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MUJUS Gota Multicolor Bracelet Giveaway!

Have you heard of MUJUS before? I recently came across this company on the internet and learned that they create very unique, eco-friendly, handcrafted jewelry and actually care about the environment.

I was  very impressed by the designer, Paola Delgado's, personal story about how the company came to be. She used to work on wall street but decided to follow her dream and find something both more fulfilling and philantropic. On her quest for inspiration, she found herself in Peru where she met several artisans who would use Amazonian seeds to handcraft beautiful jewelry. She decided to study with them for months, which then lead to them joining together and starting MUJUS. The name means "seed" in Quechua, which is an ancient Peruvian language.

The name is appropriate since their material of choice for creating their jewelry is known as the tagua seed. A tagua seed comes from a particular palm tree that grows in the Amazonian rainforest. Now, don't worry-no rainforests are ever harmed during the harvesting process. Tagua seeds are only harvested after they have already fallen to the ground. I like the sound of that a lot. What's even more interesting is that each piece of jewelry is one of a kind because no two seeds are identical!

I am amazed by MUJUS because they are actually committed to giving back to areas in Peru by providing health insurance for their Peruvian artisans, facilitating social change for impoverished communities around Lima, and paying fair wages. They also give back to the United States by working with the ALS Association by creating a special collection that raises money to help the fight against Lou Gerhig's Disease.

I love everything that I read about this company. Not too many companies can say that they do all this. Not all companies care to give back to other people in the way that MUJUS does.
I do believe that their jewelry is very original and something I would love to have in my own collection. What woman out there wouldn't want to have something not only unique, beautiful, and eco-friendly, but also that is funding several different good causes?

Guess What?
Like the title says---yes, I am having a giveaway. The people of MUJUS are being extremely generous and have decided to give away one of their beautiful pieces of jewelry! It's very simple and free to enter and you only have to do a couple of things on my rafflecopter below.

The Prize?
MUJUS Gota Bracelet in Multicolor
This bracelet is named Gota which is Spanish for the word drop---makes sense since it is a type of teardrop cuff jewelry.

Good Luck Everybody! 
Don't forget to share this post with all your family and friends so that they can have a chance to win as well!

**Disclaimer: I do not work for MUJUS. I am simply doing a giveaway with them. They will be providing the winner with a prize, not me.**

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