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NowBorn Stylish Nursing Covers #nowborncovers

My daughter will be 14 months in a couple of weeks and our nursing sessions are still going strong.  My collection of nursing covers continues to grow.  Take a look at the newest ones that I have added in: This is their cover in purple flowers.  Sorry for that blurry shot. My son was trying to help me out and couldn't seem to stay still.  Lol. This cover is beautiful. I love the colors and the design. It has an adjustable neck strap to adjust to your size and also to adjust so that you can look down and see your baby as he or she feeds. You can tighten to cover up and give you as much privacy as you prefer.  There is an adjustable strap that circles around your back. Tighten this one to hold the cover securely around you. Keeps it in place while you are feeding. There are also mini pockets on the inside. You can store pacifiers, toys, snacks for yourself, etc.  Lastly, it comes with a storage/carrying pouch. The cover simply needs to be folded up and r

Beautify Your Skin With Liposomes Collagen Gel

I am in my early thirties, and although I started to get gray strands of hair a few years ago, I don't really have wrinkles. This last pregnancy made me feel like I was in high school again and I started having some skin issues that I didn't expect to have. Some acne and blotchiness came back, toward the end... A couple of fine lines on my forehead and some light bags under my eyes, maybe some loss of elasticity has been seen  BUT you don't notice it much anymore. Perhaps it is because I take better care of my skin these days. Not only do I consume a vegan diet, but I also use topical products on my face. I use Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid, but after those two have dried, I take it a step further and apply a collagen gel. This is the only collagen gel that I have been using regualrly, and I must say that it is a wonderful product. My face feels nice and dewy. It stays moisturized and I have not experienced any irritation from use. Some gels that I've tried on my

Graviti Pro Grinder Set #Ozeri

Always in my kitchen. Morning, noon, and night.  I am definitely not complaining, as I certainly love cooking. It relaxes me to no end and it's fun.  I am always trying to come up with a new recipe or a way to veganize an old one.  I've been experimenting with a number of random spices, so having an electric grinder set like the one pictured above is not a bad idea at all. Ozeri has so many brilliant products, especially their kitchen line. These grinders are such a great set.  As you can see, two come in the set- a white and a black. You can use them as a salt and pepper grinder if you choose to, but I actually ended up putting a chipotle spice mix in one and sugar in the raw in the other. You can put whatever coarse spice you would like to have finely ground.  The top comes off so you can fill the BPA free chamber and also so that you can insert the batteries. Each runs on 4 AA batteries, and yes they are all included in the set as well. Pers

Hi, my name is Niki, and I'm a shoe addict...

Summer time is here and I'm ready to hit the beach with my family.  Who's with me? I've gathered a few new swimsuits, summer dresses, and accessories for my upcoming trip to a little island that we visit every year, and I, of course, needed to get the perfect shoes. Gladiator sandals are in style right now.  All the hottest celebrities seem to be wearing them in many of the magazines that I've been reading, so I was yearning to get my hands on my own pair.  Amiclubwear came to the rescue and sent me these two pairs, along with a cute pair of sneaker wedges too. When I opened up each shoe box, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing they all were.  Beige Tribal Beaded Strappy Gladiator Sandals Nubuck My leg was laid out on the floor because I was trying to give you the best view of these. These are very not-your-usual gladiator sandals.  They have more of a tribal feel to them with tiny colored studs. The straps are very flexible, made to

NeilMed Nasal Products and Giveaway Ends 6/10/2016! #momsmeet #giveaway

My baby has been having issues with congestion for weeks, off and on. Her pediatrician has told my husband and I that it sounds a lot like allergies. She prescribed an allergy medication for her, but also suggested that we use a good aspirator to clear her nose, so that she can sleep better.  Have you heard of NeilMed ?  They are one of the largest manufacturers, in the world, of saline nasal irrigation systems. Their products are safe, effective, affordable, and drug free. That's great, especially since they are often needed for little ones.  MomsMeet and NeilMed have given me the opportunity to try out a few of their products.  Couldn't have arrived at a better time! I have been using one of their nasal aspirators, called the Naspira, to help her breathe better at night.  And you know what? It WORKS. Yes. And I'm so happy about that.  Okay, so yes, I've used a few different brands of aspirators before, but this one is different. It can be used in t