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My Laundry Detergent of Choice For Sensitive Skin  #DreftSpring and #giveaway!

When my son was a baby, he had very sensitive skin. I did my best to make sure the I used gentle products on his skin. I started using Dreft laundry detergent whenever I washed his clothing, blankets, bibs, etc. I loved the scent and his skin was never irritated.  Now the I have baby number two, there was no need to search for something new. I remembered how well the products worked years ago, so I didn't hesitate to want to use on her things as well.  Right now, with Spring here, allergens are at an all time high, and many kids rush out to play outdoors and are affected. It's imperative to parents to find products that can make both our children's lives are our lives just a bit more comfortable. I love that Dreft makes products that are hypoallergenic. It has been one of the number 1 laundry detergents of choice out there for several years. It is perfect for babies and also adults and children with sensitive skin. They have a specific formula for newborn babi

OMG Greek Pistachios Are Amazingly Delicious #hellasfarms

Ever since I went vegan, I've been making sure to include a variety of healthy nuts and seeds into my diet. They're not just great for snacking on-I actually like to use them in a lot of different recipes.  Normally I eat a lot of cashews and almonds, but I also like pistachios as well.  Hellas Farms Greek Pistachios are so good.  These particular ones are slow roasted with a bit of Greek sea salt and the taste is delicious. They have just the right amount of flavor to them. They're good for you and they have no artificial anything. I love that. I've eaten quite a few different brands of pistachios and these have got to be some of the best ones that I've tried. I was eating these straight out of the bag, but then I decided to remove the shells from all of the nuts in one pack, grind them up, and use them on top of a vegan chocolate cake, with chocolate avocado frosting, that I made from scratch.  It was seriously a great idea. The pistachios made t

The Quest For Beautiful Skin #timeless

This last pregnancy wreaked some serious havoc on my skin. One minute I had that beautiful pregnancy glow, then it kept getting so oily, then I started breaking out, then it was just a mess. In the end, I ended up looking like I had aged a bit. My pregnancy was more than a bit stressful, so honestly, I'm not surprised.  Well it's been over 11 months since I had her and I'm only now starting to be able to repair the visible damage. Two things that I used to use on a regular basis, before I was pregnant, was Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid. Holy grail products, if you can find a pure formula. Some companies claim theirs is the best, but you might be getting something lacking, and watered down. The true test, of course, is the results, and in my opinion, how quickly you are them. I've been using a set of Hyaluronic Acid Serum 100% and Pure + 20% Vitamin C+E Ferulic Acid Serum from Timeless and I'm ecstatic about it. They are working! My skin i

#Ozeri Brezza Desk Fan that Oscillates

You've heard me mention all of the nice fans that I have in several of the rooms in my house. Yes, I have to have more than one. It's a huge necessity where I live. Of course we have central air conditioning, but one smart tip that I have always followed is to keep a few fans running in the house to circulate the cool air and cut down on electricity costs.  It really works.  I have big tower fans in most of the rooms, but now I have this smaller fan in my kitchen, on the counter by the stove. Why hadn't I done that before? I cook and bake all the time and sometimes the kitchen would get sweltering hot and make me being in the kitchen almost unbearable for long periods of time.  This fan is small, but it works just fine. It has three speeds, is not very loud, and it also oscillates like the bigger fans do. I've never had a desk fan that can oscillate. You can tilt the fan as well. Also, it comes with mounting screws so that you can attach it t

Win 3 Neutralyze Acne Kits and Other Great Prizes! Garden Of Giveaways 4/11-4/25

I just love giveaways. Don't you? I know I haven't been doing as many as I used to, so here is a good one. How many of you still have issues with acne? Have you tried Neutralyze before? It's made to target moderate to sever acne quickly.  It comes with face wash, a spot treatment, and synergyzer. The 3 product system reduces inflammation, works to reduce or e liminate cystic acne, pimples, whiteheads, blemishes, blackheads, acne scars and post acne marks. rosacea,  folliculitis,   eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and razor bumps. Overall, it is supposed to help your skin look better. Well, guess what? You can win a THREE month supply by entering the giveaway below.  That's a $120 value! Maybe you don't need the kit for yourself, but know someone that could use it? Would make a nice gift. Garden of Giveaways Hop Free to enter. Must be 18 or older and reside in the U.S.  Winner will be contacted via email. If the above giveaway l

My Baby is 11 Months Old

So my baby girl is getting so big. Well, compared to her tiny, slightly over 4 lb premature body! She is still a petite baby, but she now weighs almost 18 lbs. It might not sound like much, but she's growing. She is so active. Not quite walking unassisted yet, but she has trued to take a step here and there. She loses her nerve and goes back to crawling each time. She does cruise along anything and everything though, and she walks very fast with her push toy. Any day now...oh gosh, and then she'll be running! Slow down...too fast. She is mimicking me so mug these days too. She can hold her phone to her ear, she babbles into mine often when people call, she can put in a hat by herself, she works the remote and looks at the t.v. while doing it, and she knows how to shake her head no. She says mama, dada, gaga, baba. Her brain is amazing. Oh, and she knows how to say "Moo" when asked what the cow says. I am still signing to her every day and singing and reading to he

