Prebiotic Fiber Gummies for Adults

I started reading up on probiotics a few years ago, but only recently learned about prebiotics. Have you heard of either?
Basically, they both help you keep your gut healthy. That's very important if you want to feel your best, right?

For those of you who still have no idea what I'm talking about. Okay, so probiotics are good bacteria  that you can take in tablet, capsule, gummy, or liquid form to add healthy flora to your body. Prebiotics are what feed that good bacteria, fertilizer. So, we already have good and bad bacteria in our bodies, but it's a great idea to take both of these types of things. Sadly, probiotics don't always survive so many of those products have to be stored a certain way or refrigerated. Many of them are killed off by our stomach acids. Prebiotics are better in the fact that they don't die off like that. When taken, they help increase your amount of good bacteria that is already in there.
I've read so much about the benefits to your health and life, and I have always wanted to try prebiotics myself.

These are prebiotic gummies!! For grown ups!

Unlike many gummies that are gelatin free, these are actually vegan! They are pectin based. 
The flavor is red apple and although they are sugar free, they taste delicious. Yum.

 They are  gluten free, nut free, and have no artificial colors or preservatives. 
They have 40 gummies in one bottle and are fairly inexpensive, especially for the amount of benefits that they are supposed to give you when taken daily. 

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.


Holidays with #Hive Smart Devices in My Home

How did I ever live without my awesome #hive products? I'm serious! 

So, I've had the Hive active thermostat, the door/window sensors, the plug, and the smart bulbs for a few months now and I love everything about them. 

I've mentioned them before, but here's a recap in case you missed it.

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This is the hub. It's small, easy to connect and it fits right next to my router, modem, and cable box. It's what keeps all of my smart devices communicating with one another. 

Image may contain: phone
This is my futuristic looking thermostat. I've never had such a cool looking one. It is touch screen, which is beyond awesome, and you turn the knob to change the temperature and to cycle through certain functions in the menu.
It can be set on a schedule so that you have it on and off, hot or cold, at certain times throughout the week.
How has it helped me in my life lately?

Let me tell you a quick little story. 

A few weeks ago I was away from home with my husband and kiddos while the in-laws stayed in the house for the holidays. They could not figure out how to use the new thermostat, (and there was going to be a cold front during the time we were gone). They were freaking out a little, so believe me, we were all pretty excited that all I had to do was control the temperature from the app on my phone even though I was several miles away!!! I made sure they stayed warm and cozy in my home! Everyone was happy. If they got too warm, they were able to just let me know and I could adjust it for them from where I was. I could never do that without my Hive products.

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I have two of these smart bulbs in my house. I have one in the front room of my house and one upstairs in my bedroom. The lights are great because I can dim them or change the color tone. I can also have those set so they turn on and off at a certain time or at the push of a button. Works great for security reasons when we're gone as well. 

What I really love about having one in my upstairs bedroom is the fact that while I do have a baby monitor camera for when my daughter sleeps, I can do so much more now. When I see that she has woken up in the middle of the night, I can now turn on my lamp near her bed, all from downstairs. 
Trust me. It's a lifesaver.

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As for the plug, I will be plugging in my Christmas lights on the Christmas tree and set a timer so they are only on for a certain amount of time each night, and won't run up my bill.
I did use it for Thanksgiving with my slow cooker, since I had to run out of the house for a bit. I was able to set it to turn off at a certain time. The food in the slow cooker came out perfect by the time everyone arrived. 
It's so great that you can set a schedule through the app so that they turn on and turn off at the times I choose.

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I also love that I get alerts whenever my front and back door are opened and closed too. That's great for whenever I'm home because of the kids or when I'm away. I like to know when and if anyone is coming in or out of my house. 

There are actually quite a few other smart products available from Hive available that I have not tried yet, and they are also able to be controlled via the free Hive app on your phone, tablet, or computer. 
Check out this link for more info on all of their products

Connect with Hive


Disclaimer: Hive sent me these products complimentary in exchange for my unbiased review.


Welcome to The Reading Kingdom

I have been homeschooling my son since he was very young. I taught him how to read by the age of three , but even so I always try and find new activities, workbooks, online programs, and other projects to add onto his curriculum. I want to make sure he is always learning in new ways so that it doesn't all get too boring. 

The Reading Kingdom is a really good program (It's won quite a few awards, in fact!) and is geared toward kids ages 4-10, and it helps teach them to read and write and comprehend at a 3rd grade level. Although my son can read well past a fifth grade level and then some, I found this program to be good practice, it was entertaining, and kept him busy. I do recommend it especially for children struggling to read and even for children who can read well. It's great stimulation for their ever developing brains. They benefit most from the program by working on it at least four times a week.

