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TUO Phone Case to Store Two Phones or Devices at Once! #tuophonecase

It can be a pain to carry your cell phone or electronic device in your pockets. In fact, some of the clothes I own don't even have pockets! What to do? Get a case like the TUO that can attach to your belt. Company's Product Description Fits most smart phones Fits all Apple iPhones Two slots available Soft velvety interior protects phone from scratches Magnetic top flap that close by itself every time secures phones Choice of belt lop or belt clip on back Genuine leather My Thoughts Although my own smart phone is too big to fit into this phone case, my husband's iPhone 4 fits perfectly, as well as our iPod Touch. This case is perfect for my husband, especially when he is at work. He is able to simply attach it onto his belt and has incredibly easy access to his phone or the iPod, when he takes it. The material is of very good quality since it is genuine leather and looks and feels as though it will definitely last a long time and

#Modavoxbox from Influenster

I don't always qualify for the voxboxes on Influenster, but I recently received one that was full of a ton of goodies. Introducing the Moda Vox Box! Puffs SoftPack  $1.99-$2.49 a pack / 3 pack for $4.99-$5.99 #PassthePuffs Twitter Facebook These tissues arrived right on time for the cooler months. The pack I received is huge compared to the box I already had at home. I like that the pack is soft and not cardboard like most other tissue packs. The tissues are soft and gentle on skin. I think that they are a good deal at their price. Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask  $14.99 #Hairfood #Target I cannot get over how much I love the way this product smells. I love the apricot and honey scent! My curls look so cute and feel incredibly soft and bouncy each time that I use it. Yes, it really does hydrate and moisturize my curls too! What I also love about this mask is the fact that it is paraben and mineral oil free! Perfect since I'm pregnan

Need a Replacement Bulb? How about 20?

Company's Product Description Pack of 20 bulbs. Use to replace broken or burnt out bulbs on your string of lights S14 bulb style, 11 watt/130 volt, E27 / E26 socket fitment (regular medium base socket) 3.5 inch bulb length - 2 inch bulb diameter - Nickel plated bulb base (for corrosion resistance) Great for commercial grade string lights and signs For indoor and outdoor My Thoughts Yes, these are meant to be used as replacement bulbs for string lights and signs. However, I don't have any signs or string lights. I do have a ton of light fixtures around my house that could use some replacement bulbs though. I put a few in my room lamps (in my bed frame). I also added one in a little desk lamp in my office at home, and one in my son's lamp that is beside his bed. My husband actually took several of them to use at work, where he is remodeling a house. He says he's used several around the house for work purposes as well as just for regular light

I Love This Spacious Yoga Mat Bag #YogaAddict

I love everything about yoga. I became really interested in it while in high school and started doing it regularly in college. I even took it as an elective course at school. After college I continued doing it at home and then even joined a yoga class at the gym.  I have my own mat that comes with a strap, but along with everything else I would carry to the gym or wherever I needed to go, things would get a little difficult.  What I really needed was a bag that my yoga mat and other things could all fit into, together. I finally found one that I really love. It's the Yoga Addict Yoga Mat Bag. Company's Product Description Adjustable shoulder strap for customized bag length. Size: 28" Length x 8" Diameter. (Fits any yoga mat up to 26" wide) Expandable front compartment to carry more gears. Zippered outside compartment and a zippered inside pocket. Ventilation eyelet to allow air flow for the bag to stay fresh and minimize odor. Made from

Weight Gurus Bathroom Scale #weightgurus

Company's Product Description Four high quality strain gauge sensors and high precision electronics ensure trustworthy measurements every time   An extra-large LCD (3.25") with large numbers and a bright blue backlight make this an easy to read screen in any lighting condition Measure weight, Body Mass Index, plus 4 health indicators: lean mass, body fat, water weight, and bone mass Sync measurements automatically to your smartphone using Bluetooth Smart Technology My Thoughts I was using the scale for a few weeks before I stopped using it all together. It is larger than my other two digital scales and it is a pretty and shiny black color. It's not very light, but not the heaviest scale that I've ever owned either.  It has a good sized screen to read measurements as well and is easy to read. I'm about 13 weeks pregnant. I've been weighing myself a few times a week to keep track of my weight. It works well for giving a quick an

