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#BookCaseClub An Awesome Subscription Service for Avid Book Readers Like Myself

There seems to be a subscription service for just about everything these days, right? I mean, you hear about beauty, clothes, razors, food, toys, and I even saw a PMS box! Well, a friend of mine mentioned one for people, like myself, who loves books.
It is called

They have a genre for just about everyone. There is a bookcase for kids, Strange Worlds Case, Teenage Dreams Case, Blind Date Case, Booking for Love Case, Thrill Seeker Case, Cookbooks Case, and Military History Case.

You will receive handpicked books every month, based off of what you like, for the low fee of $9.99, plus $5 shipping. They have month to month subscriptions, 3, 6, and 12 month plans too.

This is the first bookcase box that I received.  It is from the Read To Me Kids Case.

These are the books that came inside. Both of my kids, one who is 8, and the other who is about to turn 2, love books. They were excited that we now have even more books to add to our collection. 

Such a cute collection of books handpicked for them! 
What I love most about this sub service is the fact that I may have never known about the books if they hadn't been sent to me. I think it's nice to be surprised like that every month. 
I highly recommend this service if you like that sort of thing too.

Learn more and join here.
Use the code , SPIDER15 to get 15% off!

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Disclaimer: I received these books in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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