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I Love Steamed Veggies #sunsellaveggiesteamer

I went full blown vegetarian my whole pregnancy. Even looking at or smelling any meat or poultry would send me rushing to the nearest bathroom stall. I have always been really into eating my veggies but due to th e serious morning sickness, I became an even bigger vegetable lover.  I'm not pregnant anymore but I still eat mostly vegetarian meals. I say mostly because very rarely I'll eat fish. I eat raw veggies and fruits for breakfast and lunch and for dinner I'll eat some cooked veggies. Love all kinds too. I've steamed vegetables in this gigantic steamer we have at home but this stainless steel vegetable steamer is not only smaller, it's also easier to use.  Company's Product Description A premium quality vegetable steamer made from 100% high-grade stainless steel  Unique design which expands to fit various pot sizes  Collapsible for space saving storage No assembly required Easy removal from pan with sturdy central ring  Re

Toeless Yoga Socks #YogaAddict

Company's Product Description Perfect for traveling, studio and home use Provide excellent traction, even without a mat Hygienic alternative to bare foot Non Slip. Control. Balance. Small/Medium (Women's shoe size 5-10), Medium/Large (Women's shoe size 10-12) My Thoughts Okay so honestly I was a little nervous that these yoga socks might not fit too well since the last pair of toeless yoga socks that I tried in the past (from another company) were too tight. This pair fit perfectly. My feet can breathe in these and are comfortable in them. Also, I like that I can still wiggle my toes freely :) They're a nice pair of socks if you're into yoga, dancing, Pilates, and such. They have little rubber grips underneath so you can have a better grip. Whether you choose to use a mat or not, these socks are really nice. The grips do help a lot, especially when I'm on a yoga mat or the slippery floors in the yoga studio at the gym. I'v

My Feet Are So Warm And Cozy

Sock fanatic here! Especially if they keep my feet comfy and warm on cold nights. When I was in the hospital due to preterm labor about a month and a half ago, yes they did give me the usual hospital socks that they give to all their inpatients. Still, some nights got really cold (I was in there for longer than a week altogether)... My husband was kind enough to bring me these pairs of socks that I had received to review.  I was sent one pair of pink socks and one pair of navy blue socks.  Don't they just scream warm and cozy????? Oh my gosh, you have no idea! They truly are. I like the colors too.  I was so grateful that my husband thought to bring these on over for me. I was able to wander around my room and down the hall to the NICU with toasty toes and thanks to the grips underneath I didn't slip on those waxed floors. I like how the pink ones have two toned grips. It's a unique little touch.  These would make a great gift for anyone who

MPow SWift Sport Headphones #MpowFans

  Company's Product Description Bluetooth 4.0 Noise reduction Exercise proof and sweat proof Small, medium, and large earhooks included Universally compatible with most Bluetooth devices  It's really easy to sync the headphones with your Bluetooth device. The logo on the ear pieces blink blue and red as shown in the pictures above. There is a volume switch on one ear piece as well as a tiny microphone beneath it. You can use these headphones for listening to any audio like music, games, movies, shows, audio books on your kindle, and also for hands free phone calls. These headphones come with a cord to charge them. It connects through USB to your computer or if you have a USB wall adapter, etc. They only need to charge for a little while before they're ready to use again. Not everyone has the same size ears so it's nice that these headphones come with a variety of earhooks and pads. These are very nic

Are They Real?? #3dFiberLashMascara #LashFactory

I LOVE long, dramatic lashes. Pretty lashes are a must for me when I apply my makeup, especially for a night out. My eyes are huge and my lashes are already long, but I figured why not make them stand out even more? My lashes are not naturally super dark so I was happy with how dark this mascara actually comes out.  I've used fiber lash mascara in the past that not only irritated my eyes, but also didn't make my lashes look anything but clumpy. This fiber lash mascara was easier to apply without any bad irritation. It took me a few tries to get it to look the way I wanted to, but once I got the hang of it, I really liked the way it came out.  BEFORE  (right eye, no mascara, no contact lens) AFTER  (both eyes with Lash Factory 3D fiber mascara, contact lenses)   My lashes look so much darker with this. They are longer and look fuller too.  I like this product. It does kind of make my lashes look like I have falsies on. 

ThinkFun Houdini Game #thinkfun

This game has gotta be one of the most unique games in my collection. My family and I took turns with this one, each trying to help Houdini escape from his ropes and shackles. Honestly, from challenge number one, I was so lost at how to get the magician loose. After visiting the website and getting a tutorial on how it's done, I was ready for the next challenge. Some were really, really tough, and like all of Think Fun's games, you must have to take a minute to think-you seriously have to use your brain. This game is exciting. My family and I made it even tougher by setting a time limit for each of us to get Houdini free. If we really couldn't figure out the answer, we'd pass it to someone else and that person would take a turn. Our son actually figured a couple out that neither my husband nor I could. I like the way the game is designed. I like that it also comes with a bag to carry everything inside of. You can take this game with you on trips

Sunsella Bento Boxes #sunsellabuddybox

Sometimes I like to prep my meals ahead of time. I might cut up some fruits and veggies the night before for smoothies or other recipes. Sometimes I'll make a salad or a meal for my son and store it in the fridge for later in the evening or for the next day. These Bento Boxes from Sunsella are great for this sort of thing.  The set comes with four bento boxes, in four bright colors.  This is what each box looks like when open. You have quite a bit of room and some separation for your meals. I like this because you can make a little meal and add in a little snack or dessert too. I think kids would love that.  The boxes are stackable so, yay, they won't take up so much space when you store them between each use. Overall, they come in nice colors, they are a good size, they can be stacked on top of one another, and can be cleaned very easily by hand or in the dishwasher.  They are easy for little hands to open at lunch, they're BPA-free, phtha

Masterclass Sketchbook #masterclassart

Company's Product Description Hardcover 9x12 inches Metal twin loop spiral bound 100 Sheets of 60 lb sketch paper Acid free, and lightly perforated Ideal for all dry media I used to draw a lot when I was in college. I took a really fun art class too. It ended up being one of my favorite classes, actually.  I had a sketchbook and a ton of drawing tools to draw with. I would have really loved to own this Master Class Sketch Book back then.  The paper is acid free and really great quality. It's thick enough to endure all kinds of drawing tools. I can use pencils, charcoal, markers, pens, graphite pencils, chalk, pastels, and even paints.  It has a good amount of pages too and they're a good size. The book is a better quality than the few that I owned back then because the sheets don't rip out as easily. I used to get really annoyed with how easy the sheets of paper seemed to be accidentally ripped out of my sketchbooks.  This one i