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FeelinGirl Waist Trainers

Hey guys! Do you remember me mentioning that really cool site, I posted about it not too long ago.  They have the best waist shaper for women.   There are several different styles and colors to choose from, with more than reasonable prices. You can order this style  here. This is the type of style that I wear the most often. I love this kind of shapewear. It has three sets of hook closures to adjust to your size. The more you wear it and stay active in it, the tighter you'll eventually be able to get it. It will help give your body more of an hourglass shape, which many women desire, and I personally feel that these also help your posture. I feel as though I stand up straighter and the back and abs get great support when you work out in it.  I like that you can wear this style under tank tops, spaghetti straps, summer dresses, under and over shirts. It can be concealed better than one that has shoulder straps and make you look tight and toned u

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