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BzzAgent Review on Glade Expressions Collection

Okay, well I received my second product to review as a BzzAgent, thanks to   I was sent coupons to try out the Glade Expressions Collection that included an oil diffuser and fragrance mist for FREE! Ryan and I headed to Walmart and the only ones that they had available were in the Pineapple & Mangosteen scent. I'm a pineapple addict, so I was more than happy to sample this collection. We get home and I decided to place them in the living room. I said, "Hey babe, go outside and I'm going to spray the fragrance mist and then you can come back in. Then, you can tell me what it smells like." So that's exactly what he did. Honestly, I sprayed it a couple of times, since I've used a few other brands and they needed more than one spray. Not a good idea. It smelled just a bit too strong at first. He walked in and said, "Woah. It smells very much like pina coladas in here! A bit too strong though." Yup- my mistake. So

Our book was featured on two other blogs. Yay

~ Free Book Dude and There are also many other free books to download at both of these two sites. Get your free books while you still can! Mine will only be free till tomorrow. After that, it will be listed at the low price of $3.99. Already got about 200 copies out and hoping to get as many readers as possible. It's a great book for the upcoming Halloween season!

BzzAgent Review on UNREAL Candy

 Yes, I'm a BzzAgent :) What's a Bzz Agent??? A BzzAgent is someone who volunteers to try out products and review them for . There are many WOM (word of mouth) ways of advertising such as simply telling other people you know about the particular product you are trying out, posting info about it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks, as well as blogging about it and/or making a video about it and posting it on YouTube. After you sign up for the program and fill out a profile along with various surveys, the company then matches you with particular products. Then you get sent coupons to get these items for free at the store or they'll actually send you the product themselves. You are also given quite a bit of extra coupons with discounts so that you can share with friends, relatives or whoever you want to share with. Sometimes you'll even get extra products to share with others. Doesn't that sound pretty awesome? Well, it is! I also lov

I Can Review Products for Free???? What's the Catch?

I have recently discovered some really, really great websites that allow you to sample TONS of different products for FREE. Yeah, I know, what you're wondering: FREE???? WHAT'S THE CATCH? I said the same thing at first. So, I started researching online reading other people's websites and blogs and watching videos on youtube about other people who actually do this sort of thing. Every one of them has said that all they have to do is review the products through what is called Word of Mouth Advertising. So, basically, these various companies send you free samples, many of which are not tiny "trial sized" products, but actual sized products (the size you would actually buy in the stores). You get these products in the mail and then you are asked to review the products either through face-to-face conversations, house parties, on facebook, myspace, twitter, blogs, youtube, and other networking sites. That sounds super easy and fun to me! Who wouldn't like 1