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Hi, my name is Niki, and I'm a shoe addict...

Summer time is here and I'm ready to hit the beach with my family. 
Who's with me?

I've gathered a few new swimsuits, summer dresses, and accessories for my upcoming trip to a little island that we visit every year, and I, of course, needed to get the perfect shoes.
Gladiator sandals are in style right now.  All the hottest celebrities seem to be wearing them in many of the magazines that I've been reading, so I was yearning to get my hands on my own pair. 

Amiclubwear came to the rescue and sent me these two pairs, along with a cute pair of sneaker wedges too.

When I opened up each shoe box, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing they all were. 

My leg was laid out on the floor because I was trying to give you the best view of these. These are very not-your-usual gladiator sandals.  They have more of a tribal feel to them with tiny colored studs. The straps are very flexible, made to fit calves and ankles of many different sizes. They reach to about midcalf and have a zipper along the back side. They are a light off white/beige shade.
So pretty. These are the only shoes that I own in this style and color. I will be wearing these with a couple of my solid colored dresses, shorts, and swimsuits for sure. 

Here I am with the fringe again! Do you remember those sweet faux suede fringe boots that I received from Amiclubwear months ago? Well, I couldn't help myself. I loved those so much and since they'd be too hot to wear year round, why not pick some gladiators that are similar? These are knee-high faux suede.They have soft and comfortable straps along the sides and a zippered backside too. I can't leave the house without someone stopping me to ask me where I got these sandals.

 I have been wearing these mostly with dresses, but I could see them looking nice with shorts and yes, a swimsuit too. Maybe even with some jeggings? 
I love.

Last, but not least, here are my sneaker wedges.
My sister has some that are similar and I've been wanting my own. These are simple, black, and a zipper on the side. The zipper does not open, but is merely for decoration. They are made from faux leather.
They have mini wedges on the bottom to give short people like myself a tiny boost in height. 
I've worn these with leggings and jeans. They may my feet look tiny. Very comfortable and in fashion.

This company seriously just rocks. I'm in love with everything that I've tried from them. It's always so hard to choose. They have dresses, skirts, pants, lingerie, SHOES, accessories, and even costumes galore.  They have incredible sales and even most of their regularly priced items are affordable.
Very stylish, very modern, many unique styles.

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I received these products in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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