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Breast Cancer Awareness and How You Can Help Support The Cause #GLAMULETPINKOCTOBER #Sponsoredpost

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, cancer is " a disease in which malignant cells form in the tissues of the breast. The damaged cells can invade surrounding tissue, but with early detection and treatment, most people continue a normal life." 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime Second leading cause of death for women Can affect both men and women Have you or anyone close to you ever been affected by Breast Cancer? Well October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Glamulet, which carries a variety of beautiful jewelry, is campaigning to raise awareness about it. They have created these gorgeous Pink Limited Edition Charms to support this campaign.  For every set of charms that you purchase, 50% of the sales will be donated to charity.  I have known a few people close to me or close to friends of mine that have been affected by Breast Cancer.  Although many women have either been diagnosed with or died from it,

#32weeksPregnant to #34weeksPregnant Bed Rest #pretermlabor

You have no idea how nice it felt to be back home. Back with my family, back in my pajamas, my bed. I could eat my food, watch my t.v., no needles, no meds, just rest. It sounded like pure bliss. I'm not going to lie though, it was tough. My husband was amazing. He cooked, he cleaned, he helped more than I thought was possible. He just wanted me and our daughter to get through this. I know he was so tired and at times I'm sure he wanted to cry too, but he kept it together. Like I said, he was amazing. I love him with all my heart for everything that he did, has done, and continues to do. 32  weeks pregnant I kept wanting to walk around and do things, but no one in the house would let me. I would get a bit frustrated since I was tired of being in bed, but I kept reminding myself who I was doing this for. The contractions still came, but they were light. My feet started to swell, and I would get really tired and wanted to sleep A LOT. 33 weeks pregn

#31Weeks Pregnant Hospital Days 6-7 #bedrest

If you were following my pregnancy posts, I deeply apologize for continuing so late. By the end of the week at the hospital, I was so worn out. I was exhausted from all of the meds and needles. Luckily, it was worth it because my baby girl did stay inside my tummy. My doctor said her levels were looking better and I could go home, on one condition: Bed rest until week 36. I think I cried. I cried because I was okay and baby was okay, but I also cried because I had about five more weeks of just staying upstairs IN BED. Sound fun? No. No.No. But, I would do anything for my baby girl to stay put and grow in there. I was not allowed to do much else, no cleaning, exercising, cooking, lifting....Just to bathroom, to shower, and back to bed.  I could do this... even though my contractions were still happening from time to time.

Ziraki Baby Carrier #babycarrier

These days, if you have a baby, there are so many different options when it comes to how you haul your baby around. You can use a stroller, carry them in your arms, or use a carrier of some kind. There are slings, wraps,  and other carriers. I have tried a few different versions with my daughter. When I had my son about 7 years ago, I had a carrier that was kind of like this one, but it was really uncomfortable. I didn't have as many options as I do today. The straps on the limited amount of carriers that I tried hurt my shoulders and my back. I figured that the newer carriers like this one I was sent have got to be improved since then. Sure enough, this one feels nothing like my old one. The material is thick but has cushion so it's more gentle on my shoulders and back. I can wear it without being in pain and I like that.  The color is not my favorite but I like that it's simple and doesn't have too crazy of a design on it. It's plain and the stripes are

Bella Reina Rebel Red Lipstick #imarebel #bellareina #bellaqueen

I have never been the biggest fan of wearing lipstick.  Why? Because I don't like what's in most lipsticks, don't like the taste, the smell, or the way most shades not only look on my lips, but also how they leave my lips feeling. Bella Reina has lipstick that has given me a different perspective on lipstick. This is mostly because it is Vegan. Meet Rebel. It is a maple red shade and I really like it. A lot. Other great things to know about Rebel? Mineral lipstick Cruelty free Paraben free Gluten free Bee free Chemical free Organic oils and natural waxes Anti-inflammatory Crafted with organic shea butter, organic grapeseed and  jojoba oils , botanical extracts and Vitamin E to keep your lips pucker-proof all day. Pure mineral pigments explode with color and drench your lips with moisture. Even though people will argue that a bee is an insect (an insect is an animal), no bees nor animals were harmed making our vegan lipstick. We wanted

