I Love My #MAANGE Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit

I have more makeup brushes than I can count these days. I love playing around with them and trying to do different things with each brush. The not so fun part is having to clean them.

I was never very good at cleaning them as often as possible, but ever since I started using cleaning mats, special cleaners, and other products that make cleaning brushes easier and less of a pain in the butt, I've gotten so much better.

I have a really nice cleaning kit that I started using a few days ago. It is by #MAANGE, which is a company that makes a ton of really good beauty products, many of which I have had the chance to actually try out. 

This is what my cleaning kit looks like:

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The kit includes:
*Pink cleaning mat
*Metal tin with cleaning sponge
*Brush drying tower

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I LOVE everything in this kit!!
The tower holds up to 26 brushes of various sizes. For regular brushes, you should hang them upside down to dry so you won't ruin the glued part of the handle. Also, you can store other kinds of brushes, including oval shaped brushes. For those, since the wand part is more flat, I stick those into the top of the tower instead of upside down. 
The tower actually comes apart in three pieces and is extremely simple to assemble. I like that it comes apart.

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I had never used one of these metal tins before and was pleasantly surprised with how it works. So, basically, you can use it to clean off dry powder makeup like eye shadow or blush, etc. It's good also, if you only have a couple of brushes and you are switching from one shade to the next. Once the sponge gets too dirty, you can hand wash it and let it air dry.

The cleaning mat has little suction cups on the bottom of it, so what I like to do, as shown in the first picture above, is stick it along the inside of my sink, and add a bit of soap or brush cleanser and scrub my brushes under a bit of running water. The cleaning mat has a variety of textured bumps to thoroughly clean each brush. Then, again, just hand wash the mat and air dry. 

It's a wonderful set. I'm very pleased with it. The entire set can be taken while traveling, which is very convenient. 

Here's my video review:

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Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. 


Healed by Grace 2: Ten Days of Grace Trailer and Giveaway #HealedByGrace2L3

Have you ever watched the movie, Healed by Grace? Well, part 2 is
available now on digital. It will be available on DVD on Sep. 18, 2018.
I was given the chance to watch part 2, and I wanted to tell you guys more about it.

Details about the Movie

Studio: Blended Planet
Genre: family/ drama
Rating: NR All Ages 
Run time: 1:32
Talent: Sean Young, Kennedy Martin, Natalie Weese, David Matthew Weese


Jesse is approaching her 15th birthday and the only gift she desires is a horse. Unbeknownst to Jesse, her mother Brandy is in the throes of a cancer diagnosis which has Jesse’s father jumping through unexpected obstacles. He signs Jesse up for summer camp, but when summer camp falls through he decides to have her stay with her estranged grandfather, an old gruff horse trainer named Gauff. Gauff, still recovering from the death of a special horse named Grace, now faces the challenges of teen negotiation. Gauff finds he must swallow his pride and ask his daughter Brandy for forgiveness. A humorous and inspiring story of how God’s grace works in mysterious ways.

Here's a couple trailers for you guys:

I watched the movie with my daughter yesterday and it was a pretty nice film. It's extremely family friendly. It's one of those films that makes you stop to think about your own relationships with your relatives. I come from a big family, was raised by my mom and grandmother, and never really got to know my biological dad until I was close to my thirties.
I feel like I can relate to the characters in the film a little in that aspect. 

If you like movies about horses, with a bit of humor, and a happy ending, I think you'll like this one as much as we did. 

You can purchase the movie on either of the two sites below

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Healed by Grace 1 + 2 DVD Giveaway 
Ends 9/9/2018 at 12 A.M. CST


Disclaimer: Giveaway is sponsored by Lev3l 3 and they will ship prize out to the winner.


Youphoria Microfiber Towel Review

When it comes to towels, which kind do YOU like to use?
I've grown really fond of using microfiber towels over regular towels, for several different things. 
Have you ever tried those?

Check out this one that I received from Youphoria

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Why do I love this towel so much??
First off, do you see how big it is? It's also pretty thin. You can roll it up and carry it in the little black mesh pouch that it comes in. I also LOVE the color of this particular towel. 
Also, as it shows in the picture above, it's perfect for swimming, at the beach, gym time, and hiking with. 
However, my most favorite thing to use these types of towels for is for drying my hair!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup

It's just the right size for my hair, as you can tell. Greatest thing is that is dries my hair and does not leave it tangled and frizzy. Now, that tends to happen when I use regular bath towels. Before, I started actually using t-shirts to dry my hair because the regular towels were making my hair look terrible. 
No more of that, unless both my towels are dirty... and yes, they are washer and dryer safe!
I have two different microfiber towels that I alternate between because they are seriously a godsend. 
I'm serious folks. You should definitely try it out. Hang them out to dry and they dry pretty quickly.

Here's a quick video review on this product:

You can purchase this product here. 

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. 


