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#Sterline Electric Toothbrush

Both my husband and I have always been really good about our oral hygiene. We think it's really important to take care of your teeth. Your whole body and overall health can be affected by your oral health. He actually bought us a really expensive brand name electric toothbrush a few months ago and we were using that one everyday. I thought it might be a good idea to try out a different brand, just to see if we might like it.  Well, I ordered this one for us as a Christmas gift. It is from Sterline and it has some really neat features. One of the coolest things about this product is that it has a UV sanitation chamber attached to the base!  Our other one does have this feature. I LOVE that it has this. You can simply remove the head to your toothbrush, stick it in the chamber, it will light up and clean your brush. Then your brush will be clean and ready for the next use.  I think that this is really great because your toothbrush can harbor all

#BookCaseClub An Awesome Subscription Service for Avid Book Readers Like Myself

There seems to be a subscription service for just about everything these days, right? I mean, you hear about beauty, clothes, razors, food, toys, and I even saw a PMS box! Well, a friend of mine mentioned one for people, like myself, who loves books. It is called They have a genre for just about everyone. There is a bookcase for kids, Strange Worlds Case, Teenage Dreams Case, Blind Date Case, Booking for Love Case, Thrill Seeker Case, Cookbooks Case, and Military History Case. You will receive handpicked books every month, based off of what you like, for the low fee of $9.99, plus $5 shipping. They have month to month subscriptions, 3, 6, and 12 month plans too. NICE. This is the first bookcase box that I received.  It is from the Read To Me Kids Case. These are the books that came inside. Both of my kids, one who is 8, and the other who is about to turn 2, love books. They were excited that we now have even more books to add to our col

#Housmile UV Anti-Dustmite Cleaner Review

I'm constantly cleaning my house. Every day, in fact. I live in a pretty big house with two kids, a husband, and my in-laws. Let me tell you---this house gets filled with dust, dirt, food, germs, etc... It is a never ending cleaning cycle. For real. I now own this super cool product that I honestly never knew existed before. It is like a small handheld vacuum like product. It has powerful vibrations to shake out all of those nasty dust mites and lint. It's not too loud when it's on either. The cord is a decent length. I'm able to reach most of a room before having to plug it into a different outlet on the other side. It heats up and has UV sterilization and a HEPA filter! Wow, I know. It has suction cups to keep it in place when going over the furniture.  I've been going over the couch, chairs, beds, blankets, pillows, name it. Then, I just remove the filter and clean it out. I'm not kidding when I sat that I w