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Cat Eye Glasses Discount Giveaway! Ends 5/7/2014!

Do you love vintage fashion? Do you own a pair of cat eye glasses? If not, would you like to get a pair? I don't have any yet, but I would love to own my own pair! Well, you're just in luck if you would like to, because 5 lucky winners will be chosen randomly to get a $30 discount, sorry this doesn't include shipping, to use toward a pair of Vintage Cat Eye Glasses from my favorite online eyeglasses store, Firmoo . The code can only be used once, and although the code does not include shipping or add-ons, their shipping fees are extremely reasonable! This is where you can pick your glasses from: Vintage Cat Eye Glasses Here are a few of the glasses that they have available at the link above Do you like a pair of glasses, but not sure how they'll look on you? Don't worry- Firmoo actually has a   Virtual Try-On System   How cool is that? I've actually used it before and liked the way I looked in my pair. And then I got them and was happ

Night Scream by Morgan Hannah MacDonald Book Review

I get so excited whenever I get the chance to read an author's book for free, in exchange for my own review. I just finished reading a book called, " Night Scream " . Title: Night Scream  Author: Morgan Hannah MacDonald Genre:   Romantic Thriller  Synopsis:   NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU SCREAM While a serial killer terrorizes a small mountain town, a Sheriffs Deputy is forced to work with an FBI agent to hunt down the evil sadistic killer.  HE'S WATCHING Cody Thomas is an FBI agent working the Violent Crimes Unit in Los Angeles, California when he takes a week off to decompress in his hometown of Big Bear. Jilly Reid has left the Central Homicide Unit of San Bernardino and moved up the mountain to her hometown of Big Bear to get away from death and her cheating ex-husband. HE'S WAITING No sooner does Cody arrive in town when he runs into Jilly, a girl he knew in high school. But there's no time to reminisce, she's in a hurry. An

Purex Crystals Lavender Blossom Dryer Sheets Review and Giveaway! Ends 5/10/2014!

More laundry goodies!   I was just sent a box of Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets to try out and review. Remember the Purex Crystals laundry refresher I talked about in my other post? Well, these are fabric softener sheets !  About This Product: They reduce static cling Provide 30 days of long-lasting freshness Repel pet hair  Repel lint Can be used to freshen up drawers, cabinets, closets, laundry rooms, storage spaces, etc. (just slip a sheet inside somewhere and leave it there) Comes in Lavender Blossom and Fresh Spring Waters scents They have a stronger fragrance than previous Purex fabric softener sheets My Thoughts on This Product: The FIRST thing that I noticed about them is that I could smell them through the packaging! They smelled really good and really strong.  (Sadly, the actual box inside that I received was falling apart, but it probably happened during shipping. This didn't affect the product whatsoever...) I

Weigh Yourself On This-MIRA Instant On Digital Scale Product Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. I've really been wanting to get a good scale that I could keep in the bathroom and weigh myself every morning after I get up. I didn't want a traditional scale, I wanted a digital scale but they were all so pricey. Lucky for me, I was given a digital scale from MIRA for free, in exchange for an honest review. I jumped at the opportunity. About This Product Reliable, accurate reading Slim, flat design Large blue lighted display that is very easy to display High precision sensors that weigh you as soon as you step onto it Display your weight in pounds, kilos, or stones Can measure up to 330 lbs or 150 kilos Requires four AAA batteries 2 yr manufacturer's warranty included Bright blue, clear display What this scale looks like on the bottom. Hard to see, but there is a tiny button in the center part at the top that you can press to switch from pounds to kilos to stones.

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. I received this free full sized tube of ADOVIA Purifying Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask ($30 value) a few days ago to review.  I was interested in trying this product out because I've always heard a ton of good things about products that use Dead Sea Salt. I have also heard that getting a Dead Sea Mud Facial at an actual spa can be really pricey.  My package arrived very quickly and in perfect, brand new condition.  About This Product: According to the company, this product  Tightens your skin and purify your pores Gives you a younger complexion Reduces acne/pimples Is great for oily skin, eczema, blackheads and psoriasis Has over 21 minerals in it that go into your skin with each use that help you have healthier skin Equals about 30 sessions of getting a Dead Sea Mask Facial at a spa This product is formulated with Dead Sea Black Mud, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Olive

Where did all of those extra posts come from???

So if you regularly follow my blog, you might have noticed that several posts popped up in my google feed. I had more than one blog and since I spend waaaay more time on this one so I just merged the two together. If you haven't read them--they aren't reviews or giveaways, just me rambling on about things in my life and such... Feel free to go back and read them if ya want. Anyway, I have so many reviews to get started on that will be posted in the next few weeks. I have a scale, a kitchen scale, some Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Adovia dead sea soap, Adovia dead sea mask, Hyperbiotics, Raspberry Ketones, two books I have to read, coffee, and another Purex giveaway. I'm definitely being kept busy, busy, busy! Like I said before--I Love it though :)

Kid's Academy Learning Games for Kids Apps Review

My 5 year old boy is extremely intelligent.He is currently being homeschooled so I am always in search of new educational books, games, and materials. I was very interested to try out the latest learning app from Kids Academy with him. He loves playing games on his tablet, so I knew he would be more than willing to give it a try.  About This App: The app is available for download through iTunes, NOOK, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Store. I downloaded it through iTunes- it was quick and easy.  The games are geared toward a younger audience- 5 years old and under  Very colorful and interactive Teaches kids about reading, ABCs, tracing, music, numbers, and more Montessori programs available Parenting Mode available My Thoughts on This App: The app was very easy for my son to get into on his own and he can understand everything about the games. (It might help that he can read very well, but other children who can't read yet might be able to access