Elite Chef Black Ceramic Knives #ozeri

Every kitchen needs to have a decent set of knives in it, right? Of course it does. These knives are better than decent. They outshine any other set I've had in mind, and guess who they're by? If you said Ozeri, well you're right, but you probably just got that from the hash tag in my title.  These knives are gorgeous. I love that they have black blades. I've never seen black knives before. Have you? The handles are made of the same smooth, soft touch material that many of the other Ozeri products are made of so they match perfectly. They are extremely lightweight compared to my other knife set and these cut a lot better.  They are sharp and can cut through my fruits and veggies so easily, without me having to use much effort.  This is a good thing since my carpal tunnel acts up sometimes and it usually makes it hard for me to use things with my hands. I like that the blades are ceramic and so I doubt they will end up rusting

Classy Drinking #valentinaparis

I have wine glasses, but Valentina Paris sent me a pair of one-of-a-kind wine glasses. No glass is exactly alike since like I said, they're hand-painted. They're also mouth blown. Let's just say that ALOT of work goes into making these. And the end result is gorgeous. These wine glasses are seriously way bigger than I expected. I wonder if half a bottle of wine could fit in one? They are really unique with the beautiful hand painting on the bottom, and look very classy. I'm almost afraid to use these. I think they would even be great just to display in a china cabinet or on a counter. I love these. I think that they are beautiful. I could see any wine lover wanting these in their collection.  These are even nice for drinking things other than wine, if you just want to drink out of a super fancy glass.They would be such a great wedding gift, birthday gift, for an anniversary, for a birthday...They would probably also be something that

Personal Water Filter #acquapura

Have you ever thought about what's in the water that you drink? How about when you travel? Sometimes the water might be a bit questionable, right? I'm sure not everyone thinks about things like this, but you might like to own a water filter that's small and portable. I'd actually never owned, nor heard of such a product until I was sent the Acquapura Personal Water Filter Straw. It looks a bit like a tiny water bottle, itself.  You can also take this product with you when your out hiking, camping, or out in the wilderness somewhere and need clean, filtered water.     You can walk right up to a lake, river, or stream and use it like a straw to drink the water. It can even be used with rain water.  It's good for emergencies. I guess, if you really wanted to use it with regular tap water or if your on vacation, like I mentioned earlier, and scared to drink the water, you could use this to be on the safe side. You can screw it onto a plastic bott

Luxe Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel Review #LuxeBeautyEssentials

I love my hair and although it is not very long, it usually takes quite a while to get completely dry. I have super thick, tight curly hair, and I've got a lot of it, so maybe that's why??  Of course this girl right here has been looking for the best way to get her hair dry and quick. Have you ever tried a Microfiber Hair Towel? Company's Product Description  19 x 39 inches  Made from double sided brushed terry microfiber  Extremely soft, gentle on hair, and super absorbent   Using this towel also will drastically cut time used on heat drying products such as a hair dryer that can damage hair. My Thoughts Finding the perfect towel for my super towel is essential to me. I hate using most towels because the material usually causes my hair to knot up and get extremely frizzy. Now, this particular towel is microfiber which is different from most regular bathroom towels. Not only does the material feel incredibly soft, but it al

Measurable Difference Eye Shadow Palette Giveaway @brandbacker #lashem #MeasurableDifference

I love eye shadow. I'll try any shade at least a few times and I love to try out different looks.  The way that you apply your eye shadow has a huge effect on the way that your makeup will end up looking. Also, the way that your makeup looks can make or break an outfit. I only recently learned about the Measurable Difference brand and they're having a giveaway that you can enter too! They have some really pretty shades. The Measurable Difference brand was developed to help the everyday woman keep her youthful glow. It is a reflection of a healthy and natural lifestyle to accommodate women everywhere - whether they choose to as a city girl in an office or from home as a mother. We are dedicated to promoting natural beauty in a world full of unrealistic beauty expectations. The LASHEM Natural Beauty Products line consists of mascara, anti-aging creams, and eyelash booster. A brand which combines natural ingredients for the highest quality possible. We offer anti-aging

