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Five Finger Tees Fangtasia Shirt Review

Calling all True Blood Fans!!!! Check out the latest shirt I just received for free in exchange for my honest review.  Five Finger Tees has some of the coolest shirts online.  They also have some killer hoodies ON SALE! They have cult classic shirts, nerdy shirts, gamer shirts, shirts seen in movies, tv show shirts, zombie shirts, party shirts, animal shirts, text shirts, movie shirts, holiday shirts, pop culture shirts. They've got so many!  If you don't know your exact size, you can simply use their size chart. About Five Finger Tees Free shipping for orders over $50 Prices are way lower than retail 100% pre-shrunk cotton Professionally screened, no heat transfers or iron-ons Seamless rib at neck, double needle stitching Several different colors available to pick from Available in both men and women styles You can even order blank colored tees for a low price Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Friday th

Exposed Envy Bra Straps Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Hi guys! Thanks for reading another one of my posts. :-) I received another product to review today--A pair of Rhinestone bra straps  and a free gift- matching rhinestone bracelet. They arrived in cute little green pouches. This is what the bra straps look like from the front This is what the straps look like from the back This is the matching bracelet that came along with the straps These are the tiny hooks that hook onto your bra, the way normal removable straps would (These are a lot more durable though and won't bend or break like some plastic or thin metals ones would.) Awesome. Aren't they so pretty?? I really love these decorative bra straps! This is a picture or the adjustable chain with an eye hook clasp (like the kind you would see on many necklaces or bracelets.) This makes it so easy to adjust your straps to the length that you need This

Dial Tone Body Wash Petal Soft Pink Peony and Rose Oil Review for BzzAgent

I absolutely love getting free bottles of body wash to try out and write a review on. I love Dial body washes and I was lucky enough to score a free bottle of Tone Petal Soft Peony and Rose Oil from BzzAgent.  This is everything that came in my Bzzkit. Yay a full sized bottle and some coupons too! $1.50 OFF? Yes, please! I'll be sharing these with others, of course Spa Time!!!! What I Thought About This Product First, let me tell you--this scent is great. Bathroom smells like fresh cut flowers every time I use it. ( I wish there was an accompanying bottle of Dial body spray or lotion in this scent to use after the shower ....) The name fits the product well because not only is the smell very much like peonies and roses,  the body wash lathers up nicely and does leave my skin feeling softer and smoother after each use. This particular scent is so girly--I love it! Dial doesn't ever seem to disappoint me with their b

Fiber One Cereal Review for BzzAgent

I finally received another Bzzkit. It's been a little while since I've received a Bzz campaign from Bzzagent. Here's everything that came in my Bzzkit I'm always happy to receive free food to try out and write a review on. Cereal is a must have in my house. My son is obsessed with it and has to have some every morning. Of course I would be happy to receive a healthier brand! Fiber One has always been a brand that I've bought in the past for myself. My son was never too crazy about it before and I'm guessing it has a lot to do with the fact that the ones I previously purchased were a bit too bland in comparison to the cereals that he's used to eating. These particular boxes of Fiber One are a lot different from the old ones I used to buy. This is what the Cranberry Almond Fiber One looks like. It doesn't really have many almonds or cranberries in it, but I still enjoy it. Cranberry Almond Fiber One with Plain Soy Milk, Cranberries,

D-Nine by Magus Tor Book Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. You guys know how I always say that I love reading, and well I was pleased to get the opportunity to review another book for free in exchange for my honest review. The eBook is called D-Nine and it is by an author named Magus Tor.  Here is the author's brief synopsis: What if you wake up one day and found out that you are of the opposite gender? James is suffering from bouts of headache and the latest one gives him an experience of a life-time. He gets to become a girl but it comes with a price, his or rather her life is in constant danger as assassins hunt after her. He needs to find out who is behind this before his and her life becomes forfeited. In the midst of adventure he also needs to face with another difficult situation, love from another guy. Will he survives the conspiracy or death is a welcome solution to his forbidden love. What I Thought About This Book Let's start with the

MUJUS Gota Multicolor Bracelet Giveaway!

Have you heard of  MUJUS  before? I recently came across this company on the internet and learned that they create very unique, eco-friendly, handcrafted jewelry and actually care about the environment. I was  very impressed by the designer,  Paola Delgado's , personal story about how the company came to be. She used to work on wall street but decided to follow her dream and find something both more fulfilling and philantropic. On her quest for inspiration, she found herself in Peru where she met several artisans who would use Amazonian seeds to handcraft beautiful jewelry . She decided to study with them for months, which then lead to them joining together and starting MUJUS. The name means "seed" in Quechua, which is an ancient Peruvian language. The name is appropriate since their material of choice for creating their jewelry is known as the tagua seed. A tagua seed comes from a particular palm tree that grows in the Amazonian rainforest. Now, don't w

Firmoo Glasses Giveaway!

Yup, you got it--here's another GIVEAWAY!  Firmoo has so many different frames. It's always hard for me to pick one, but in the end I'm always happy with my glasses! In a previous post I mentioned the company,  Firmoo , that I love to order my glasses from. They are an online company that offers incredibly low prices on many different frames, including designer frames! All you really need is a copy of your glasses prescription from your eye doctor, and you can enter that info when you order.Even if you don't need them prescribed, but you want to wear glasses for fashion purposes, they can do that too! These are my current lenses from Firmoo. I love them because they are really cute and comfortable.   They aim to make glasses affordable to everyone who needs lenses, even people who can't afford to spend too much money, (like myself). I have been wearing glasses for over 15 years, and having to re-purchase new glasses would get pretty pricey before I

Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash Giveaway!

Guess what?? Time for another great giveaway!  You can thank the Dial company for allowing me to giveaway a few coupons that can be used to redeem ONE full sized bottle of Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash 11.75 oz or larger. And don't worry, I have one available that is geared more toward men--1 full sized bottle of Men Power Scrub Body Wash. Dial's new Vitamin Boost line includes body wash that is not only boosted with vitamins B or C but one is infused with oil and the other is infused with lotion. Sounds great if you want to have healthy, soft skin. I personally like to cycle through a variety of body washes every couple of months. What do I look for in a body wash? Something that both smells great AND leaves my skin soft and moisturized too. Often I'll find one that smells good but doesn't leave my skin feeling as soft as I would like or something that moisturizes my skin but doesn't have a great, long-lasting scent. Why can't I have it both ways? O

UNIQSO Big Eye Circle Lens Review- Nudy Blue

Hey guys :) Just ordered another pair of circle lenses from UNIQSO. I ended up getting these at a really low price all thanks to points in my account that have been accumulating for a few months, as well as some credits I've earned through my referral link. It always takes me a little bit of time to choose the lenses that I want because there are so many to pick from. I narrowed it down to blue circle lenses and finally decided to go with the GEO CH622 Nudy Blue lenses The very cute free case that was included, as well as the very cute gift box that my lenses were in Inside was a pink lens case and some tweezers and a mini wand. Inside the gift box- my lenses in glass vials (bubble wrapped) This is what the glass lens vials look like from the side A look at my lenses from below the glass vials This is what my lenses look like in the see-thru lens case The 411 on These GEO Nudy Blue Circle Lenses: Base Curve: 8.6 mm Color Ton