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Season Your Meal With This Hot and Sweet Smoked Paprika #SmokedPaprika

I love to cook and use a variety of spices. I am always experimenting with different ones. I do use paprika on a regular basis so I was looking forward to trying both the Hot and Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika from Kiva.

Company's Product Description

  • Imported from the La Vera region of Spain
  • Hand harvested peppers that are smoked dried
  • Sweet smoked paprika has a deep, rich flavor with a slightly sweet undertone
  • Hot smoked paprika has a deep, rich flavor slightly spicy flavor
  • Can be used to flavor all kinds of foods

I have used both since receiving and I like them both. I like that they both have a subtle, yet still tasty flavor. My favorite is the Sweet Smoked Paprika. 

I love it on popcorn especially. It also tastes good on deviled eggs.

The Hot Smoked Paprika, in my opinion tastes best on veggies, rice, and many soups.
Honestly, my husband and I both agree that we've never tried a paprika with such good flavor. In fact, many paprikas that we've tried have been more for color than for taste. Kiva Gourmet Smoked Paprika is just all around way better.
Also, the color is so bright red and makes dishes really stand out if you're trying to achieve that sort of thing.
I'd love to try any other spices from the Kiva line. 


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