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New Outfits #PinkBasis

You guys all know how much I love to try out new outfits and accessories. One of my very favorite things to review is shoes.  Look at the latest pair that I have been wearing practically every day now. I ordered a half size bigger, which is what I normally do with sneakers. Truly happy that I did because they feel ultra comfortable. They are cushiony on the inside too.  I love the tattoo patches on the sides. What's funny is that I own a purse that has the exact same patches on it.  People keep telling me how much they love these shoes.  Get them here:  Sexy Black Embroidered Lace Up Sneakers And now, to show you guys my beautiful new dress.   It is my very first all white dress. I love everything about it. It has a lace collar and lace flared sleeves, there are sequins embellishing the top, it ties in the back a the top, and closes with three small hooks. It's flowy, angelic, and lightweight. It does come with an optional cloth belt. 

My New Pretty Apperloth Dress

Now that I'm older, I've found myself wanting to wear dresses more often. I especially like to wear dresses in the spring and summer.  I have this really pretty dress from Apperloth that I just love so much. It's a bit different from the other dresses that I own, and that is actually what I like about it.  Here is what it looks like: Pretty, right?? It looks black here, but it's actually more of a really dark blue, with a floral design.  It has long sleeves, is collared, and button down the front. It has an elastic cinched waist. I dressed it up with a black belt of mine and matching black boots. It also looks really good with sandals or heels.  I love the flowy, comfortable fit. I ordered a medium. I normally wear small and medium and am slightly under 5 feet. This dress fits me well, with a tiny bit of room. I like that, because I prefer dresses that are not too fitted. The length of the sleeve is perfect as well as the length o

Scary Eyes Giveaway! Ends April 30 #giveaway

Is it Halloween yet??? No? Oh well! Check out these awesome lenses from My Scary Eyes These particular lenses are Blue Ice Walker lenses. You know—kind of like Game of Thrones? Aren't they cool?? So spooky! I love it. Here is a pic of my eyes without the lenses. The lighting is pretty dim. My eyes are a medium honey brown when you see them in brighter lighting. Here is what they look like when on one of my eyes. Look at the difference!! These lenses are super comfortable, and come with a free case and small travel sized bottle of solution. They only have PLANO available, no prescription. These particular lenses can be found here. Here's what they look like in slightly brighter lighting: Spooky lenses not for you? No worries! They have a really nice variety that you can choose from. They have natural, all colors, and crazy lenses, all at affordable prices. Now, as the title