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Night Scream by Morgan Hannah MacDonald Book Review

I get so excited whenever I get the chance to read an author's book for free, in exchange for my own review. I just finished reading a book called, "Night Scream" .

Title: Night Scream 
Author: Morgan Hannah MacDonald
Genre: Romantic Thriller 

While a serial killer terrorizes a small mountain town, a Sheriffs Deputy is forced to work with an FBI agent to hunt down the evil sadistic killer. 
Cody Thomas is an FBI agent working the Violent Crimes Unit in Los Angeles, California when he takes a week off to decompress in his hometown of Big Bear.
Jilly Reid has left the Central Homicide Unit of San Bernardino and moved up the mountain to her hometown of Big Bear to get away from death and her cheating ex-husband.
No sooner does Cody arrive in town when he runs into Jilly, a girl he knew in high school. But there's no time to reminisce, she's in a hurry. An incoherent call came into dispatch. A fisherman down in Hunters Cove is carrying on about finding dead women. 
A lot of them.
Cody blackmails Jilly into letting him ride along. What they find is an underwater grave. A serial killer is using the lake to dump his victims. Seven women, brutally tortured, are chained to cinderblocks, their long tresses waving back and forth with the current. 
Their faces set in a silent scream for all eternity. 
At first they think the killer is long gone, but soon they learn he's watching Cody and Jilly. Taunting them. Then women start disappearing at an alarming rate. 
Meagan McInnis and J. J. Thomas go to meet his brother Cody at the family cabin for spring break. But relaxing is the last thing they get when her sister, Bridget, goes missing.
Now the clock is ticking. Can the killer be stopped before time runs out?
(I took this synopsis directly from the book.)

My Opinion on This Book:

What would you do if you found out there was a serial killer in your town? Who could you trust? Who would you suspect? Would you be scared to leave your house? What if the killer ended up being a lot closer than you thought?

I really enjoyed reading this book. It started off right away with a lot of action. Deaths, blood, police investigations, questions arise... It didn't lag on and on and bore me. It jumped right into the action and held my attention till the end. There are quite a few very vivid, horrifically graphic visuals that I could imagine in my head. Morgan really has a way with words. She definitely described things well and made it easy to get into the story- excellent imagery. I like the storyline. It all flowed well as it went from one set of characters to another. It was never confusing. I liked the dynamics between the main characters, Cody and Jilly, as well as between two others- Meagan and Jesse. All four of them were likeable characters. 
The story was well developed, there was some humor, and of course a ton of action from beginning to end. There is some romance- a few good steamy scenes too.
 There are also a few twists in the book-I always like it when an author can surprise me, and this author did. The book kept me guessing. I had no idea who the killer was until I was told who it was. I like that. I hate when books are too predictable.
The length of the book was decent. I am a really quick reader so it only took me a few days to read, but I felt that it wasn't too long or too short. 
This book is not a book meant for children, young teens, anyone who has a weak stomach, or freaks out easily. It is a bit of a dark book, has some gore in it, and some adult situations/scenes. It would really make an interesting movie to see on the big screen, I think.
The ending was a little different that I had expected, but it wasn't a disappointment. I liked it, but didn't love it. I normally like for books to end with a twist or a cliffhanger leading toward another book...but I'm not angry.
I do recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a dark read, serial killers, murders, horror, disturbing scenes. 

Oh, and by the way, this book is the second book, after its prequel, "Sandman", by Morgan Hannah MacDonald. I haven't read it yet, but sure would love to.

This is the first book that I've read by MacDonald, but I NEED to read more of her books!

Connect With The Author:

Get your own copy of the book HERE.

**Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and no other compensation. All opinions expressed are solely my own and not influenced in any way.**

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