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Just Call Me Priestess Niki #getordained

As a teenager I remember hearing about Reiki and I wanted to know everything about it. For those of you who don't know, Reiki is a Japanese healing technique in which a person channels energy through touch. There is love and a powerful energy in us all and it can heal and transform ourselves and others.  Well, the Reiki Temple is such a wonderful site where you can learn more about Reiki. You can be trained to become a Reiki Master or become ordained as a Priest or Priestess of Love, like I did. It is seriously simple to do. All you have to do to get ordained is go to their page , make a payment, and get certified. They then email you your official certificate to print out. As an Interfaith Minister, you will entered into their official registry online, and you can lead sacred ceremonies, offer blessings, start a church, ordain others, and more... So cool. This is what my Ordainment Certificate  looks like: I'm thrilled to be ordained~  T

Digging My Purple Wig

I have been wearing a few different wigs these days. They are just fun. My real hair is blue and purple at the moment but sometimes I want something that's not curly, something longer, bright purple wig. It's a lot something more dramatic. I got just that with this bright purple wig off of Amazon. It is too much fun. It has adjustable straps in it, but no combs to hold in place. I haven't had much trouble with it slipping but you can use bobby pins to hold it in place. It's lightweight and a beautiful shade. The bangs are long but you can sweep them to the side or whatever to fit your face. It also came with a free wig cap to wear underneath. I wear that sometimes, but not always. It really depends on your amount of hair or how you have it fixed underneath. The company has so many gorgeous colors available, including hot pink, light pink, red, blue, blonde, black, and has a wavy flipped style to it and is synthetic and heat resistant. Love it. This is