My two and a half year old was actually repeating the words that popped onto the screen. I loved that!! I think it's important to get the little ones reading as early as possible.

Product Details

* It uses the Six Skill Integrated Method developed by a doctor named Marion Blank from Columbia University
*Children learn at their own pace
*Adapts to each child
*Can work on virtually any computer, tablet, Android, apple device with working internet connection
*Parents can keep track of their child(ren)'s progress with emails that are sent to their inbox or by simply logging in and reviewing their progress reports on their own.

You can learn more by visiting their website.

Connect with The Reading Kingdom

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary temporary membership in exchange for my unbiased review.

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Minikiki Phone Ring Holder Set

I use my phone a lot during the day, for doing reviews, surfing the internet, reading recipes, watching tutorials, and even video chatting. 

I was recently sent a small phone holder with a metal ring that can be stuck onto the back of my phone. 

You can stand your phone vertically by turning the ring one way. 

 It can stand horizontally by turning the ring slightly more.
You can also slip the ring onto your finger while holding the phone to give you a better grip on it.

It also came with a little base piece so that I can attach that part to the dashboard of my car for GPS, seeing who's calling, etc. That little plastic piece can also be attached to a desk, table, fridge, wall, side of a computer tower, or wherever I want to hang my phone. The adhesive works so well and will not budge. My phone actually stays in place. 
 If you really have to remove the base piece, then you can always buy more 3M adhesive stickers at a craft store or Walmart, stick that on the back and reuse. 

This pack comes with two ring holders, two base pieces, and also a lanyard that attaches to your phone with a small, thin rope loop. 

That loop can detach from the lanyard with the push of a button. 
Overall, the products are all very nice, sturdy, and something I could see myself using often.

Here is a short video review on these products:

Here is a 10 % off code for my followers: 9563MQEK

You can buy this set on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.


Full Sized Magnetic Lashes

Let's talk eyelashes, okay?
I know I posted up a few videos on my YouTube channel, but not sure if I've really talked about them on here.
I am in love with the concept of magnetic lashes.


Well, first off, when compared to glue-on lashes, they are entirely mess free. I don't have to worry about getting lash glue into my eyes or in my contact lenses, on my face, or clothes. No irritation or frustration. 
I mean, come on, it really shouldn't take all day to get those on right. Right? Although, I'm sure there are some glue lash pros out there. I've seen videos. 
I am not one of those people. 
I do love the way falsies look on several people, so I also wouldn't mind wearing them from time to time. I want them to be as easy as possible though. 
Magnetic lashes like these that are full length do take a bit of practice to learn how to put on, but once you get the hang of it, it's not a pain. 
They look really dramatic too and I love full, dramatic lashes. 

These particular ones do have two magnets on each lash. There are a total of four lashes--two for each eye. One sits on top of your lash and one sits right underneath your real lash. I find it easiest to curl my real lashes, apply a very light coat of mascara, lightly bend the magnetic lash in a u-shape (optional), and sit it on top. Make sure to line it up as closely as you can to your real eyelash line. Then, slowly lift the matching lash and line up the magnets. Yes, it may take a few tries, but practice makes perfect. 

You can store them inside of the nice little magnetic compact that they come in. They are definitely reusable, but you should try to store them every time you are done using them, and keep them as clean as possible. By doing that, they should last you a long time. No need to keep buying them over and over, like I had to do with the kind that you glue on. Saves you some money for sure. 

I really like them a lot.

They are available for purchase here.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 


Urban Accents Spice Duo

I'm a total vegan foodie, as most people close to me know. I am definitely all for trying new spices to make sure my food is never boring. I started using these two spice blends from @urbanaccentsspices and they are seriously so good.

This gift set comes with a pair---Chicago Steak and Chop and Fisherman's Wharf. 

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Don't let the name fool you! Although it says steak on the label, you can easily use this seasoning to flavor other types of food as well. I really like the way that tastes on a variety of vegetables and even vegan faux meats.

Image may contain: food and indoor

 I used it the other day on some vegan chicken fajitas with veggies. It was delicious. The one thing I was surprised about was the fact that you don't have to use much seasoning. It seems like when I used some other brands I have to keep on sprinkling it onto my food. With this one, all you truly need is a couple shakes.

Image may contain: drink

 I used this Fisherman's Wharf one mixed into my vegan crab cakes and yes!! Great too. Sorry no picture. We ate those up a little too quickly. 
Herbs and lemony flavor.

