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InstaNatural Age Defying Moisturizer Cream Review

Instanatural always seems to send me products that I like.  They just sent me a Youth Express Age Defying Moisturizer to try out and review. Product Details Reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging Moisturizes the skin deeply from within May be used as an all around face treatment  as an under eye treatment Get better tone and complexion Regain the brightness and glow lost with age My Thoughts on This Product This particular moisturizer was good. It did make my skin feel firmer, smoother, and fresher as stated on the bottle. As for flawless tone-no, I still have a few skin issues that I would love to be completely rid of. In due time, I guess... Is it age defying? The only way I could truly know is if I continue using it for a good while. I don't think I've been using it long enough to tell. This is another one that moisturizing very well under my eyes or all over my face. It doesn't feel too greasy or too heavy, nor

$56 Value Adovia Mineral Lift Serum w/ Vitamin C Review

I have had the opportunity to review many different products from Adovia. They have wonderful products so I'm always happy to try out another one. This time they sent me a bottle of Mineral Lift Serum in a pretty little glass bottle. (This is what the bottle I was sent looks like and there are drops of the serum on my finger) Product Details (according to the company) Achieve an instant lift and anti-aging effects on your skin  Delivers anti wrinkle results over time  Vitamin C ( also contains a high concentration of Vitamin C for anti wrinkle antioxidant skin protection)  Dead Sea Salt formulated with a high concentration of Dead Sea minerals and salt -21 minerals essential for skin health and beauty Non-oily moisturizer delivers deep hydration and nutrient absorption My Thoughts on This Product Like I said before, Adovia has wonderful products. I like them all. This is just another one that I was happy with. I love products with Dead Sea Salt in

Elite Gold Apple Cider Vinegar 450 mg Diet Capsules Review

Over the years I've heard a ton of good things about apple cider vinegar. I've heard of all these great health benefits from drinking it regularly, using it as a detox, for weight loss, and for skin issues. Well, I was sent a big free botle of Apple Cider Vinegar Gold capsules to try out. About This Product (company's product description) Unique superior formulation Gluten free Does NOT contain milk, egg, sugar, salt, yeast, peanuts, wheat, gluten, corn or soy Free of harmful additives and preservatives Apple cider vinegar is rumored to be a magical elixir to help with weight loss and digestion. Its medicinal uses date back to the time of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who noted it as a remedy for many ailments with zero known harmful side effects. While the health factors are not yet proven, consider trying our Apple Cider Vinegar Gold as an inexpensive natural remedy. My Thoughts on This Product You can take up to 2 capsules (as

Recent Giveaways That I've Won

As you know, I love to have several giveaways for my readers here on my blog, but I had never really considered entering them myself. Then one day, I just said, why not? and decided to enter one...and then another...and another. Now, I'm a little hooked on them! They're fun and I get to read several different interesting blog posts in the process. I am now following several blogs that I really enjoy reading on a regular basis. Here are some of the prizes that I've recently won: Hamilton Beach Soft Scrape Hand Mixer I entered at  Saving U Green . Great giveaways :) This blender looks pretty cool and I can't wait to try this since I love being in the kitchen!   Halo Extensions from Effortless Extensions I entered at:  Giveaway Monkey's Blog . You should definitely check out the very cool giveaways that are constantly running on this site. Sadly, these don't blend into my hair very well, yet, but it might be because my hair is still sligh

Instanatural Under Eye Treatment Gel Review

I was sent a free 1.7 oz bottle of Instanaturals Youth Express Gel a few weeks ago in exchange for my honest review. Product Details (as described by company) Contains plant stems, which help mitigate premature aging of the skin Contains Hyaluronic Acid, which moisturizes your skin deeply Contains Matrixl 3000, which tightens and firms your skin Other ingredients include jojoba oil, Vitamin E, cucumber, and aloe. There are several other active ingredients but it's a long list Helps with dark circles, sagging skin, puffiness Increases elasticity, enhances tone, provides plump, firm skin Can be used all over face, 1-2 times daily Can  used under makeup My Thoughts on This Product This product came in a plastic white tube with a pump top for easy dispensing of the gel. The gel looks kind of like Vaseline and I personally think that it smells like cucumber. It's not sticky, but it feels a little thick. Easily absorbed into my skin and doesn't

