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Big Ant HD Glare Blockers for Your Car

So, anyone else out there already dying from that intense sun? I know it's only spring, but where we live the sun can be a nightmare, especially when we're in the car.  This set of car accessories helps quite a bit. Let me show you what I mean.  So, it includes two sun glare blockers, hooks to attach them, two window sun shades, and suction cups to attach those.  Once attached to the hooks, you can hook one glare blocker, or both, onto one of the mirrors in the front seat. One is an orange yellow and the other is black.  It flips down smoothly.  Then, when not in use, you can simply flip it back up.  This is the black one, flipped up.  Here it is, flipped back down.  These glare blockers work well on either the driver or passenger side. Good for driving in bright sunlight or I was told you could use them in the evening when there are bright headlights too.  There is a small sliding screen, as you can see in the pictures abo

Feltbo Letterboard

Have you seen those pictures online where someone is announcing their pregnancy, their wedding, a birthday, a special event, a menu, etc? Don't many of them use some sort of fancy announcement board? I received one not too long ago, and guess what? I think it's great for all of those things that I just mentioned, but I get the most use out of it teaching my little one how to read and count.  Yes, you can use it for that too!! My new #feltbo black felt letter board included the board that can either be placed on the sturdy little easel it comes with, or even hung on a wall like a picture. 300 white plastic letters, numbers, emojis, and symbols come with. There are also little scissors included, to cut them out. There is a storage pouch to keep them all in, when not in use.  The little letters, numbers, and whatnot stick on the board by the little pegs on their backs. You slip those into the grooves on the board and they stay put.  I did say that