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Week 14-15 of My Pregnancy #14weekspregnant #15weekspregnant #pregnancyjournal

Welcome to week 14 and week 15. Yeah, I think I'll continue doing most of this in two weeks spans. Just gives me more to write about and also cool because I can put in weekly pic comparisons.


Look at that pudge!! I was almost convinced I was starting to have a baby bump, but no still pregnancy hormone bloat. It fluctuated like crazy all week. I did finally gain a pound but at times it honestly looked like way more. I think I'm starting to feel a tiny bit more energetic in this second trimester, which is great. Was getting tired of wanting to sleep so early and so frequently the last few weeks. Don't get confused though--I'm still not ready to get up and go run any laps any time soon. Just a TINY bit more energetic than before. 
Less nausea! Yay!
I've been really forgetful these days. Prego brain is what it is. I get so annoyed when I forget the simplest things, but I've read that it's a part of pregnancy for some women. Is there anything that these darn hormones can't do?

I feel the need to rush to the bathroom a lot more frequently and I'm not even that far along yet. My nights are not filled with several straight hours of sleep. It's like this-sleep, pee, sleep, pee, and so on. You get it. Not exciting.

What's going on with baby now?
Well, he or she...I won't know the gender just yet, but everyone is still saying that they know for a fact that it is going to be a boy. LOL. 
My baby is the size of a lemon. It weighs about 1.5 ounces and is now about 3.5 inches. My baby can now make expressions and maybe even suck its thumb. How cute is that!


Funny how my tummy looks not as pudgy at the bottom. Ugh. More fluctuations obviously.
My clothes have been fitting me so much tighter. I used to wear a 2 pre-pregnancy. I put on a size 4 pair of jeans this morning. They closed just fine in the morning. A few hours later, they were so tight, I had to take them off. I couldn't believe it. 
Yes, for the most part, I'm less nauseated, but I had a few really bad episodes. I'll spare you all the details of course.
Another pound gained, way more energetic. Yay me!

Did I mention the strange thing that happened the other day?
I woke up to a tiny child's voice saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy!" It was a little freaky. Not too loud, but not too quiet either. It sounded like it was close by. My husband was fast asleep. I got up and looked around, saw nothing. I rushed over to my son's room and he was asleep as well. Also, it was definitely NOT my son talking. So strange. 
It was like my baby was talking to me. Sounds weird I know, but after all of the reading that I've done and talking to many other mommies, it's not too uncommon to experience something like this while pregnant. Perhaps it really was my baby.

What's going on with baby?
My baby is about the size of an apple, about 2.5 oz and 4 inches long. Wow, baby is growing so quickly!
Baby is able to hear everything these days, which is pretty nice. 


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