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How to Properly Navigate Your First Ever Craft Convention

  Image credit It doesn’t matter if you’re just a craft lover who’s super excited about attending one of these events or even a small business owner who’s taking the plunge- getting to go to your first-ever craft convention can be super rewarding! For the most part, these craft conventions can sometimes vary, but they usually entail a wide range of crafts (granted, sometimes they’re more niche), such as crocheting, knitting, painting, wreath-making, and the list could go on and on!  So, with all of that said, when you attend one of these, either as a vendor or a visitor, how do you properly navigate this? Sure, there is no doubt about it that there’s something really intimidating about it, but hands down, this will be totally fine. Here’s how you can navigate your first-ever craft convention!  You Should Pack Smart So, this may or may not vary depending on what you’re planning on doing at the convention. plus, some venues might not even allow bags unless you’re a vendor. So, if you’re