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A Smart Watch To Help Me Keep Up With My Fitness Goals #vitchelo

A new year will begin soon, and I have a few fitness goals that I want to reach. I know, so many of us say it, and then don't do anything to get there. I don't want to be one of those people! I want to stick with it.  One way that I am doing this is by wearing my fitness watch. I actually started wearing a few weeks ago to get a head start. I'm pretty impressed by everything that this little nifty watch can do.  Not only does it tell the time and date, but if you sync it to your phone through Bluetooth, it can actually do so much more! It can tell you your heart rate, measure your number of daily steps (yes, you can set a goal to reach each day too), calories burned, miles walked, hours slept (both light sleep and deep sleep, as well as how many times you've woken up), GPS tracker, anti-lost function, selfie button control, and also lets you know when you have an incoming text or phone call, (displays name of contact). Oh my gosh, right?

Small But Powerful Mini Bluetooth Speaker #ancord

Check out my mini speaker! It's by Ancord and it rocks.  Let me tell you guys why I know what you're probably thinking-that thing is really small. YES, it is pretty small,  but it actually has the most incredible sound quality and can get super loud. The sound is crisp, clear, and the bass is very nice. I love it. I can listen to music, watch movies, listen to audio books, have a hands-free phone conversation, and guess what else? I can use it to take selfies too! Pretty crazy right? It only has one button on the bottom, but that's all it needs. That button is a power button and selfie button.  You connect to you r device via bluetooth in a matter of seconds and you're set to go. Then, you can control the volume on your device.  To use for selfies, you double click the button until you hear the shutter sound, make sure your phone is in selfie mode, and then smile for the camera. Press the button on the speaker and it will take the selfie

Music To My Ears #riwbox

I'm a music fanatic. I have music playing almost all day, every day. It's my therapy. I love it so much. So, do my kiddos and my husband.  However, sometimes we're all in the mood to listen to our own songs. Headphones definitely become a must have for each of us.  I received a brand new pair by #RIWBOX: These new headphones are seriously nice. They are gold and black, have each ear muff labeled, are super cushiony on your ears, adjustable, and fold up into a compact position to store. They  also come with a really nice and thick storage pouch. No, they are not wireless, but that's fine with me. The cord is removable and can be connected to virtually any device with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack.  There are volume control buttons, song skip, play/pause buttons, as well as a microphon e for hands free talking on your phone. You can also use these for karaoke action. I have used them with a couple of different karaoke apps on my phone a

Cleaning My Laundry With No Chemicals #ecoBright

I'm the type of mom who wants to use as little to no chemical type products in my home. Although not everything in my house is free from perfumes, I prefer unscented detergents, as well as dye free, and especially chemical free. Since I sometimes wash my toddler's clothes and bedding with everyone else's, I prefer to use products that are free of allergens too.  I had never tried these before, but now that I am using them, I'm pretty happy.  They are chemical free laundry balls!  These ceramic laundry balls with ion technology are fantastic! It comes in a set of two. These are filled with mineral pebbles, are chemical free, and non- toxic. You can use one ball in place of your usual detergent and they will clean your clothes! If your clothes are heavily stained, it's probably a good idea to pre-treat those with some sort of stain remover, but for all other clothes, toss a ball in with them and some cold water.  They can be used for 1000

My New Electric Toothbrush

Check out my new electric toothbrush. I've talked before about my husband's obsession with good dental hygiene and how he bought an expensive electric toothbrush that works really well. He has some really pretty teeth, by the way, and a very strict teeth cleaning routine that he follows twice a day, every single day. Besides using pricier floss and certain kinds of mouthwash, having a good toothbrush is of utmost importance to him. I try and follow along too, to keep my teeth looking nice and sparkly too. I was using an electric toothbrush before but I ran out of replacement heads and just haven't gotten around to buying any new ones.  I thought it was the perfect time to try out a different brand, and so here we are. This one is by  #sinco . It has three cleaning modes: clean, soft, and massage. It comes with a charging base, three covered and separately bagged replacement heads, and instruction manual. After fully charging, it should last about 28 days be

