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Smart Weigh Digital Body Scale +BMI Function #smartweighdigitalbodyscale

Company's Product Details: Multiple user recognition Unique design  Tempered glass platform Measures body weight, body fat, body water, and muscle and bone mass Large LCD display This is what the scale looks like when it's turned on. It's best to always place on a hard floor, no carpeting, so that it is on a flat and even surface. It's not lightweight, but most digital scales tend not to be.  It is bright black and silver, very sleek looking. The LCD screen is not huge, but very easy to read.  This scale runs off of two tiny little round batteries. I was actually surprised at this since most scales that I've ever owned run off on way larger batteries.  These are all of the buttons that you can press near the top. You can set your user profile up so that it will always know when it is you on the scale. Very cool function. All you have to do is just stand on it, and it will automatically detect which user you are. Can be used by

Sleep Tight With A Nidra Sleep Mask #patentedsleepmask

I've complained about sleep issues before, but now that I'm pregnant, the sleep issues have increased quite a bit. Now, I know it's a pretty common thing during pregnancy, but I still try to find anything that can help me get at least a little more sleep and comfort.  I've tried quite a few varieties of sleep masks and the latest one that I've had the opportunity to use is the Nidra Deep Rest Mask. Company's Product Description Deeply molded cups that curve away from eyes and eyelashes for rub-free comfort Blocks out light and visual stimuli Contours to your face and eyes comfortably to help you sleep  Sleep longer in complete darkness Helps you get more rest, and feel more energetic when you wake up Can be worn on your eyes without smudging your eye makeup  Lightweight This is what the sleep mask looks like in the front. It is a little funny looking, but it's funny shape is what makes it more unique than most sleep masks. A

Uniqso I.Fairy Tofi Grey Circle Lenses Are Gorgeous!!! #uniqso #circlelenses

As most of you know, I am a contact lens fanatic, especially for circle lenses. UNIQSO is one of my all time favorite stores to purchase circle lenses. They have utterly beautiful colors and designs available for their customers to choose from. Available in prescribed, PLANO, and even toric. Not only that, the prices are incredibly low! Here are the latest lenses that I purchased from them.  Name: I.Fairy Tofi Grey  -$22.90 Base Curve: 8.6 mm Color Tones: 2 tones Diameter: 16.2 mm Water content: 55% I ordered these lenses online and they arrived within about two and half weeks. Keep in mind they came from outside the U.S., so standard shipping takes a little while. However, I have always said that it is definitely worth the wait for any of their beautiful lenses! My lenses arrived in securely bubble wrapped glass vials (inside the adorable little gift box), and they also sent me a nice little see-through purple lens case) From left to right--

Maybe The Weirdst Looking Garden Hose I've Seen #expandablehose

I've seen a ton of infomercials for an expandable water hose for the yard. Have you?  Here's one that I received to review Product Description Starts out at 25 ft, expands to 75 ft when water is flowing through, then reverts back to 25 for easy storage Lightweight, kink free, tangle free Very strong Yes, it sure does say expands to 75 ft!!! Wow, right? Perfect so that you can stand in one spot and get every inch of your lawn watered. Yes, I will admit that it is a bit of an unusual looking water hose and it feels unlike any other hose that I've owned or tried before. Also, it has a scent to it, that I don't really know how to describe. I think it's coming from whatever material that the hose is made out of? Not that it really matters, since it is a product that I only use outdoors. This is the plastic connector that connects to the faucet in the yard. I'm used to using metal connectors, so this does make me a littl

Pretty In Pink Tweezers #MBEyeBrowTweezer

I have a collection of tweezers that I alternate through because some work better for longer hairs, shorter hairs, and ingrown. I have them in quite a different colors, but nothing's more girly than bright fuschia pink! Look at this pair of tweezers from Majestic Bombay Product Description Salon design  Precision tips Better grip Stainless steel Precision-aligned slant tips are best for all your tweezing needs Perfect tension for superior control  Matte finish for a non-slip grip  Not only is the color nice, but the fact that the tips are slanted makes these tweezers even better. I love slanted tweezers like these because it's just so much easier to grab onto any little hairs and pluck them away. You can use them on any area that you normally tweeze. The tension on these tweezers is really good. Believe me, I have used some tweezers that, no matter how hard I squeezed, they just would not catch any hairs in the tips! I hate that. These are

Measure the Temperature of a Hot Surface Without Actually Touching It #measurepro