The Crew Goes Coconuts!: A Captain No Beard Story Volume 6 Book Review

My son loves to read so I like to see if I can find him a new book to read. I think I found one that he'll enjoy. Title: The Crew Goes Coconuts!: A Captain No Beard Story Volume 6 Author:   Carole P. Roman Genre: Children's Synopsis: There is a storm brewing on the Flying Dragon, and it's not about the weather. When the crew finds themselves parched and not enough juice to go around, blame falls on Matie the goat, Hallie's friend. Divided, they square off, ready for a fight and Captain No Beard must teach his crew that not only is bullying wrong, they must learn to value and respect each and every member of the crew. Watch the crew of the Flying Dragon learn an important lesson about being a true friend. My Thoughts on This Book Like I said above, my son loves to read. A lot. He's five years old and he loves to read all kinds of books for all different age levels too. His favorite books include animals. Guess what? As you could obviously tell b

Ozeri Extravo Electric Wine Opener Review

Since both my husband and I loved the Ozeri green cooking pan that we received weeks ago, we were more than thrilled when we were given the opportunity to try out their electric wine opener. Yes, my husband and I love to have ourselves a nice cold glass of Moscato to relax occasionally on date night... Check this out: This is the Ozeri Extravo Electric Wine Opener in Stainless Steel with Auto Activation Product Details (according to company) It automatically activates to remove and eject corks when placed on a wine bottle Built-in rechargeable battery that opens up to 60 bottles when fully charged High quality stainless steel  Fits in the palm of your hand Opens a bottle with of wine in a matter of seconds with push button ease Includes a stand for storing, which also doubles as a foil cutter Also comes with a pourer/stopper My Opinion on This Product This thing is one of the coolest products that I've ever owned that belongs in my kitchen. My husba

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap Review

I have tried several different products by Adovia and seriously love them all. I couldn't wait to try the latest bar of soap that they sent my way--Dead Sea Salt Soap. Product Details (as described by company) Infused with 100% Pure Dead Salts from the Dead Sea Dead Sea Salt contains over 21 minerals important to skin and beauty Deeply moisturizes and hydrates both dry and normal to dry skin Dead Sea Minerals essential to to skin function include magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, and more 100% Natural This is what my bar of soap looked like when I opened it The name Adovia is engraved on top My Thoughts on This Product  This particular bar of soap has a strong, but good, clean scent. It works very well on my face and body as far as keeping my skin moisturized. This actually surprised me because I usually don't use bars of soap on my body because normally they dry my skin out and leave soap scum residue. This soap does neither of those th

Azure Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Product Review and Giveaway ends 7/5/2014!

Besides their wonderful Vitamin C Serum, Azure Naturals was nice enough to allow me to also try our their Hyaluronic Serum! Product Details (As described by company) Contains the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients available 98% Natural, 72% Organic Recommended for use with Azure Naturals Vitamin C Serum Available in 1 oz and 2 oz bottle Deeply hydrates skin Smoothes and softens skin, visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots Alcohol free, paraben free, plant based, no GMOs, cruelty and gluten free Made in the USA in an advanced FDA registered facility My Thoughts on This Product This is the 1 oz bottle that I recieved The top is a pump top for easy dispensing of the serum Has a gel like consistency. This is how much came out of one pump. (I think that the pump top is perfect for this type of gel serum.) You only need 1-3 pumps for your entire face and neck.  I like to use this product shortly after my

Azure Naturals Ultimate Vitamin C Serum

I have been trying to take the best care of my skin these last few months. I realize that I'm not a teenager anymore and I need to take care of my body better than before. I eat healthy, exercise, and take vitamins and so of course I need to make sure that I take care of my skin as well. One of my favorite skin products to use on my face is Vitamin C Serum.  Azure Naturals recently sent me a free 1 oz bottle to review. Product Details (According to company) Loaded with powerful anti aging ingredients Fast acting and effective 20% Vitamin C, 11% Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Organic Aloe, Amino Complex Perfect for sun damaged skin, fades sunspots, improves discoloration, helps prevent against future damage Refines skin texture, plumps and firms skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen production 98% Natural and 72% Organic ingredients No alcohol, no parabens, cruelty free, gluten free, plant based, no GMOs My Thoughts on T