All Natural Colon Cleanse Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Okay, so a few weeks ago my husband, son, and I went to visit some family out of state. We ate so many different foods that we don't eat on a regular basis. Normally we all eat really healthy...However, it was like a mini-vacation for us, so we decide to allow ourselves to indulge on all of the good foods we were offered. We ate and ate and ate. Anyway, I definitely felt it when we came back home. I felt tired, bloated, and very sluggish. I was irritable and upset at myself for allowing myself to get so carried away with all of my eating. Well, I had my bottle of Pure Colon Cleanse Detox that I received for free (in exchange for my review, of course). I took one capsule a day (I only took one capsule because I am not very tall, nor do I weigh much- you can take two a day with a cup of water. The directions say not to exceed 3 a day). They really did help me with everything that I was experiencing

Wondering about how I get all of these products? You can do it too!

I honestly can't believe how much my blog has grown since the day I started, a few years ago. I have received more free products than I could have ever imagined possible. Before, I was lucky if I received 1-3 samples every 6 months or so. This week alone, I have about 8 that are on their way... My mail man stopped me the other day and asked, "Wow, you sure love online shopping, huh?" I just laughed and told him, "I do, but all those boxes you bring are things that companies actually send me for free. I don't pay a cent." He said, "That's pretty cool! I've never seen anyone get so many free packages every week!" I have reviewed hundreds of products, now, to this day, on my blog, my social networks, and review sites. I am also very happy to be able to now be doing giveaways too. It's a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work. I don't just receive free products. I have to set aside time every few days to try EVERY product

Purex No Sort For Colors Detergent Review and Giveaway Ends 4/24/14!

I received another bottle of detergent to review--this time it was a bottle of Purex No Sort for Colors About this Product: Traps loose dyes during the wash Prevent color bleeding accidents  Leaves your clothes bright and clean Has a dye transfer inhibitor No need for sorting laundry What I Thought About This Product: The first thing that I noticed about this particular detergent was the strong fresh scent. To me, it smells quite a bit stronger than other detergents that I've tried before. Maybe it's just me... I was curious to see how well this product would work if I mixed my colored laundry with my whites. I sometimes do this anyway, but yes there have been a few times that colors bled onto my white clothing... Anyway,  I put my bright red sheets and red pillow cases in the washer with my white mattress protector/cover. I used Purex No Sort for Colors detergent in the wash and you know what? They both came out fine. No bleed

What do you guys think? This is for all my readers :)

Hey there!   I just wanted to say that I hope that you are all enjoying my giveaways and reviews. I will be posting so many more very soon! Thank you so much for reading my posts I am currently reviewing a few products and those will be up soon as well. I really love doing these reviews on products but I mostly love giving away free products to my readers!       I would love to hear what you guys think of my giveaways/reviews:   Are there any products that you wish I would review or have a giveaway for? Are you one of my past winners? If so, did you love/hate your prize? Are you having trouble entering my giveaways? What was your favorite giveaway? What was your least favorite giveaway? Feel free to leave me a comment down below answering any of these questions or anything else you would like to say :)   Also, don't forget to follow my blog, twitter, pinterest, etc, on the right side ----------->>>>>>>>>  

White Matcha Tea from Red Leaf Tea Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. If you know me, then you know that I am a tea-aholic. I seriously am. I drink hot tea several times a day, everyday, despite how hot or cold it is outside. I just love it so much. My favorites are both white tea and green tea. I was sent a free bag of White Matcha from Red Leaf Tea  to try out and review. What is White Matcha? For those of you who have never heard of matcha--it is normally associated with green tea. However, Red Leaf Tea has decided to make a white matcha. It is made the same way as green matcha because the leaves are stone ground into a powder form. It is 100% pure, with no preservatives, no MSG/chemical additives, no artificial coloring, and no sweeteners. It's very simple to prepare. You can heat the water up, not boiling, but very hot, and then just mix in 1/2 a teaspoon- 1 teaspoon of the matcha powder. It's kind of like mixing hot cocoa or some instant coffee. Just keep s

Purex Crystals Limited Edition Fabulously Fresh Review and Giveaway! Ends 4/20/2014!

 Hello! Here is another one of my product reviews and giveaway :)  Does your laundry smell bad? Are there some foul lingering odors on your clothes that you just can't seem to get rid of? Do people give you dirty looks when you cross their paths because your clothes just stink so bad??? (Just kidding...maybe...) Have you ever used Purex Crystals in-wash fragrance booster ? I hadn't until I was given the chance to try the limited edition one-Fabulously Fresh- a few days ago. It is one of Purex's latest laundry enhancers that can supposedly keep your laundry smelling super fresh for more than just a few days. Even though you can find it in the fabric softener aisle at the store, it is more than just a fabric softener.  It is a natural softener, (87% natural), that eliminates odors and is safe for all of your laundry, which includes your kiddo's pajamas and athletic wear. Also, it does not reduce the absorbency of your towels, which is great.