My husband does house remodeling with his dad. I used to help pretty often in my spare time, but now that I'm pregnant, I'm taking a long break. I do, however, search for tools pretty often that I think would be beneficial in some way, for his line of work. I had never heard or seen a temperature gun before trying out the MeasurePro IRT20 Temperature Gun. Company's Product Description You can aim the temperature gun on any spot and get an accurate reading even on moving targets Non-contact infrared thermometer has been designed for a broad range of uses including automotive diagnostics, HVAC service, electrical troubleshooting, cooking, and food preparation When using it around the kitchen while cooking or baking this thermometer eliminates the need for messy direct contact in order to measure.  Ultra-efficient and easy to use Features advanced ergonomic design and rugged construction for industrial environments, the finish is made of rubber oil a

Are you trying to keep track of your weight? #DigitalBathroomScale

For those of you out there who like to monitor their weight carefully, whether for dietary or health reasons, it's always important to have a really good scale. There are a lot of scales out there to pick from, both digital and not. This is the Gurin Digital Bathroom Scale.  Company's Product Description Gurin"Smart Step-On" technology - No more tapping or switching scale to turn on. Step on the scale and get instant readings. Non-slip feet will not scratch floors Extra large 4.3" LCD display with cool blue backlight and extra large font numbers - Easy to read from any distance and in any light condition Equipped with 4 latest version high precision sensors (Technology From Germany) - Consistent and accurate measurements up to 400 lb or 180 kg; Graduation increments of 0.2 lb./0.1 kg; Measure units are available in lb Auto-calibrated and automatically turns off to conserve battery life; Runs on 4 AAA batteries (batteries included). A body tape measu

16 Weeks Pregnant #16weekspregnant #pregnancyjournal

I'm doing this week by itself because quite a bit has happened. This week started off rather badly. One night when I was laying in bed, I got hit with these horrible chills out of nowhere. I mean, really bad. I was FREEZIN G and my teeth were actually chattering. It was awful. I wrapped myself up in some really warm blankets and even though I was also wearing warm pj's, I couldn't stop shaking. It lasted for over five minutes and then disappeared.  This happened a few times when I was pregnant with my son, so I figured it might be hormonal. Either way, it was awful. I mentioned it to some friends and a few said to call my doctor since it could indicate a possible infection. Oh no. I called my Dr and he said to go get checked at hospital if it happened again because yes, it could mean I have an infection, even without any other symptoms. This stressed me out soooo bad. One day passed, and I started having light cramping so my husband and I rushed over to th

Week 14-15 of My Pregnancy #14weekspregnant #15weekspregnant #pregnancyjournal

Welcome to week 14 and week 15. Yeah, I think I'll continue doing most of this in two weeks spans. Just gives me more to write about and also cool because I can put in weekly pic comparisons. #14weekspregnant Look at that pudge!! I was almost convinced I was starting to have a baby bump, but no still pregnancy hormone bloat. It fluctuated like crazy all week. I did finally gain a pound but at times it honestly looked like way more. I think I'm starting to feel a tiny bit more energetic in this second trimester, which is great. Was getting tired of wanting to sleep so early and so frequently the last few weeks. Don't get confused though--I'm still not ready to get up and go run any laps any time soon. Just a TINY bit more energetic than before.  Less nausea! Yay! I've been really forgetful these days. Prego brain is what it is. I get so annoyed when I forget the simplest things, but I've read that it's a part of pregnancy for some women. Is th

12-13 Weeks Pregnant #12weekspregnant #13weekspregnant #pregnancyjournal

Hmmm....let's see...I hit week twelve. Not really much weight gain there. Nausea??? Oh my gosh, yes! Some days were so bad, mostly nights though. Only vegetarian foods were welcomed without making me sick as a dog. Not that I mind though, I have always wanted to go full vegetarian. Maybe this is the push that I needed! #12weekspregnant I did gain a pound, but still under my pre-pregnancy weight. Around this time when I was pregnant with my son, I had already started to gain a lot more, but it was because I felt the need to eat more just because I was pregnant. Also, I didn't have the same healthy eating habits back then. What's going on with baby right now? Well, he/she is developing it's reflexes! Baby is about the size of a little lime- about 2 inches long from head to toe. I'm not going to lie, I can seriously feel more and more flutters. Early, yes, but my OB/GYN did say it's possible, especially for subsequent pregnancies. #1