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My Daughter’s New Swimsuit


My Daughter's New Swimsuit is Adorable

The heat is rolling in and before you know it, it will be time to hit the pool. My little fashionista, Layla, loves dressing up and is always happy to try out new outfits, especially swimsuits.  I am so in love with the latest swimsuit that I received. I know that you guys are going to love it! Here it is OMG. So pretty, right? It includes three pieces- a swim skirt, spaghetti strap swim top, and matching headband. The fruit design is adorable. I love the bows on it too--There is a big yellow bow on the skirt and a tiny bow on either side of the top. The top also has a bit of a ruffled frill on the top. The skirt has a swim bottom underneath it, by the way. The headband completes the outfit nicely. Here's my daughter modeling it  Can you tell that she loves it? She sure does. It has a little bit of room to grow into, which is nice. I'd rather it be a tiny bit loose instead of too tight! This suit is made very well and is super comfortable she

Big Ant Memory Foam Cushion Review

So my husband does a lot of driving around and he complains that his seat can get pretty uncomfortable. (I don't drive, so I can't really take the wheel for him). I thought that maybe this seat cushion from Big Ant might be something to try out.  Here is what I'm talking about That is what the top part of it looks like. Although it is pretty thin, it consists of more than one layer. The top layer, (the black part), is a breathable, waterproof material, the middle layer is memory foam, and the bottom layer is silica gel and anti-slip. Like I said, although it is thin, it does provide a nice level of cushion between your butt and the seat! I think the fact that it is memory foam is a nice touch.  It has two little clips toward the edge of it, but honestly I don't know what they are for, but I'm guessing you could clip them in the back of some seats that you might use this on, to hold it in place even better.  This is what it

The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves #bookReview

I was in need of something new to read. You guys know me--I LOVE my paranormal and my horror novels, but every now and then I like to dip my toes into a fresh new love story.  A lot of times, though, with these love stories, they end up being all the same. Luckily, this story was a bit more original. It isn't a predictable story at all. Yes, it’s a love story, but not like what you’d expect. It’s written in a pretty unique manner. One main character is a high functioning autistic female and the love of her life is not. The story does go back and forth from both of their perspectives, through their timeline, while they were together and when they were apart. Yes, they fall in love, but it’s not that simple. They do find ways to make it work, but then things get really tough, particularly for her to deal with.  They lose touch, and then, of course, they reunite.  Just when I though t things were going to go one way from there, drama ensues. You find out things f

Add A Bit Of Moisture to Your Skin With This CSCS Vitamin C Serum

I'm literally obsessed with Vitamin C Serum. Seriously. I've been using it for months. A few different brands but with very somewhat similar results. This particular brand comes in a pretty blue glass bottle with dropper top. Here's what it looks like First off, I love the fact that it comes in a glass bottle. I tend to lean more towards products that are in dark glass rather than plastic, preferably because the dark glass helps keep out UV rays and protects the serum inside. The medicine dropper makes it easy to squeeze a few drops (which is truly all you need), and keeps you from dipping your fingers into the container and possibly contaminating the serum. This product is only 1 FL OZ, but since you only need to use a tiny bit, it will last a while. The benefits of using this product regularly are: -It's anti-aging, meaning that it's good for wrinkles, fine lines, splotchy skin, refining pores... - It's hydrating, and I can tell yo

Premom Pregnancy Test Review


Scrapbook Review


My New Mini Scrapbook

I remember when I was younger, my mom used to have a stack of photo albums and scrapbooks, big and small. Inside she kept all of our birthday cards, pictures, movie stubs, some newspaper clippings, and so on. They were a lot of fun to look through. I still like to look through them to this day. I decided to do the same thing with my own family memories. I don't have nearly as many as my mom does, but maybe some day.  I was recently sent one that I wanted to share with you guys.  Now, I haven't completely finished filling it up yet, but I will.  Here is what it looks like   The picture on the left is what it looks like straight out of the packaging.  It came with those little colored stickers. They go on the corners of your photos to hold them in place. Two sheets are included.  The inside consists of high quality, thick black pages. I like this because if you wanted to, you could use some colorful gel pens to draw pictures or write on the pages. 

Aquatic Tritan Water Bottle Review


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