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Absolute Sunset by Kata Mlek Book Review

I haven't had the opportunity to really dig into a book these days, that is in the horror genre. When I was given the chance to do so, I quickly obliged.  Book Title: Absolute Sunset Author: Kata Mlek Genre: Horror Synopsis Among the crumbling and stained apartments of the Millenium estates, a malevolent force torments a young girl with premonitions of suffering and death, but offers her a choice. She can sit by and watch as her loved ones are killed in increasingly unlikely and gruesome accidents. Or she can play the raven’s game: solve his riddles, unlock the meaning of her premonitions, and warn people before it’s too late. Will the raven play by the rules? Or is she just another of his victims, the slowest kill of all? Readers say: “Mesmerizing, scary and chilling ... you know people like this exist.” “A huge piece of the sad, overwhelming reality of Poland a few decades ago.” “I felt like Absolute Sunset wanted to kill me.” “Left me thinki

Looking For Ways to Update Your Look? #sponsoredPost

Do you like to dress up often? I, personally, love all things fashion. Sometimes, it may be a little challenging to figure out how to maintain modesty and still infuse girlish style and flair. Just because a girl wants to maintain a certain level of modesty doesn't mean she has to look boring while she does it, right? Since this is an understood fact, now, consider these three really fun ways to include some style into the regular everyday outfits. These statement pieces can be mixed and matched for different outfits and maintain versatility. Keep an open mind and check out these three statement accessories for fashionable looks.  1. Statement glasses I actually wear glasses needed for vision correction, but I like them to be fashionable. Fashion eyewear maintains its status as a stylish staple in a growing number of women's closets. This trend continues to spread to the point where people who don't even need prescription glasses, wear statement eyewear because of its

My Pretty Pink #RingSling from #Mamaway

Now my baby is nearing ten months old. Does she still enjoy being put in a carrier? Definitely. I'm not going to lie--I love it too. I now have a new ring sling to carry her in when I don't feel like using my others. I've talked about the brand Mamaway before and this pretty pink ring sling was created by them. They come in quite a few different colors. I chose pink because, well, I wanted something girly and I don't own any pink carriers. The fabric is thick, but not sweater thick. It has a very long length so it can fit people and babies of many different sizes. Another thing that stands out about this product is the ring shown in the picture above. I like that it's not metal. Now that she is older and heavier, a thick and sturdy ring made from something other than metal makes carrying her in a ring sling less difficult. The one that I own with a metal ring doesn't seem to keep the fabric from sliding and the ring is too skinny. This one caus

Playing Dress Up With #Amiclubwear @amiclubwear

Being a stay at home mom of two, I don't always get to dress up as often as I used to. Date night, alone with my husband, has been replaced with family nights. However, in a few more months an occasional night out might be possible, when I'm not nursing on demand, If not, maybe I can still play dress up and have a romantic dinner at home with my husband, I came upon this site called, Amiclubwear , and browsed through their massive selection of clothing. They have dresses, shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories, fancy stuff, casual stuff, clearance, doorbusters, costumes, you name it! I was given the opportunity to review a few things from their collection and so I picked a few dresses as well as a few pairs of shoes, of course. The prices are low and reasonable too, actually WAY lower than what I expected. It made me wonder what the clothing was going to be like when it arrived. I read a ton of the reviews and know a few other bloggers who have worked with them, and have mostl

Evgie #WallDecals Giveaway! Ends 2\23\2016!

My husband and I live in a house with a ton of rooms. We're constantly adding to it and redecorating each one. I enjoy doing it often. It's fun, it's relaxing. I love the feeling of walking into a freshly rearranged room. I could never be the type of person to keep a house set up one way, for several months. Boring. What about you? Don't you think it would be fun to redecorate a room or a few rooms in your house? Ready to try something new? I love to change things up a little but painting a room can be such a huge project. Who really has that much time these days? If you're a busy parent like myself, finding an easier way to redecorate is the way to go. Adding vinyl decals to your walls can change the whole look of your room. Decals are easy to apply, easy to remove, and easy to tailor to a specific wall or surface. Evgie makes custom decals, and large wall stickers made of high-quality vinyl. Choose from a variety of children and baby wall decals.

My First Experience With #Younique #MineralTouch #PressedPowderFoundation

I'm sure that many of you have heard about products by Younique by now. There is talk about them all around, on every single social network.  I've heard good, I've heard bad, but I had never actually tried the products for myself. When an old friend from where I used to work reached out to me and told me about the products, I quickly became interested. Why? Because she has always had the best fashion and beauty sense and I figured she obviously knew what she was talking about! I said yes, and well, a couple of days later, a box arrived on my porch with my very first Mineral Touch Pressed Powder Foundation. First, before I get into the details about the product, let me tell you... I was NERVOUS about getting the right shade. This has always been a problem for me. I will stand in the makeup aisle at the store FOREVER, just trying to find a shade that is close enough to my actual skin color. Well, my friend, Kimberly was more than helpful and she color

FREE Cutie Bees Bodysuit - Adorable Organic Clothing for Babies

Have you heard of Cutie Bees before?? Read on to learn more and: The Cutie Bees brand of healthy, non-toxic apparel for baby and kids is giving away 50 of their adorable, organic bodysuits for babies and toddlers! From February 1st through February 7th, the first 50 people to sign up will win a *free organic bodysuit - a $20 value! The bodysuit gift will be randomly selected from an assortment of gender-neutral styles. Choose from sizes 0-24 months. *$3.95 shipping charge applies.  GET YOUR FREE BODYSUIT HERE The Cutie Bees promise:   NO harmful dyes   NO pesticides   NO phthalates   NO formaldehyde   NO fire-retardants  NO harmful chemicals ever!  The Cutie Bees bodysuit helps you ditch toxins with every use, so you can dress your baby in style without worrying about harming your baby or the planet! The one-piece suit won’t come untucked so it stays neat on your wiggling cutie. It stretches gently (a must for diapers!) and springs back to shape wit

CoverGirl Voxbox #Plumpify Mascara and #OhSugar Lip Balm

My latest Influenster Voxbox arrived a few weeks ago. It had a couple of products from Covergirl for me to try out and review.  Yup, that's Katy Perry applying her mascara in that picture. I love her makeup. Will I look like Katy Perry after wearing this mascara? **crossing my fingers** Just kidding. Covergirl Plumpify Blastpro Mascara I have several different mascaras. I can't help it. Yes, it's an addiction. It's all about the brushes, in my opinion. Big feathery brushes, skinny brushes, flat brushes, round brushes, silicone brushes...they all have their purposes.  Different brush, different effect on your lashes. This brush is not only big, it also has a twisted design and a round, spiky tip! It works your lashes in multiple ways.  Love, especially after two or three coats. Oh Sugar Vitamin Infused Lip Balm Sorry, guys but this product was not my favorite. It left my lips shiny and smooth, but with no tint. The shade looks different