Give Your Skin The Deepest Clean Possible with the Soniclear #MichaelTodd #Soniclear

I like to exfoliate my skin regularly and keep it super smooth. I've used a variety of products and tools to get the best result. Since I'm pregnant at the moment, I am trying my best to avoid products that may contain toxic ingredients that can cause harm to my developing baby. Half of the scrubs and other exfoliants I've tried are a little questionable, so luckily I found the next best thing. One of my latest favorite ways of achieving the smoothest and cleanest skin possible is by using products like the Michael Todd Soniclear. Company's Product Description Gentle enough even for sensitive skin Micro-massages away dirt and impurities Protects itself from microbial contamination Removes makeup six times better and cleanses two times better than with hands alone Comes with: 1 Soniclear Device 1 Facial Brush Head with Cover 1 Body Brush Head with Cover 1 Charging Stand 1 Charging Cord This is the Soniclear on the base when

Carole P. Roman Giveaway 11/26/14-12/13/14!

Hi guys!! I just wanted to tell you guys about another amazing giveaway form Carole P. Roman! A Kindle Fire is the grand prize and $100 paypal is for the second prize. Free to enter! Simply read on to learn more and to enter for your very own chance to win. :) Good luck to you all. Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2012 for her first book, award winning author Carole P. Roman started writing as a dare from one of her sons. Using an imaginary game she played with her grandson as a base, Captain No Beard was born."Captain No Beard- An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life" has not only been named to Kirkus Best of 2012, it received the Star of Remarkable Merit, and won the Pinnacle Award for 2012. "Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience" Book 2 in the series, received 5 Stars from The ForeWord Review The Clarion Review. Strangers on the High Seas has won second place in the Rebecca's Reads Choice Awards 2013. It has followed with six more books

Michael Phillip Cash Giveaway! 11/26/14-12/13/14!

I've said this before--I'm a huge Michael Phillip Cash fan. What can I say?? He's an awesome writer. And he just so happens to be having another giveaway that I of course, would love to share with you all. First prize is a Kindle Fire and second prize is $100!! Read on to learn more and to enter for a chance to win. Good luck! Award winning and best-selling author Michael Phillip Cash has eight novels to date. Stillwell won Honorable Mention for The Book of the Year Foreword Review 2014. Brood X was The Book of the Year for Readers Views and Rebecca's Reads. Cash loves writing about Long Island, its rich history and ghostly inhabitants.                                                           Amazon /  Blog /  Goodreads Just in time for the beginning of the holiday seasons,  Michael Phillip Cash  is generously giving away two wonderful prizes for his readers. Grand prize is an Kindle Fire with a second prize to another winner of $100 Paypal.  

9-11 Weeks Pregnant Update #pregnancyjournal

Yes, I am combining the three weeks because there was a lot going on. I was super bloated, exhausted, moody, and most of all nauseated. It was hard to get through practically any meal without having to run to the bathroom to vomit. I know, I know--GROSS, but it's what was going on. I felt so out of energy and wanted to sleep all day and night, but of course I couldn't do that. There was a lot of growth for my baby in my tummy and yes, a ton of stretching going on. I could feel so much going on and believe me, it wasn't all very pleasant. Every cough, sneeze, laugh, wrong move had me in pain. Here are some progress pics for you all: 10 weeks pregnant Found out I was a little further along than I though. Ugh, somehow I keep losing track of my days. This was the sonogram from 10 weeks 3 days. Look at the baby!  He/she was wiggling around so much. I was in awe. Heart beat and size are right on track.  I can't wait to see the next sonogram. It'

What I Love About Influenster!

Are you a member of  Influenster ? I've been a member for a little over two years now. It's a great site that allows its members to test out new products based off of a number of survey qualifications. You get to not only try new products out, but also get to share your honest opinions about everything that you try--negative or positive! I love sites like this. Without sites like Influenster, I wouldn't have the opportunity to try some of the products that I've tried. In fact, I probably would have never heard of quite a few of them. I love being able to do this and to communicate with all of the companies that create such products. I feel like I am actually helping not only the companies but also other possible consumers out there by voicing what I like and dislike about the products that I receive. And when I say products, I don't just mean one or two. The packages that I have received, called #voxboxes, have been filled with 5 or more full sized i