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Looking For Ways to Update Your Look? #sponsoredPost

Do you like to dress up often? I, personally, love all things fashion.
Sometimes, it may be a little challenging to figure out how to maintain modesty and still infuse girlish style and flair. Just because a girl wants to maintain a certain level of modesty doesn't mean she has to look boring while she does it, right? Since this is an understood fact, now, consider these three really fun ways to include some style into the regular everyday outfits. These statement pieces can be mixed and matched for different outfits and maintain versatility. Keep an open mind and check out these three statement accessories for fashionable looks. 

1. Statement glasses
I actually wear glasses needed for vision correction, but I like them to be fashionable.
Fashion eyewear maintains its status as a stylish staple in a growing number of women's closets. This trend continues to spread to the point where people who don't even need prescription glasses, wear statement eyewear because of its simple ability to drastically switch up a look and give a girl a different appearance for the day. For a fun nerdy chic look, consider trying a stylish pair of fire-engine red, thick-rimmed specs. A pair of black cat-eye glasses is a sharp statement piece as well. It is also important to note that while wearing statement glasses are really nice, make sure to coordinate the rest of the outfit well. This prevents clashing. When items in the outfit clash, it completely defeats the purpose of the look. So, dress wisely. 

2. Afghan jewelry
There is a wide array of Afghan pieces that range from elegant to classic to trendy. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and anklets are all very simple and beautiful ways to add a sense of pizzazz to an outfit. One of the most unexpected statement pieces to consider is the nose ring. (I have my nostril and my septum pierced.) Nose rings can be subtle yet still evident. They can also be prominent and highlight the striking features of a woman's face. For the lady looking for a bit of unexpected statement beauty, consider trying a nose ring. Tribal Muse carries a beautiful array of statement nose rings. The Vintage Sindh Tribal Jewelry Nose Ornament comes in a beautiful shade of baby blue and sweeps across the face with prominence no one will forget. 

3. Brightly colored lipsticks
Sometimes, women shy away from experimenting with make-up. For those who are new to makeup, it may be tempting to go with whatever seems easiest and works best. Or, the temptation might also stand to stay with a simple, clear or flesh-toned lip gloss. Instead of going for the safe route, make a beauty statement with a bright color like fuchsia, orange or purple. It is surprising to see what works with a little experimentation!

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