Salon Quality Nails for Busy Moms #imPRESS #KISS

Back when I was a kid, I remember putting on press on nails. They came in all different kinds of colors, with or without designs, and they would stick on with this thin little sheet of glue. They were really cute, but they wouldn't normally last for more than a day or two, especially if I was really active with my hands or doing dishes.  Nowadays, there are some better options out there. Have you ever tried #imPress press on nails ? I applied the ones on the left a few days ago. They come with 30 nails, an alcohol prep pad, and a nail file. You should wash your hands first and then prep them before applying the nails. Also, it's a good idea to measure the nails to make sure they fit properly. I had to trim my nails since they were super long and these nails are quite a bit shorter. They have a glue backing on them, so you remove the backing from the nail and then press them down onto your clean, trimmed nail. Press from middle, going outward. Don't mess wit

Rocksbox Number 3 #rocksBox

Well, I've received another Rocksbox and of course, I will be sharing the details with you all. In this box, I was sent a necklace, earrings, and a ring. That's a pretty wicked looking necklace, right? I thought so too. It is a #slate Spiked Out Necklace in silver. It has gems, spikes, and a thick silver chain. It reminds me very much of something that I would have been wearing all the time in high school, during my darker goth days. Ha, yes...that was me.  It looks good on me now, too. I got loads of compliments on this. It's daring, yet it has a slight classy flair to it, thanks to the little stones. This is a #HouseofHarlow1960 Arrow Affair ring in silver. I love how the little arrow wraps around my finger. It was the perfect size for my skinny little finger. Yes, they do ask you to specify which size or sizes that you wear so that you will receive something that is actually going to fit.  This ring is a good size, not too bulky, yet n

Thinnest #BabyCarSeatCover I Own

I have several car seat covers. I need more than one because babies can be messy, and so can I. Company's Product Description Ultra thin fabric Blocks out bugs, UV rays, germs, bacteria, strangers Breathable This one is a very nice cover. It is thinner than some of the others that I own and I like this because it gets really hot where I live. It's also a bit different than some of the others because it comes with velcro strips that you can attach onto your own car seat. Then, you can attach the velcro strips that are on the cover and keep the cover adhered to the seat. This way it won't blow off of the seat in windy weather. It stays perfectly in place. The back part is rounded and fits the back part of the car seat just right. I like the pretty design as well. It looks nice and far from plain and holds baby's attention in case she wakes up. It blocks out the sun's harmful rays, which is absolutely necessary when you have a little baby. It

Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer #Paryvara

As the temps start to drop, sometimes our kids' temps start to rise. It's never fun seeing our little ones get sick.  I've used a digital thermometer for most of my son's life and I always have a tough time trying to get him to keep still, long enough to get a thorough temperature reading. It's exhausting. I really have always thought about buying an ear thermometer, but just never have bought one. I finally own one and it is exactly what I have been needing. The thermometer I'm talking about can be used in two different ways. It can take ear temperatures, as well as forehead temperatures. I think it's really neat that it has two different ways of reading your child's temp, especially for children like mine. The display is nice-it's large, clear, and very easy to read. It also has a back light.  It comes with a cradle that it can rest on, and a little pouch that you can carry it in. I'm able to stick it in my bag for when we tra

It Was The Best of Times #BehindTheBlogger

So here I am again with another #BehindTheBlogger post. I enjoyed writing the first one so much that I wanted to write another.  Topic of this one? It was the best of times... Honestly, I can think of quite a few amazing times that my family and I have had together. We like to go on little vacations from time to time.  One of our most recent vacations, a couple of years ago, was to Emerald Isle, NC. It is such a pretty island that my aunt and her family live on. My husband, son, and I rented a car and drove from TX to NC. It was a nice and long drive. We love road trips because we get to visit so many different places.  Although it was spring break, there just so happened to be a severe cold front headed right along our travel path. It was amazing how cold it got from here to there. We left here in shorts only to have to wear heavy jackets and boots on the island.  Oh my gosh, the whole place was beautiful! You could see the water from my aunt's gorge