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Cleaning My Laundry With No Chemicals #ecoBright

I'm the type of mom who wants to use as little to no chemical type products in my home. Although not everything in my house is free from perfumes, I prefer unscented detergents, as well as dye free, and especially chemical free.

Since I sometimes wash my toddler's clothes and bedding with everyone else's, I prefer to use products that are free of allergens too. 

I had never tried these before, but now that I am using them, I'm pretty happy. 
They are chemical free laundry balls!

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 These ceramic laundry balls with ion technology are fantastic! It comes in a set of two. These are filled with mineral pebbles, are chemical free, and non-toxic. You can use one ball in place of your usual detergent and they will clean your clothes! If your clothes are heavily stained, it's probably a good idea to pre-treat those with some sort of stain remover, but for all other clothes, toss a ball in with them and some cold water.  They can be used for 1000 washes before you need to replace them with new ones. A good thing to do to "recharge" them is to leave them under the sun for an hour or so between several laundry uses.
It's also instructed that you run a wash with regular vinegar to remove any old detergent residue that might be lingering in your washer. Then after you do that, you should be good to go!

My clothes come out cleaner and smelling fresh. 
You can find these on amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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