What Made Me Fall In Love With Breastfeeding

I love La Leche League. They are great for providing information and all kids of resources to new and old moms when it comes to breastfeeding. As many of May know, I'm a huge advocate of breastfeeding. I did it for 15 months with my son years ago, and am currently on month 11 with my daughter. I saw this photo on their facebook page and thought it would make for a good post. Breastfeeding is not the easiest thing for every mom to do. I completely understand it. I've been there. There were many tears in the beginning with both babies, but I powered through it. I had the same lactation consultant, by coincidence, with both babies (7 years apart), and she helped so much. I love it so much. I absolutely adore the looks both babies gave me during a feeding. My baby girl currently gives me these faces that melt my heart. I love the smiles and giggles too. Sometimes in the middle of nursing, my daughter will just start giggling and then I'll start doing the same and it'll

I Just Love The Outfits and Shoes From #Pinkbasis

You guys know I love my shoes...I wish I could have a huge closet with tons of shelves filled with heels, boots, and sneakers. Oh my gosh. Dream closet!  Yeah, I'm no celebrity, so the closet might have to wait, but I can still stock up on tons of shoes anyway, right? Let me tell you all about Pinkbasis . The shoes are fabulous.  I mean it.  Take a look at these sneakers. Grey Spike Studded Lace Up Flat Sneakers Brand name is Misbehave and I can understand why. Look at those spikes! They are a bit sharp, so I'll have to make sure to be careful and not accidentally kick anything. Or anyone.  I picked the color grey since I don't own any other grey sneakers. I think these are the coolest sneakers I've ever owned. They're cute. They're bold. They're mean. Ha. They're just my style.  Onto the next pair. Gladiator sandals are totally in right now. I've seen several models and actresses wearing these in magazines and on t.

Nursing Comfortably in my #Mamaway #nursingbra

I'm all about wearing comfortable clothing these days. Major plus if it's especially comfortable for nursing.  This bra from Mamaway brings a smile to my face because not only does it fit nicely, it has a clasp on either strap, that can be released and a piece of fabric comes down so I my baby can be nursed easily.  Yes. Great product. The one that I received is a lavender shade. I like that because my other nursing bras were only available in tan and black.  This is a nice change. It's a pretty color.  What else is nice about it? Well, it's seamless and it's wireless. It's lightly padded, and if padding is not for you, you can remove those too. This bra is nice for nursing women but it can also be worn by pregnant women as well.  The fabric stretches up a couple of cup sizes. Very, very nice.  This product is available for purchase  here. #mamaway #nursingbra I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

Carole P. Roman Kindle Fire, Rocket-Bye book and Can A Princess Be A Firefighter giveaway #CarolePRomanBooks #KindleFire

Welcome to the Carole P. Roman Kindle Fire, Rocket-Bye book and Can A Princess Be A Firefighter giveaway. Hosted by Carole P. Roman , Away We Go Media, Julie Gerber of Hits and Misses , and Naila Moon of J ust the Stuff Ya Know . Carole P. Roman has some of the cutest children's books! Have you had the chance to read any of them yet? I think that your kids will love them too. My son is actually reading one of Carole's books right now--no joke, Check out this very cool giveaway! Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2012 for her first book, award winning author Carole P. Roman started writing as a dare from one of her sons. Using an imaginary game she played with her grandson as a base, Captain No Beard was born."Captain No Beard- An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life" has not only been named to Kirkus Best of 2012, it received the Star of Exceptional Merit, and won the Pinnacle Award for 2012.  Following up this series is yet another award w

How to Get Your Dog Ready for Boarding

No matter how much you love your dog, you can't always take your little furry friend with you on vacation. Dog boarders offer luxurious accommodations for pets that will make them feel comfortable and completely at home until you get back from your trip. When choosing facility for dog boarding Fenton MI pet owners and dog owners from other states should always take some steps to ensure their pets are ready for boarding. Regardless of how long your trip lasts, you want to make sure that your dog feels safe there and that you meet all the rules of the facility. Prepare Your Pet's Records Most dog boarders require that pets brought in have all their vaccinations up to date and that those pets have a clean bill of health from a veterinarian. Contact your vet at least one week before your schedule drop off time to request those records. Though some centers let you turn in those records when you drop your dog off, others request a copy before your dog arrives. This lets

Round And Round We Go #Ozeri 360 Oscillation Tower Fan

The blazing heat is on it's way again. Actually, where I live, we didn't have much of a winter, so I guess I should just say that the heat is still here. We use fans pretty much year round in my house, along with central AC. Having a fan in each room just helps circulate the cool air, and believe me, it's much appreciated. This new fan that I have downstairs looks pretty futuristic, doesn't it? It's the Ozeri 360 Oscillation Tower Fan with micro blade noise reduction technology.  Ozeri always has the coolest fans. I have a few other tower fans from them, but I think that this one might be my favorite. It's a bit shorter than the others and still performs as well. It also doesn't take up much room. It comes in pieces. The base simply needs to be popped on the bottom and there are screws to attach it. It really only takes a few minutes to do. It also comes with a tiny remote, battery for the remote, and the instruction manual. The remote is