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How to Break Free From a Career You’re Stuck In

  Image credit When you wake up each day, are you pushing the snooze button because you’re just dreading going to work? Do you get a pit in your stomach on Sunday night because you know you’ll be busy and miserable at work the next day? Staring out the office window, dreaming of what else is out there? If you’re feeling like your career isn’t moving forward, you're definitely not alone.  It's frustrating to feel stuck, especially when you know you have more to offer. How are you supposed to crush it at the adult game if your career is making you feel so down? Well, chances are high that this is all due to stagnation in your career, and it’s definitely possible to shake this all off and keep going. But where do you even begin? Well, let’s talk about how you can turn that frustration into fuel and start making meaningful progress. How Feeling Stuck in Your Career Can Be Detrimental In what way can this actually be bad? When you're not actively moving forward or challenging y

Easy Ways To Ease Stress In Your Life

  Stress has a major impact on your personal well-being, especially when it comes to your health. That’s why it’s important to take control of this emotion where you can so that it doesn’t take a toll on your health or your life in general. There are certain areas of stress that you can manage better than most and some that might simply be something to tolerate. With that being said, here are some easy ways to ease stress in your life for 2024 and beyond. Image Source Balance work and life as best as you can First and foremost, take a look at how balanced your work and life is currently. Would you consider yourself to be a bit of a workaholic? If that sounds like you, then it’s a good idea to find ways to reduce it or at least factor in some time to live. You work hard, so you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor as much as possible. Try to find ways to cut back on your workload and learn to say no. It’s practicing this that will help ensure you’re getting that right balan