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Brown Grey Ombré Wig Review


Brown Grey Ombre Wig Review

How many of you have heard me talk about my love for wigs?? They are soooo much fun, especially if they are good quality ones. I'm not talking about these cheap wigs that you can purchase during Halloween at the grocery store or places like Walmart and Target... I've tried out all kinds of wigs, but I'm so obsessed with the color of this one. What's funny is that it is actually very similar in color to the silverish blonde dreads that are currently in my hair.  Here is what it looks like when I'm wearing it Yes, the last two have fun filters on them, but you get the idea of what it looks like on my head. Also, it would have been able to sit a lot more flat on top of my head if I didn't have thick dreadlocks in my real hair, underneath. The picture above shows you what the wig itself looks like. It is a dark brownish, black to grey ombre. It is synthetic, long, and straight. If it's like my other synthetic wigs, you could probabl

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