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Big Hippo Beige Seat Cover Review

I've been taking kickboxing classes for a few months now, and OMG, I absolutely love it! It's exhilarating and a great stress reliever. One thing that is super important to me is that I am comfortable in my clothing. When I say that I mean that I don't like to wear clothing that is too loose, nor do I like to wear clothing that is too constricting. I am especially picky about my sports bras. I have this new sports bra that I really like.  This is it below, and it is from RunningGirl.   It's such a pretty shade. By the way, yes these sports bras are available in other colors as well.  I love the racerback design and the stitching along the front. You can see the brand logo along the bottom side.  This is a close up in somewhat different lighting. The material of this sports bra is smooth, moisture wicking, breathable, soft, and anti microbial. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and there is an adjustable clasp along the back. The i

#MAANGE White/Gold Makeup Brush Set With Case


MAANGE White Makeup Brush Set Review

I know that you guys have seen a few of my posts on the many different makeup brushes that I currently own, but I was recently sent a new set and this is definitely one of the nicest quality sets yet. It is from MAANGE .  Here is what it looks like: This beautiful set comes with 4 big brushes and 4 small brushes that can be used for contouring, blending, eye shadow, liquid, cream, or powder foundation, concealer, etc.  Also included is a very pretty vegan leather zippered storage case for the brushes. It has a nice marble design on it.  I love the size of the storage case. There are four roomy pockets, so not only can you fit all 8 of these brushes, but you can fit other brushes in as well.  As for the feel of the brushes--they are firm, yet soft to the touch. They don't feel rough on any area of my face. This is great, especially if you are planning on using on your eyelids and other sensitive areas on your face. You don't want something