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What Games Do YOU Like To Play?

 So, as you all know, YES, I'm a busy stay at home mama. I work from home, I homeschool, I cook, clean, play, and more. However, in order to not completely lose my sanity, I either read, sing, or play games on my phone and computer.  I've come across quite a few different game apps that I enjoy, but as for gaming websites, I started playing some of my all time favorite games on (You can play each game in a standalone app if you choose to and neither the website nor app have ads!) Don't let that name fool you, though! They offer a lot more variety than just Solitaire. Although, Solitaire actually has been one of my games of choice since I was younger. It's relaxing and I've gotten pretty good at it over the years. If you don't like Solitaire, there are also many other entertaining card games available, such as Euchre and Hearts.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a really good mix of games that I'm familiar with on their site. Have you ev