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Fun with Math at

   Alright, so, I remember as a kid, I actually enjoyed my math class. Well, I enjoyed pretty much all of my classes. I know not everyone had the same experience or opinion about school or math, and many kids nowadays might not be crazy about any of it either.  My own kids are homeschooled by yours truly and when they seem like they might be getting a tad bit bored of a subject, I will get online and find something more entertaining, yet still educational, that I think they will want to try out.  is a great example. Not only can you find a variety of online calculators for loans, mortgage, investing, business, health and fitness calculators, scientific calculators, and many more. (You can use those to teach your kids a thing or two, or even for your own use.)  The best part of the site though, are the math games! You don't have to worry about logging in or downloading anything. You just open up the page on your computer, tablet, or phone, and play. That's perfe