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SIDS Awareness Giveaway #SleepingBaby #Woombieswaddle #zipadeezip #Babeetalk #safebabies #pleasehelp #spreadtheword

Through awareness, we can beat SIDS together! We partnered with our friends at Woombie, Sleeping Baby, and Babee Talk to share an awesome SIDS Prevention infographic and giveaway!  Together we can make a difference by educating parents – will you join us? For sharing the infographic and also liking our Facebook page/post , you will be entered for a chance to win these three safe sleep gifts:   Woombie Air baby swaddle,  Zipadee-Zip wearable blanket, and   Babee Talk eco-teething rail cover and eco toys!  (Remember, always just have a tight fitted sheet in the crib with baby and nothing else! No bumpers, toys, blankets or pillows.) ENTER HERE ---->  Enter via the form on this page  BUT first check out our educational infographic below to learn more about SIDS. Armed with knowledge we can make a huge difference together! 

Calling All Kid Minecraft Fanatics! Have you joined Connected Camps yet? #connectedcamps #sponsoredpost #minecraft

My eight year old is such a fan of the game Minecraft. He actually started playing it while we were on vacation out of state, while visiting his cousins. They were hooked on it and soon enough, he was too.  I ended up buying him the playstation 3 video game version so that he could play it at home. He plays it almost every day. I'm serious. It is truly addicting. Although, some of you may be thinking, "Oh no, that can't be good for kids..."  Let me explain a few things. For those of you who are new to the world of Minecraft--yes, it is a computer game, but actually, it's also so much more than that. It's not like your average game. There are so many things that kids can learn just from playing it. That is one of my favorite things about the game. I love just how educational it can be. It is also a part of my son's homeschooling curriculum. I've even heard and read several stories of it being used in different schools. Kids have to use their bra

Pine Bros Introduces Some New Flavors! #pinebros #softishthroatdrops #thumbopoly

Fall is here. It's by far my favorite season, but sadly, it's also the time when sore throats tend to start happening most often in my house. Definitely not my idea of fun.  We no longer use traditional cough drops. We were introduced to Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops about two years ago and honestly haven't gone back. Not only are their products natural, with glycerin as their active ingredient, but they are also available in a number of really good flavors, such as licorice, wild cherry, lemon lime, and now sugar free cherry and orange. I'd have to say my favorite ones are the new orange ones. They have vitamin c in them too. The new orange flavor can be purchased at Kinney Drug or on their website. The sugar free cherry can be purchased at Harris Teeter, Harmon, ShopRite, or on their website. What I like most about these throat drops is that they have a firm gummy texture and soothe your throat slowly and very well. They're good no

Google Cardboard DScope Pro #holidaygiftguide2016 #techlovers

Do you know someone who loves video games? Have you ever heard of Google Cardboard? I found out about several months ago and wanted to try it out so badly. Yes, I am a total gamer. Always have been and pretty sure I always will be. And with products like this, I just can't help myself. Welcome to gaming of the future. The whole concept behind Google Cardboard is amazing. The person who came up with the idea is genius. The product has such a simple design, yet incredible end result. I have a plastic version of these, but I honestly think that this design is superior. This one is far more comfortable and can be set up in a matter of minutes. A few quick folds and you're done. Then you can just slide your smart phone in and the fun begins! The games that are available to purchase are a lot of fun. There are so many different games out there!  Also, you can stream movies through Netflix and whatnot, and watch them. It's seriously like wearing your own p

Say Goodbye To Cracked Heels This Winter With #Zimsusa Ends 10/24/16

I know I am not the only one who deals with cracked heels a few times a year, especially during the cooler months. I am pretty much always barefoot, so it can get embarrassing if someone decides to glance down at my feet. Imagine that..."Hey Nik, how you been?"... (person looks down at my feet   and cringes)... Haha. Okay, so that has never happened to me before, but still, I want my feet to look nice and pretty from heel to toe. I do use an electric callus roller a few times a month, but that's not the only thing that cn keep them looking their best. I've tried rubbing lotions and oils on my feet, but these joint seem to penetrate my skin and treat the problem well. I only recently started using two products by Zim's and they both work nicely. One product is called Zim's Max-Crack Creme Creamy Daytime Formula, which I use in the morning and sometimes a touch up during the day. The other product is called Zim's Max-Crack Creme Orig