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Where's YOUR Mask?

I just wanted to share some great deals with you all, in case you haven't purchased any masks yet... Check out this activated carbon filter mask! Lightweight, multi use, adjustable nose piece, neoprene, well ventilated, prevents fogging and overheating, double straps, and multi protection filtered layers. Purchase here Here’s a different kind of mask if you don’t want one with straps. It’s a Quick Dry Sports UV Protection Headwear Neck Scarf. It’s 9 inches, comfy elastic, soft material, unisex, multifunction, indoor/outdoor, and it can be worn many different ways even if not used as a mask. Order this product here Last, but not least—-here’s another breathable mask that has 3 layers of soft cotton, reusable, elastic ear loops, can be easily washed and dried, and has a high density barrier. Available in multiple colors: Buy this product here Disclaimer

Shieldhelp Masks and More #coronavirus

Wow, how things have changed over the past few weeks! I'm not just talking about where I'm at, but all over the world. This coronavirus is affecting each and everyone of us in one way or another, whether we have it or not. I think we've all had to make quite a few adjustments and it's been hard. One thing that I do know is that it has also been a pretty big struggle for many of us to find certain products that we probably never had issues with finding before.  For a good while there toilet paper and other products seemed to be extremely hard to get our hands on. For some people it is still hard to find!! Luckily, ordering online could be the answer. You can always purchase  bulk toilet paper  from Shieldhelp.   (You can purchase this particular product  here. ) Their toilet paper is not only soft, it's strong, has 3 layers, is dense, flexible,  dust free, and made from primary wood pulp. Each roll is individually wrapped, and each roll is suitable f

SLEEPWISH Unicorn Bedding


Sleepwish Unicorn Bed Set Review

I wanted to tell you all about a gorgeous unicorn bedding set that I received from #sleepwish!! I 'm not going to lie---I have been eyeing a ton of products from this company and couldn't contain my excitement when I was given the opportunity to review some of their bedding. Also, my four year old daughter is obsessed with it and so happy to have it on her bed. So great, because you better believe me when I tell you that my daughter is super picky! As for me, I absolutely love the ombré color effect on the glittery unicorn, as well as the pretty flowers. Everything looks so pretty! This set includes a top sheet, fitted sheet, and two matching pillow cases. Yes, it's very high quality material and fits our bed bed perfectly. The fitted sheet fits snugly around so that the sheet will stay in place even if you move around a lot in your sleep. (this is definitely a problem that both my children seem to have). I am extremely plea sed with th