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Monster Clarity 101 Airlinks Wireless Earbuds

These are some of the most comfortable earbuds that I own. They are the Monster Clarity 101 Airlinks Wireless In-Ear Headphones.  They come with sports clips already installed, 3 size options for earbud tips, are water resistant, come with a USB-C charger cable, can go for 18+ hours when fully charged, and are controlled through touch.  The charger dock is magnetic, so the tips just pop in quickly and stay put.  I love the small,  slim design. You can just stick it in your bag or pocket and they’re perfect for an active, on the go lifestyle. Use them for hands free calls, for meetings, for music, movies, and even voice control. They connect really quickly once set up and are so comfy in your ears. You can use one or both.  I use them often for phone calls, as well as for work purposes. I can barely feel them when worn.  Get a pair here      #unbiasedreview #discountedproduct #monsterbluetooth #bluetoothheadphones via IFTTT

4 Tips For Organizing Your Home This Summer #sponsoredpost

Finding simple ways to organize your home to help simplify your home and your life is essential when it comes to stress relief and simplicity in your life. Focusing on clearing the clutter first is a great place to start. Then, creating a plan to organize what’s left in a way that’s easy to set up, simple to maintain and sure to make your home and your life easier to manage! The goal of organizing is to make your home easier to manage. So you can spend more time living and enjoying your life, instead of just cleaning up after it! Benjamin Franklin said, “ For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned. ” Having an organized home not only helps keep your home tidier and easier to keep tidy. But it also means you’ll save yourself time and stress when you can easily find what you’re looking for when you need it. And easily put things away when you’re done with them so your home stays organized too. Organizing your home is all about finding ways to make your home function better

Bugani M83 Wireless Speaker


Bugani M99 Portable Speaker 5.0

This Bugani M99 Portable Speaker 5.0 is wireless, has superior sound quality, excellent bass, sleek metal design, and built in microphone. It comes with an audio cable if you can't or don't want to use Bluetooth, as well as the USB charging cable. This speaker can be used for vacations, while camping, in any room of your house, indoors and outdoors, parties, barbecues, school events, and so on. I personally like to use mine in the bathroom when I shower and my son enjoys using it when he's streaming movies or playing games on his computer.  Get yours here . #discountedproduct #unbiasedreview #bugani #bluetoothspeaker via IFTTT

Monster Adventurer Force IPX7


Konta Day and Night Creams


Clip On Reading Light for Kids #glocusent