 I plan on using these two blends often and I can't wait to try them with some other recipes.
If you know any chefs or foodies or just anyone who likes to spend some time in the kitchen, this set would make such a great gift for the holidays. 

Use the code, "GIFTFLAVOR" on their website for 10% Off Gift Sets through 12/20/17.

Disclaimer: I received this set in exchange for my unbiased review.


New Book By Ryan Traynor--Dislosure 4 (Chapter 2)

Sorry for the delayed post guys. I've been working on a lot of things at once...Here is the beginning of the next chapter of my husband's book.
Thank you to all of you who have been taking the time to read it all :)
Yes, it's still a work in progress, so editing still has to be done.
Don't forget to share with your friends and comment below with any questions or suggestions

If you are new to reading this, you can go to 
Chapter 1 
post 1

Chapter 2

Charlie and Mike set out for the Archuleta Mesa early the next morning hoping to make the most of the day. They headed south on I-25 and then cut west towards the treacherous mountain passes along the Colorado New Mexico border. It had been many years since Charlie had driven through such treacherous terrain, which made him nervous as Mike whipped around mountainside curves.
Despite the reckless driving, Charlie couldn’t help but to take in the majestic awe inspiring scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains unfolding before them. There truly was nowhere else quite like it. And even though the land looked beautifully pristine, a darkness lay hidden within the picturesque landscape. Beneath the stretch of terrain between the Archuleta Mesa and Dulce, New Mexico were secrets. Bizarre secrets that went beyond the pale horse.
In 1979, Phil Schneider worked as a geologist and an engineer for the U.S. military in an underground military installation, which was under construction near the Archuleta Mesa.  He helped oversee deep earth excavations using laser technologies that pulverized and melted right through solid rock in order to expand the base. As the laser drilled downward, it eventually punctured a subterranean chamber.
Now, Phil had helped create vast underground complexes in different parts of the country as well as submarine facilities using reverse engineered alien tech. The covert bases were immense and connected by single rail maglev trains that traveled at supersonic levels. They could travel at Mach 2, which is twice the speed of sound and roughly 1500 mph. There were hundreds of these underground bases in the U.S. alone and thousands scattered across the globe.
When the subterranean chamber was infiltrated noxious “sooty” gases poured outward from the large hole created by the boring machine. Phil was lowered down into the chamber in an enclosed suit similar to a space suit equipped complete with a sidearm. After his descent into the opening, he came upon a seven foot tall grey alien that smelled extraordinarily foul like a demon out of the depths of hell. Alarmed, Phil struggled to get at pistol out of its holster impeded by the suit. Regardless, he popped in a clip convinced of their hostile intentions and successfully shot off a few rounds taking out two of the grey aliens on the spot.
One of them waved its hand and shot him with what appeared to be a bolt of blue lightning, which ripped open him wide open and severed a couple fingers right from his hand. Injured and in grave danger, Phil slipped in and out of consciousness as he was pulled from the chamber by green berets who proceeded to engage the aliens in a firefight. Sixty-six people associated with the government died in the skirmish.
According to Schneider, this sparked off an ongoing military conflict between humans and the underground aliens who had been encamped below the surface for hundreds of years. He also claimed that most of the world’s population would be eliminated by 2029, which would coincide with an alien invasion and takeover. The leftover population of humans would be enslaved. This was frightening because only catastrophic global disaster could actually wipe out the vast majority of people on earth.
He also repeated the same stories involving human beings being used like cattle and the other alien agendas. Moreover, there had been multiple attempts on his life and an attempt to kidnap his daughter before he was found dead of what was ultimately described as a stroke. At the time of his death he was terminally ill dying of cancer .
Charlie was transfixed by the story, aware of the criticisms, and had always wanted to check out the general vicinity of the mesa. After they finally made it to the mesa, they still weren’t sure if they wanted to drive all the way to Dulce or not. Mike looked upward and without warning yelled, “Holy shit!”
As if right on cue, a shiny metal object appeared in the big blue cloudless sky.
“What’s up man?” Charlie responded wide eyed.
“Look,” he cried excitedly pointing at it through the windshield. The object did seem to be quite high in the upper atmosphere, but did not resemble an airplane simply because it was far too round.
“Try not to lose it.” Charlie ordered sitting forward in his seat craning his neck to get the best possible view.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Mike chuckled, “I got this.”
“I think it’s getting closer.”

Both men jumped in their seats when they heard sirens sound loudly behind them.

To be continued...