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Dial Sugar Cane Husk Soap Flash Giveaway! Ends 3/31/15!

Dial always has a nice selection of soaps and body washes to pick from. I recently received the New Sugar Cane Husk Scrub soap to try out in my house. About this Product Has gentle microscrubbers that cleanse and moisturize your skin There are a few other scents available- Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar, Wter Blossoms, and Coconut Lime Verbana Family Soap Deep cleansing hand soap  This soap sure does smell sweet, but it's not a very strong scent. A lot of people like that, I'm sure. I, however, would like it to smell just a tiny bit stronger, but that's just me. It does make your hands feel nice and gives them a refreshing moisture after using, thanks to the micro-scrubbers in it. It scrubs away that dead skin on your hands, revealing the softer skin beneath. I'm glad that it doesn't dry them out like many soaps do. Don't forget to visit  their website  to learn more and see all of the different scents they have ava

Season Your Meal With This Hot and Sweet Smoked Paprika #SmokedPaprika

I love to cook and use a variety of spices. I am always experimenting with different ones. I do use paprika on a regular basis so I was looking forward to trying both the Hot and Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika from Kiva. Company's Product Description Imported from the La Vera region of Spain Hand harvested peppers that are smoked dried Sweet smoked paprika has a deep, rich flavor with a slightly sweet undertone Hot smoked paprika has a deep, rich flavor slightly spicy flavor Can be used to flavor all kinds of foods I have used both since receiving and I like them both. I like that they both have a subtle, yet still tasty flavor. My favorite is the Sweet Smoked Paprika.  I love it on popcorn especially. It also tastes good on deviled eggs. The Hot Smoked Paprika, in my opinion tastes best on veggies, rice, and many soups. Honestly, my husband and I both agree that we've never tried a paprika with such good flavor. In fact, man

Colore' Art Chalk Markers #productlaunch

Company's Product Description Dual Tip Design Chalk Markers, Interchangeable Between Bullet and Chisel Tip.  Available in 8 vivid colors including purple, white, blue, yellow, orange, pink, red and green  Fine tip liquid fluorescent neon marker for non-porous chalkboards Works Best On Non-Porous Surfaces Comes with a silicone marker holder I like to decorate things and work on crafts with my family. I try to keep a variety of pencils, crayons, and markers around the house for when we decide to get crafty together. What I didn't have until recently were these Colore chalk markers.  This particular set comes with a nice little variety of very bright colors and a soft, but sturdy silicone marker holder.  These markers are extremely vibrant and I love that you can write on glass, binders, plastic, and a ton of different surfaces. They take a minute or two when you first get them to finally get the ink out, but once you do, it's super simple

Supernova 300 Super Bright LED Lantern #Supernova300

Company's Product Description  300 Lumens  Brightest LED lighting in its class  Generates little to no heat and can be used continuously for up to six days Safer and longer lasting than any type of emergency candles  State of the art convex reflector provides optimal lighting and reflection Sturdy rubber and plastic molding for maximum durability and water resistance  Removable top for focused forward lighting or for use as a hanging area light  Slow pulse LED indicator light so that the lantern can always be found in the event of an emergency LED lights are guaranteed for up to 100,000 hours of use and never need replacing  Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Boating, Emergencies, Recreation This is a decent sized lantern that definitely provides a ton of light for emergencies and whatnot. It's easy to use, can be held when walking around and not too heavy. I've owned heavier lanterns that were the same size... I love that you can f

Hold Those Yoga Poses Longer With the ABX Yoga Towel #ABXyogatowel

Company's Product Description Can be machine washed over and over Has grip dots on bottom to keep you from slipping Can absorb sweat and moisture Has an extra little pocket to hold tissue or small towel I have a few other yoga towels that I've used on my mat and also off of, for other exercises other than a yoga session. This towel is slightly thicker, bigger, and has better grips on the bottom than my others.  I like the size and material quality of this mat. It also really does work well when I'm exercising because it definitely stays in place to help me try and hold my poses better. I don't feel like I'm going to slip at all. It's great that it can absorb sweat and moisture, because yes, at times a yoga session or any other exercises that I do can cause me to sweat quite a bit. I'm safe to continue on with my workout. This is perfect during my pregnancy since I am trying my best to avoid any kinds of falls. The material of th

A Rubber Ducky With A Twist #ozeri #duckymeter

I have a baby on the way in a few months so I am gathering as many useful products that I can use after she is born. This Duckymeter looked like a fun and cute little useful tool to have handy.  Company's Product Description Safe and fun for child and mom, a happy bath for your little one Instantly activates in water, floats naturally and fully submersible Fun and safe bath toy that doubles as a bath thermometer Checks the bath water temperature every second and displays it in Fahrenheit on an easy-to-read LCD Displays the water temperature in 3 digital colors: Blue for Cold, Green for Just Right, and Red for Hot My Thoughts First off, yes, it is just like a big, hard rubber ducky with a thermometer inserted into the middle of it. The thermometer part comes out, which is good because you can drain out any extra water collected while in the tub. It's easy to use, it comes with batteries pre-installed, and the screen is

What a Unique Looking Phone Charger and Giveaway! Ends 4/04/15! #biontek

Company's Product Description You can recharge the Power Bank even while Recharging Your Device Take it on the go Shaped to compliment your iPhone  One Year Manufacturer's warranty  Slim and only 0.36 inches (9.1mm) thin!  Powerful 6000 mAh capacity that can fully charge your device up to 3 times  Slips into your handbag or pocket   Fast Charging  I have a few phone and device portable chargers but this one stands out. It has an entirely different design to it. It looks like a mini smart phone! Reminds me a lot of my old iPod Touch. It's slim, not much heavier than my other portable chargers, nor is it any heavier than my actual phone. It's simple to use and sure does charge my phone fairly quickly. It can charge my phone, my kindle fire HD, my son and husband's tablets, and much more. I like how it has enough power to charge some of these devices a few times before having to actually charge it again. Most of my chargers have only been

I Love My Water Clean and Pure #countertopwaterfilterblupure

We've used a couple of different water filters in our household because we like to drink the cleanest/purest water we can. It can cost quite a bit to keep purchasing a ton of bottles and gallons of water every couple of weeks with the amount of water that we drink. Especially me. I'm a water-holic. Always have been and since I've been pregnant I've been drinking even more every single day. Lately I've been using the Blu Pure Water Filter, which is unlike any kind of water filter I've ever used in the past. Company's Product Description Filter for chlorine,lead,mercury,fluoride,chloramine,bacteria,sulfide,and radiation Eliminates all odor and taste and makes your water more pleasant to drink Easy to install Has a pre-installed with a filter cartridge, for your convenience The filtration process involves 13 stages to ensure that all those harmful chemicals are removed I installed mine in our upstairs bathroom actually beca

Pure Body Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil

Company's Product Description Doesn't clog pores Good for moisturizing hair and skin Good for use as a base oil with essential oils and carrier oils Colorless and odorless Helps stimulate hair growth Never goes rancid My Thoughts I love, love, love coconut oil. This particular kind from Pure Body Naturals--fractionated---is awesome because it doesn't go bad the way a lot of other oils can. I use both this coconut oil and argan oil on my curls in the morning and evening. I also love to use either oil, especially this oil on my skin after I shave. My skin looks healthy and glows, it feels smooth and soft, and of course it's very moisturized afterward. It really does not have a scent and yes it's clear. I actually spilled a bit on my shirt and was scared it would stain like I've done with other oils, but nope- it came right out in the washer. This is a relief since like I said, I use it twice a day. I would hate to be destroying my towels