Beautify Your Home and Garden With #CommercialPalmTrees

I think back to my childhood when we used to live with my grandma. She and my mom used to spend hours keeping the yard and house looking pretty and well maintained.  House painted nicely, beautiful flowers and trees, gorgeous landscaping in the front yard and back yard.  I don't know if I have the patience to get my yard looking and nice or being able to keep it that way all the time, but I can at least try, right? I saw these flower stepping stones at the site,  Commercial Palm Trees  and really wanted them in my yard. They came in a set of four, each of them measuring 10 inches. I actually have this same image around the inside of my house. These flowers decorate my walls on my mandala tapestries and in some of the pictures on the wall.  I even have one of these flowers as a screen saver on my phone, as well as my computer.  Naturally I'd want to have a few in my yard as well.  I placed them along the front of the bushes in my front yard, in the g

Be Your Own Barista At Home #gourmia

Alright, so back in the day, I used to go to Starbucks pretty often. I just so happened to work nearby two of them and there was also one in the building that my college dorm was in.  Coffee mania everywhere! I was spending quite a bit there, to be honest...I wish I had saved up some money and just bought myself a cappuccino machine, but I wasn't really thinking about that, I guess.  Well, guess what? Check out my new awesome cappuccino machine from Gourmia! It runs on coffee capsules, like the kind that Nespresso makers use. No, not k-cups. Those are too big.  They do sell refillable capsules that you can find at some grocery stores and Amazon too, of course. Then you can fill them with your favorite kind of coffee or loose leaf tea and pop it in the machine.  I love that it has a milk tank on the side. I have been putting soy milk and almond milk in it since I don't do dairy. I LOVE the way it makes the milk all nice and frothy in my dr

These Sapphire Earrings Bring A Smile to My Face

I have a thing for sapphires. Something about that blue... I was sent some very pretty simulated blue sapphire earrings.  Here they are: Oh my gosh---that blue is gorgeous, right? They are for pierced ears and are lever back. This means they have a little clasp that opens and closes.  They also came with a cute little black storage pouch to put them in when they are not being worn.  No, they are not real, but I could care less about that. They look amazing and that's all that matters to me.  They are not very expensive, which is another great thing if you want to get that special someone a fancy looking set of earrings, but can't afford to spend your whole paycheck! These earrings are available for purchase on Amazon. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.   

Wanna Go On A Picnic? #graciesgoods

I remember years ago when I was really young, my mom used to like to take my sister and I to the park to have picnics. Blanket on the ground, tons of food, and nature all around us. Those were some really great memories. Hopefully I can do the same with my kiddos in the near future. I wish we had a beautiful picnic basket like the one when I was younger. It's from Gracie's Goods.  Here's what it looks like Awesome, right???? And yes, it's huge! I love the light green gingham material and the little bow. The basket is made out of really sturdy wicker. There are two panels that lift up and can also be removed if you prefer. You can fill it with food for a nice romantic or family picnic, or use it as a gift basket for someone. Fill it with sweets, beauty products, candles, books, fruit, toys, baby stuff, etc. So many different things you can fill it with.  There is a lot of space inside of this beautiful basket.  I absolu

Prebiotic Fiber Gummies for Adults

I started reading up on probiotics a few years ago, but only recently learned about prebiotics. Have you heard of either? Basically, they both help you keep your gut healthy. That's very important if you want to feel your best, right? For those of you who still have no idea what I'm talking about. Okay, so probiotics are good bacteria  that you can take in tablet, capsule, gummy, or liquid form to add healthy flora to your body. Prebiotics are what feed that good bacteria, fertilizer. So, we already have good and bad bacteria in our bodies, but it's a great idea to take both of these types of things. Sadly, probiotics don't always survive so many of those products have to be stored a certain way or refrigerated. Many of them are killed off by our stomach acids. Prebiotics are better in the fact that they don't die off like that. When taken, they help increase your amount of good bacteria that is already in there. I've read so much about the bene