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I Can Review Products for Free???? What's the Catch?

I have recently discovered some really, really great websites that allow you to sample TONS of different products for FREE. Yeah, I know, what you're wondering:


I said the same thing at first. So, I started researching online reading other people's websites and blogs and watching videos on youtube about other people who actually do this sort of thing. Every one of them has said that all they have to do is review the products through what is called Word of Mouth Advertising.

So, basically, these various companies send you free samples, many of which are not tiny "trial sized" products, but actual sized products (the size you would actually buy in the stores). You get these products in the mail and then you are asked to review the products either through face-to-face conversations, house parties, on facebook, myspace, twitter, blogs, youtube, and other networking sites.

That sounds super easy and fun to me! Who wouldn't like 100% free products????

I already write Squidoo lenses about products and things that I like so not only will I have more content for my lens pages, but I will also have so much more to blog, twitter, and post about. You can click on the name of each site if you would like to be a member too.

So, the first site that I joined is called Bzzagent . I've heard lots of good things about this site. I joined a few weeks ago and recently recieved my first product coupons so that I can do a review. They are for this new candy called Unreal. I will be including more information about this as soon as I get the candy. I am also supposed to be receiving a Glade scents package to review in a few days and will be posting info about that as well. I just had to fill out some surveys and they offered me some campaigns based off of my results. They will either send you coupons for a free product or an actual product and coupons to hand out to other people you know.

Another site I joined is called HouseParty. This one sounded really cool to me. You actually get to host your very own party with whoever you choose to invite and get to share and review a huge party pack full of goodies for you and your guests! All you have to do? Take pics and video of the event. Review the products. Not everyone gets chosen right away, but you can try to apply for whichever parties seem appealing to you. I applied but haven't gotten picked as a party host just yet. (I barely joined today, so I'm sure I will have to wait a bit)

I also joined a site called Smiley360 just today. You join, fill out profile info, which is a requirement on all of these sites, so that they can match you with products that match your interests. This one in particular gives you "missions" to complete and then you share your reviews and opinions through various social networks that you are a member of. Can't wait to see what I get offered.

I will definitely be posting up the results and perks of being a member of each of these sites very soon. I'm so excited!

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