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What I Love About Influenster!

Are you a member of Influenster? I've been a member for a little over two years now.
It's a great site that allows its members to test out new products based off of a number of survey qualifications. You get to not only try new products out, but also get to share your honest opinions about everything that you try--negative or positive!

I love sites like this.

Without sites like Influenster, I wouldn't have the opportunity to try some of the products that I've tried. In fact, I probably would have never heard of quite a few of them.
I love being able to do this and to communicate with all of the companies that create such products. I feel like I am actually helping not only the companies but also other possible consumers out there by voicing what I like and dislike about the products that I receive.
And when I say products, I don't just mean one or two. The packages that I have received, called #voxboxes, have been filled with 5 or more full sized items. There is such a huge variety in what is sent to me as well.

I've gotten food, makeup, clothing, cleaning products, hair products, lotions, and more!
I have gotten a ton of really great products in each box.
I'd have to say that my favorite voxboxes have been my #vssportbra voxbox which included a sport bra from Victoria Secret as well as workout pants, and my latest box-the #modavoxbox which included hot cocoa, mascara, lipstick, bottled water, a big pack of tissues, lotion, and a hair mask! (YES that was all full sized and in a big box!).



You know what else is great about Influenster? You don't only get free products, but by interacting with the companies and completing certain tasks and reviews, you can win some amazing prizes! I've won a couple of really nice things from several different companies. 
Who doesn't like free stuff or prizes???
You also get discounts, coupons, and invitations to some fun Twitter parties where you can interact and win even more.
Influenster is a great way to help build up your social networks and gain more views on your blog because there are a lot of people out there who definitely want to know what YOU think!

There are so many people that are a part of the Influenster nation and you are able to read their reviews on the same products that you are trying as well as learn about some that you may have not tried before.
There is also an Influenster app that you can download and use to get onto Insfluenster even quicker and do reviews and more.

What are you waiting for? You can become a member of Influenster as well by visiting their website.

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