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I Love This Wig From #Sunwell

When I first started college, I got this job at the mall at a gag gift/novelty/party store and we were allowed to dress up in wigs and costumes throughout the year. You better believe I loved that! I also dyed my regular hair all different shades so no one ever really knew what my real hair looked like. Fun times.  Well, it's been years, but I still enjoy wearing wigs from time to time.  My current favorite wig is from Sunwell. Here I am wearing it: It is seriously comfortable and surprisingly very lightweight, even though it is 20 inches long. It is human hair, so you can style it, flat iron it, blow dry it, curl it, dye it, cut it, wash it... It has four tiny combs along the inside to hold it in place on your head, as well as an adjustable strap along the back to fit to your head size. It is a front lace wig, so yes it does have lace when you get it, and you can choose to cut that off like I did, or glue it/tape it.  I've worn long wigs befor

#Ozeri Cardio Tech Voice Guided Monitor

What's in the box??? (Saying this in my best Brad Pitt voice, as he did in the movie, Seven...) Just kidding. All jokes aside, if you read the title, you know that inside the box is a very cool gadget from Ozeri. It is a voice guided blood pressure monitor that you can wrap around your wrist and get a reading in a matter of minutes. It has a very sleek and nice design. It's small and light enough to travel with as well. The nicest thing about this device is the fact that it has a voice that will guide through the process, so that you will get the most accurate reading. The voice will let you know exactly how high or low to position your arm when writing it. It will then proceed to tell you your reading after a few minutes.  It can automatically detect irregular readings and let you know. The cuff can be adjusted to fit your wrist and the strap is soft against your skin. When not in use, the wrist strap can be folded over and the device will fit nicely, back