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#1ByOne Mountable Wireless Sound Bar Review

Since my family and I rarely go to the movie theater anymore, I like to have an area setup in the house where we can still enjoy a good movie night.  I mounted my t.v. on the wall a while back and now I have the perfect sound bar mounted right underneath it.  It fits perfectly into my entertainment setup.  Now, you don't have to mount it onto the wall if you choose not to, but I prefer the way it looks since the t.v. is already there.  It comes with mounting brackets, screws, and anchors. I followed the directions in the manual, and it was up in a matter of minutes. All I needed was a tape measure, drill gun, and a level to set it up. Product Features AV cord included Mounting equipment included Can be connected via Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, or AV Has a line in audio port as well Remote control included Amazing sound quality Mute function available I have my t.v. connected with the AV cord and my iPod connected through Bluetooth. I love that y

My Daughter's New Potty Seat Adapter

My daughter showed signs of potty readiness at a really early age, and ended up being fully potty trained by about 17-18 months.  I bought her one of those little potty chairs and she used it pretty often until she decided that she wanted to use the big toilet like everyone else. Having a seat adapter that fits perfectly onto the big toilet is obviously necessary. She is three years old now, but still very small and a seat like the one below keeps her comfortable and also keeps her from falling in! This is what it looks like As you can see, it fits right onto the toilet. It makes the opening smaller, which is great for your child's small frame. It also has a higher part on the front end that acts as a splash guard. The bottom side is lined with a rubber grip so that it stays put when they are using the bathroom. As a bonus, there is a hook that adheres to your wall. You can hang the seat up when not in use. Also, the seat is BPA free! I think that this

Multi Grip Yoga Strap

Any yoga fans out there? I LOVE yoga, but since I don’t do it as often as I used to, sometimes I have a bit of trouble achieving some of the poses. I miss my college days when I actually took yoga as an was so relaxing and I was super slim and toned because of yoga and hitting the gym every week.  I recently received a new yoga strap with multi grips This multi grip yoga strap helps a lot. It’s unlike any other yoga strap I’ve owned or used because of all the multiple loops. I like that it can be used for various heights.  It also comes with a door anchor. This strap is a good thing to have when you don’t have a partner or aren’t super flexible. Using it often will result in be tter flexibility, so I’m using it as much as possible. It truly does make it easier on my limbs.  It doesn’t just have to be used for yoga. You can also use it for physical therapy, Pilates, dancer warmups, for regular stretching of the arms or legs, back, at the