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#32weeksPregnant to #34weeksPregnant Bed Rest #pretermlabor

You have no idea how nice it felt to be back home.
Back with my family, back in my pajamas, my bed.
I could eat my food, watch my t.v., no needles, no meds, just rest.
It sounded like pure bliss.
I'm not going to lie though, it was tough.
My husband was amazing. He cooked, he cleaned, he helped more than I thought was possible. He just wanted me and our daughter to get through this. I know he was so tired and at times I'm sure he wanted to cry too, but he kept it together. Like I said, he was amazing.
I love him with all my heart for everything that he did, has done, and continues to do.

32  weeks pregnant

I kept wanting to walk around and do things, but no one in the house would let me. I would get a bit frustrated since I was tired of being in bed, but I kept reminding myself who I was doing this for.
The contractions still came, but they were light. My feet started to swell, and I would get really tired and wanted to sleep A LOT.

33 weeks pregnant

Each week that passed made me want to jump for joy.
You can't do that on bed rest, by the way.

One morning I woke up and said, "Two more weeks to go on bed rest. I got this!" I fell asleep and then woke up a few hours later with an intense contraction. Just ONE. I lay there, scared to move. As soon as it came, it quickly disappeared. I assumed it was Braxton Hicks since I didn't have any more for the rest of the day.

34 weeks pregnant

She was kicking around in there all day, like she was having a party.
However, that night, the contraction was joined by a ripple of menstrual-like cramps that sure seemed to follow a pattern. I was just about to go to sleep when they had started. I wasn't in bad pain at first, but they were really bothersome. Told my husband and he said to message my doctor.
Told my mom and she said it was probably just gas.
I messaged my doctor and he said, "Get to hospital now. You are in labor." 
I was scared because it was only 34 weeks. I was supposed to have two more weeks of bed rest. No. I wasn't ready yet. She wasn't ready yet.
I cried again. I cried when I told my husband. He kissed me and assured me it would be ok. He grabbed my hospital bags and we drove to hospital.
The contractions got worse on the drive. It was about fifteen minutes. Oh my gosh, those contractions were no laughing matter. I kept saying, "Ow, Ow, Ow." I breathed through each. It helped a tiny, tiny bit.

I just kept remembering the doctor telling me before putting me on bedrest--"If you go into labor again, we won't stop it this time. We'll just let it happen and deliver."
I was so nervous.
Not ready to be back in the hospital so soon.


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