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1byOne LED Desk Lamp #Giveaway!!!

My husband and I are mostly night owls, but there are times when I'm up and he's asleep, and vice versa. Usually, when he's asleep and I'm awake, I'll watch t.v. or just lay down and read a good book. I don't like having really bright lights on when he's asleep or when the baby is trying to sleep because I don't want to disturb them.  I have this incredibly unique little lamp that I just started using a couple of days ago.  About this Product Lasts over 500,000 hours Has 28 LEDs No need for batteries, it can be charged via USB cord Has 3 lighting modes- warm white, cool white, and neutral white 6 level dimmer Gentle on your eyes Flexible Can sustain small drops if it falls  Portable I love that you can hang it over the sofa or a pillow or door, or wherever you choose to hang it. It works great as a reading light and you can of course adjust it to your desired brightness or shade of white lighting.   It's sim

New Year, New Hair #lorealmagenta #hicolorhighlights

It's a brand New Year, so I wanted to make a change. Besides all of my New Years Resolutions, I wanted to make a change in my appearance. I decided, ah, what the heck- why don't I try something a bit dramatic and dye my hair... I normally either henna it or use some vegan dye on my dark hair. Then, the color is just subtle until I'm outside in the bright sun. I wanted something that showed up indoors as well, but I truly was afraid of destroying my hair. I hate bleach. I hate everything about it.  I searched all over the internet and also talked to my sister who is a hair stylist about what my options were. I wanted to use a product that would be dramatic, yet not fry my curls! It all came down to one product. L'oreal Hicolor Hilights. It would lift my original hair color and dye it all in one step. It also wouldn't cause as much damage. Sound too good to be true? I watched a ton of YouTube videos and read a ton of blog reviews- yes, I read other

A Jacket to Warm You And Your Baby Up at The Same Time #babywearing #mamaway

I wear my baby most days. She loves it. I love it. Now that the weather is quite a bit colder in the latter part of the day, I want to make sure she is super warm and comfy against my chest. I make sure she is in really warm clothes, but I can't pile on too much if she is in her carrier. She ends up with bunched clothing in the carrier and looks awfully uncomfortable.  Now, I've seen jackets that can be worn over a carrier and I have wanted to have one more than anything. All of the ones that I've seen have been a few hundred dollars, sold out, or not in my size.  Sad mama here. Mamaway was nice enough to allow me the chance to review one of theirs! I've mentioned their products in previous posts. I have a few carriers from them, actually, that are really nice and used frequently. I also have a really nice postpartum belly band from them that has helped me get back into better shape.  This jacket, however, has got to be one of my favorite products fr

My Antenna Channels Look Better Than My Cable Channels! #1byOne

We have cable in our house, so we just have most of our HD tvs hooked up to a cable box. Now, I thought that our TV reception looked pretty good. I decided I could try an antenna on the one HD TV in the house that we don't have a cable box on. It's the TV we use in the game room with game systems hooked up. Okay, so I was watching a show on TV in my room, but it was on a local channel. I figured this would be a good time to make a comparison. I brought the antenna in and hooked it up to the TV. First, I kept it on cable for a few minutes, and went into the menu, to set it to its optimal HD settings. Then, I flipped over to regular TV. I'm seriously not joking when I say the reception was so much better on regular TV. It actually upset me slightly, to know that money is being wasted on our so-called amazing cable service, as far as good reception. I even watched the rest of the show and a few others on regular TV. 10 ft cord and 50 mile range! In the packag

Keep that iPhone6 or 6S Protected and Stylish #1byOne

I have to keep my phone in a good case, especially with two kids who are constantly grabbing it. My son is always listening to his own musical playlist on it and my baby girl is always either reaching for it or knocking it off of something. It has fallen more times than I can count, so I am very picky about the type of case that I want. This is what the front of it looks like This is the back of the case This being said, let me tell you what I think about this particular case from 1byOne.  It's durable, it looks expensive, has storage for your ID or credit/debit, business cards, or a little bit of cash, there is a magnetic closure, and it protects your phone pretty well from drops. Now, it can stand on its side if you position it just right, to watch shows or read on it. It also fits the phone just right and you have access to all of the buttons without any issues. That's pretty important, right?  Do I have any particular issues with this p

Look Stylish And Save Money with SheIn #shein #wishlist

I'm the type of person who loves to find the best deals I possibly can; clothing being one of my favorite things to look for. Have you ever heard of a site called SheIn? Oh my gosh, the clothing on their site is awesome.  They have so many different outfits, with a bit of an Asian flare to them. They have dresses for all different occasions, tops, jackets, skirts, shoes, jewelry, pants, and accessories. Yes, their selection is huge.  My favorite thing about their site is their prices! I honestly couldn't believe how low the prices were for such pretty clothing.  Even better----standard shipping on ALL orders is free if you live in the US! There are some good deals for shipping to other countries as well.  I am dying to show you some of the things that I have come across on their sites. I included some links as well, so that you can hop right on over and purchase if you see something that you like! Here are a few of their dresses: Beige T-shirt Dress     

Now I Take My Kid's Temp Without Even Touching Him #measupro

I remember back in the day when recal and oral thermometers were a thing. I remember those little glass wands being so thin and fragile. A few broke in my house when I was a kid and a tiny ball of mercury came out.  Then came the little digital thermometers and in school they used these things called temp dots that were a thin flimsy plastic with little dots that would change color with your temperature.  Eventually the ear thermometers were a bit more common, still are, in fact, and the forehead thermometers that can be swiped across from temple to temple. (I have a good thermometer from this same company that does both ear and forehead, and I love it). My new thermometer from Measupro is a more futuristic device. I can take my child's temperature without actually placing anything against his skin or in his ear. I can hold it in front of his forehead, aim at the center of his forehead, and BEEP, it tells me whether or not he has a fever.  You just have to

Double Wall Insulated Glasses and They're Huge #serafino #ozeri

My kitchen just got a bit fancier.  When you open up my cabinet of cups and glasses, my newest addition from Ozeri will impress you. Well, they impress my family and friends for sure.  These are some pretty large glasses. I own the two smaller sets of these, so yes I wanted to have these as well. I know people have complained about these glasses breaking, but I've owned the other sets for several months now and NONE have broken or chipped. I think it's just like with any glass-they are all glass and if they fall they might just break.  We actually aren't the most gentle family when it comes to our glassware, but like I said,  I haven't had an issue with any of them breaking. We do both hand wash and have also placed them in the dishwasher. There's really not much that I can say about them being shatterproof, except that the description says that they are.  There are a few things that I really like about these glasses actually. First off, the si