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My Feet Are So Warm And Cozy

Sock fanatic here! Especially if they keep my feet comfy and warm on cold nights. When I was in the hospital due to preterm labor about a month and a half ago, yes they did give me the usual hospital socks that they give to all their inpatients. Still, some nights got really cold (I was in there for longer than a week altogether)... My husband was kind enough to bring me these pairs of socks that I had received to review. 
I was sent one pair of pink socks and one pair of navy blue socks.

 Don't they just scream warm and cozy????? Oh my gosh, you have no idea! They truly are. I like the colors too. 
I was so grateful that my husband thought to bring these on over for me. I was able to wander around my room and down the hall to the NICU with toasty toes and thanks to the grips underneath I didn't slip on those waxed floors.

I like how the pink ones have two toned grips. It's a unique little touch. 
These would make a great gift for anyone who loves to keep their toes warm, people in the hospital, pregnant people, elderly, sick people, and any other people in need of comfortable socks. 
These are going to be so nice to wear in the winter when my toes get so cold and numb.

These socks can be purchased here on Amazon.

**Disclaimer: I received these socks in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

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