

My Final Thoughts on These Lenses
  • Color: ***** 5 stars because they are a very nice, opaque white shade
  • Size: ***** 5 stars because while I do enjoy large lenses, these are regular sized and fit well on my eyes
  • Comfort: ***** 5 stars because they are extremely comfortable! I can't even feel them in my eyes when they're being worn
  • Price: *****5 stars because they are very affordable ($25.90) as opposed to the American version which usually costs somewhere closer to $100 or more!

This is me as a Sugar Skull

OVERALL: I love these lenses very much. There is nothing about them to dislike. They fit perfectly with a number of looks and I don't have to be in pain while wearing them. I can keep them in for hours without even feeling them. They are creepy, yes, so maybe not a great look for everyday wear, unless you're into that sort of thing :) Yes- you will look very different. Yes- you might scare people, especially small kids and older folks. Yes- they are very fun!

THANK YOU SO MUCH UNIQSO! You guys never disappoint me! I love all of your products that I have gotten and I especially love how you allow your customers to win points with each review and pic that we post :)

I also love the Cosplay Looks category; where Uniqso has compiled different freaking cosplay looks with a suggested pair of cosplay circle lenses. By submitting our pictures to them; we can earn points and can even win a free pair of circle lenses. Other than this I found Circle Lens Library very helpful too.

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or on their Blog

**Disclaimer: I do not work for UNIQSO, nor am I paid to review their products. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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