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#1ByOne Mountable Wireless Sound Bar Review

Since my family and I rarely go to the movie theater anymore, I like to have an area setup in the house where we can still enjoy a good movie night. 
I mounted my t.v. on the wall a while back and now I have the perfect sound bar mounted right underneath it. 

It fits perfectly into my entertainment setup. 

Image may contain: screen and indoor

Image may contain: indoor

Now, you don't have to mount it onto the wall if you choose not to, but I prefer the way it looks since the t.v. is already there. 
It comes with mounting brackets, screws, and anchors. I followed the directions in the manual, and it was up in a matter of minutes. All I needed was a tape measure, drill gun, and a level to set it up.

Image may contain: screen and indoor

Product Features
  • AV cord included
  • Mounting equipment included
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, or AV
  • Has a line in audio port as well
  • Remote control included
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Mute function available
I have my t.v. connected with the AV cord and my iPod connected through Bluetooth. I love that you can use this product with the wire or wirelessly. The front of the sound bar has a small LED screen that displays whatever settings you are cycling through with the remote. If you do not want to use the remote or are just not nearby it you can always control the device with the buttons on the side. 
My movies and music sound so good with this sound bar. The sound is so clear and crisp.
It has made movie night even better for my family and I. It's like having my own movie theater in my bedroom.

To see this product in action, you can watch the video that I made below:

You can purchase this product here.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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