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A Breathable #Corset Waist Trainer from #Everbellus

I have multiple waist trainers in my closet. The reason for this is that they are not all the same. I have different styles, sizes, and different colors. My newest one is from Everbellus.  First off, are you wondering why people wear these things in the first place, or did Kim Kardashian already clue you in with all her waist trainer selfies and advertisements?? By the way, does she even still wear them, or was it just a media play to get her when more unnecessary attention...but I digress. Many people wear these ever popular corset trainers because we'll, not only do they look hot when you're wearing them to work out in, but they also help make you look more toned, and might help rid you of a bit of water weight around your midsection.  For some it might help you lose more than a few real inches that last. For me, I've had both happen. Let me explain why I have been using this one more often than some of the others. This particular

Check Out This Power Sleeve #CaseCrown

After seeing that last post on the Slim Power Wallet from Case Crown, you guys kind of have an idea about the innovative products they make. Well, you saw the wallet, so now check out this matching power sleeve. This thing is neat. It's perfect if you have an iPad pro, although if you have a slim tablet, it might in there as well. Now, what are the coolest features that this thing has? Well first off, there is a zippered pocket along the bottom of it. Inside, there is a power cord for your iPad Pro. This means you can charge your device while it is still inside the case. (Sorry, but you can't charge your other brand devices with this, but it's still a good case to store). I think that's nice because you can charge it and then just go. No need to take it out to charge and put it back in. May not sound like a lot, but hey if it saves you a few minutes, why not? Perfect for students, right? Also, your device is protected if it falls while it's

Ultra Slim Power Wallet from #CaseCrown

I probably sound like a broken record by now, because of a few previous posts, but like I've said, my phone loves to be at it's lowest battery level the second that I leave the house. Why is that? Hmmm? Anyhow, I do have a charger that I can use in the car, but I'm not always in the car long enough for my phone to get a good amount of charging done. With this product, I can worry even less because I can keep it in my purse or even in my pocket. Mommy win right there. This product is called the SlimPower Wallet and it is by CaseCrown. Let me tell you the pros about this product: - It's extremely thin. I was surprised at how thin the wallet is and the power bank is even slimmer. -It's not heavy either. -You can charge your iPhone or even android phone. It does come with a tiny adapter in case. -It is really nice that there are little pockets to hold your credit cards, membership cards, or even your license/ID as

Beautiful and Affordable Glasses from #GlassesShop

When you've been wearing only one pair of glasses for the past year and a half, it isn't always easy to keep them intact. My pair has been through hell and back, especially with a toddler on the loose. They are so crooked, that even my eye doctor laughed at me, and said, "How are you wearing these glasses like this? How can you even expect to see right if they're not even aligned on your face correctly?" He was so right. So, yeah, I needed a new pair. I prefer to buy my glasses online . There are quite a few online shops that I've tried, but one of the pairs that I have fallen in love with are from They have a great selection. These are the prescription glasses that I chose. Name is: FortWilliam Cat Eye Tortoise Shell  Isn't the style cute? I love how they are feminine and retro. I also love the tortoiseshell design. They came with a handy little case and cleaning cloth.

Q9 Car Charger Bluetooth Headset Review

I don't know about you, but for some reason, and I'm sure I've mentioned it before in other posts, but my cell phone always tends to die at the worst possible time. I try to charge it often, but the battery always seems to be low the second I'm in the car, and on my way somewhere. That is such a pain. Now, I do have a portable charger that I use, but what happens if I forget to charge that as well? This Car Charger Bluetooth Headset is also a charger and is a really good product to keep in the car. It's small and it has two charging ports. That's nifty, right? Now, both my husband and I can keep our phones charged. I can also charge my portable power bank with it. I her also used it to charge my son's portable gaming device since it uses the same power cord as my phone. Also, you know what it can also do? The top part is a magnetic little Bluetooth ear piece! You can pop that off and stick it in your we so the you can he hand

Flirty Affordable Fashion From #Pinkbasis

It's September and although in many places the weather is starting to get a lot cooler, it's still pretty warm in my part of Texas.  I'm still wearing sunglasses, dresses and sandals.  One of my favorite online stores that has some of the most fashionable and very affordable outfits and accessories is PinkBasis. I've mentioned them before in a post about a few pairs of really cute shoes and swimsuits.  Well, this time I ordered some sunglasses and dresses.  I know that you're going to love them just as much as I do! Let's start with this really nice pair of tortoise shell shades that I picked.  Tortoise Shell Gradient Lenses Love those big frames! I love tortoise shell...   These glasses are fabulous. They're stylish and the lenses are very dark. They provide excellent protection and shade for my eyes.  I needed these badly. My eyes are super sensitive to light and I'm always getting teary eyed or squinting when I don

Keep Your Hubby's Beard Smelling Deliciously Manly #beardsmen

Does your husband or boyfriend have a beard? Maybe your dad or grandfather do? My husband does and although it's not too long, it can get dirty from sweat, food, and whatnot. Ew.  Now, whether that man in your life has a Duck-Dynasty-worthy beard or a nice, short groomed one, keeping it clean and smelling good is a necessity.  My husband has been using beard shampoo. Yes, there are shampoos geared specifically toward beards... Soap can dry out the skin. It's like the hair on your head. Would you rather use a bar of soap or shampoo? I'm guessing the latter. This beard shampoo smells amazing. The scent is called Bold Forest and it makes my man's beard smell like what I would imagine a big hunky lumberjack would smell like. Haha. Think eucalyptus, pine, and cedar mixed together... I kept wanting to cuddle up and inhale... It's very gentle, but cleans very well. He said he loves it because his skin underneath his beard doesn't get all dry and itchy

Are Your Glasses Insulated? Check out this set from #Ozeri

I'd say that my kitchen is filling up with a ton of really neat utensils, cooking ware, dishes, and glasses. All of the cabinets and drawers are practically full.  My new collection of insulated glasses from Ozeri is really nice. It comes as a set of four small, unique glasses.  They are each made of shatter resistant glass, with hovering center chambers, and each have a different design. I tried to find the best way to capture that in these pics, but honestly it is a lot easier to see up close and in person. See the grooves on the inside of the cup? They serve no purpose other than looking cool when there is a drink inside. Yes, you can drink either hot or cold drinks. I have actually done both and you know what I like the most? Either way your drink will retain its temperature for a while, but your bare hands won't feel it. This is great since the cup has no handles. I like how it keeps your drink that way. They are not very large glass

Baby Signs Review and Giveaway Ends 9/15/2016! #babysigns

My little girl is just around 16 months and she knows a little more than a handful of words. She is very social and I love it.  At this age with my son, he also knew some words, but due to seizures he eventually regressed, and his words turned back into baby babble. One thing that I decided to try with him when this happened was baby sign language. I had seen videos of babies doing it and I thought it looked amazing.  I took American Sign Language in college and that actually was one of my favorite classes. I thought it might be a good idea to try and teach my son some easy signs. What I did was make my own flash cards with the names of simple things around the house and would sign each card and also say the name when I did it. Now, keep in mind, he wasn't even anywhere near his second birthday yet, but he picked up the signs so quickly. I was impressed and decided to make even more flash cards and even just signing pictures in books, pointing and signing to things when we wat