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FeelinGirl Best Leggings And Waist Trainers for Women

Total gym lover here, as you know...I'm a bit obsessed with waist trainers and leggings. I have several of each, but that's not going to stop me from trying to find more to add to my collection, ok? By the way, there's this website that I just recently found out about that has both of those things and more! It's called FeelinGirl.  They have such an amazing selection available. Here is one of my favorite looking waist trainers that I came across: (you can get this product  here. ) Pretty, right? It's not like any of the ones that I currently own. I love the design and the fact that it not only has a zipper, but also a velcro closure. It looks amazing on the model too.  If that design isn't your style, they also have several different colors and designs for you to choose from. Here's a nice blue one: (you can get this product  here) It's a bit simpler, but still looks very nice. I like the mesh design on the outer belt part o

HoloSpex 3D Glasses Fun For The Whole Family #holospex

If you've been one of my devoted readers for a while then you're familiar with the really cool holiday glasses that my family and I get to play with every year. If you're new, well, let me tell you all about them! Here's what the paper ones look like There are so many different designs available! In case you were wondering what these glasses actually do: They have holographic lenses that allow you to see certain images/patterns when you look directly at the lights. So basically, the one with the Santa faces enables the viewer to see Santa's face on each light bulb they glance at, the one with snowflakes shows you snowflakes, and so on. They have the most amazing effect when you are looking at a set of Christmas lights, blinking or not!  They really are something fun to play with. They also have these Eye Pop ornaments below I personally like to use these as gift tags on presents. Then, they can peel them off their gifts and use them