Make Your Yard More Beautiful With Hedgescapes

I am constantly adding new touches to my home, both inside and outside of the house. Lately, I've been really focusing on sprucing up the front yard. I saw all of these really cute products and ideas on Hedgescapes. 

Hedgescapes makes having a gorgeous garden or yard super easy. With their artificial plants and other decor you can add to or completely transform your place. The artificial plants are excellent if you have areas that have poor growth, or are unable to get adequate sunlight and water for real plants. It's obviously less maintenance as well. Not everyone has the time to prune and care for their plants often, you know what I mean?

A ton of images popped into my head while I was browsing the site and I couldn't wait to get started on my yard.

Check out my new buddies that I received for review

Image may contain: shoes

These guys are the cutest!!! I love that I have three of them. These gnomes are each 16.5" tall and are pretty sturdy. They look like wood and feel like stone. Very well made. 

I decided to put one of them in front of a tree in my yard. I love the way he looks there!

Here's a deal for my readers:

  Visit the site and use the code BLOGGER10 to get 10% off, except for on custom orders.

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

I put the other two near a few of our plants, but I'll probably move them again. As you can see the ground is a bit patchy there and I want to clean all that up. I'll probably plant some new flowers and add some more big stones to pretty it all up. Perhaps I'll order some artificial greenery from Hedgescapes in the near future to take care of that! 

Here's my video review:

If you're looking for artificial boxwood hedges, walls, signs, topiaries, and more, Hedgescapes is the perfect place to look.  
They have products not only for your home, but also great if you have your own commercial 
The company uses this incredible technology, providing outdoor products that are UV stable and indoor products that are flame retardant. 

Advanced Feature

Connect with Hedgescapes

What types of things have you done to spruce up your own yard or home? Feel free to comment below! I love hearing from my readers.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.


QueenContacts Skinny Hezle Brown Lens Review

Welcome back to my blog! Here is yet another pair of lenses from QueenContacts.  Here is  link my Innovision 3tone Luxury Aqua lens review. 

These new lenses are called Skinny Hezle Brown. 

These are a more pale brown color than my other brown lenses and they have speckly gray in the middle. 

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Details on these lenses:
  • 14.5 mm diameter
  • 8.8 base curve
  • Duration is 12 months
  • Comes with a free lens case

No lens in left eye, lens in right eye

Hezle Gray lens (left eye) vs Hezle Brown lens (right eye)

They are in the same lens product line, so they are the same size, just different shades. These two are the most comfortable lenses out of all the lenses that I own from this site. I love that they give me a dolly eye effect since they are huge. 

Here is my video review:

Love these lenses? You can find them here. They are also available in green, pink, violet, gray, and blue.

Visit their website

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QueenContacts Innovision 3tone Luxury Aqua Lens Review

Here's my last pair that I received from QueenContacts.  Read my last post on my Barbara Gray lenses here. 

These are called Innovision or Innocolor 3tone Luxury Aqua.

They are definitely a very dramatic shade, on dark or light eyes. 

No, these don't look very natural on me, but I love a completely different look every now and then. 
Sometimes I want something far from natural!

Details on these lenses:

  • 14.5 mm diameter
  • 8.8 mm base curve
  • 14.0 graphic diameter
  • duration is 6 months
  • Includes free plastic case

Lens in left eye, no lens in right eye

Skinny Hezle Gray Lens (left eye) vs Innovision 3tone Luxury Aqua Lens (right eye)
You can see the difference in the graphics near the center of the lens in that picture. 
How's the comfort level in these? Not bad at all. Eye drops help, but don't need to use them too much.

Here's my video review:

You can find these lenses here. These are also available in blue, hazel, brown, white gray, dark gray, green, sapphire, and violet.

I'm blown away by the selection of beautiful lenses that they have available. 

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Disclaimer: I received these lenses in exchange for my unbiased review. 


QueenContacts Barbara Gray Lens Review

I have another beautiful pair of lenses from QueenContacts. You can find my last review on my Skinny Hezle Gray lenses here.

The ones below are called Barbara Gray.

These are lighter than my other pair of gray lenses. They are more of a pale bluish-gray.

 You can still see the brown from my natural eye color in the center. I really like this color. Also, these lenses do make my eyes stand out a lot more and look bigger. 

Details on these lenses:

  • 14.3 mm diameter
  • 8.8 mm base curve
  • 12.6 graphic diameter
  • Comes with a free lens case and plastic pinchers
  • lasts 12 months

Lens in left eye, no lens in right eye

Barbara Gray (left eye) vs Innovision 3tone Luxury Aqua (right eye)

My Barbara Gray lenses are fairly comfortable. I do find myself using rewetting drops occasionally, but not too often. 

Here's a video review I made:

You can purchase these lenses here. They are also available in blue, green, brown, and gray.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, don't forget to check out their website. I love the large variety of lenses that they have to pick from. Prescribed, non-prescribed, and toric lenses for everyday wear or costume wear. 

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Disclaimer: I received these lenses in exchange for my unbiased review.